7 Best Free Reading Apps For Those Always On The Go

September 16, 2020
Best Free Book Reading App Singapore

Today, the thought of reading is much different than how it used to be. Reading from your phone or tablet has become the ideal choice for many readers and book lovers due to its convenience and features. Most importantly, your device can be the gateway to thousands, if not, millions of books that are just a few clicks away! Who wouldn’t want all of their favourite books available right at their fingertips? With reading apps, it’s possible!

If you are searching for the best free reading app to read your favourite books anywhere, then here are 7 of the best you should check out!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Amazon Kindle

Image Credit: Amazon Kindle

Simple and convenient, Amazon Kindle offers over 6 million books available for you to pick up and read starting today! With the app, you will be able to read anytime and anywhere, no matter if you are on the way home or to work. Through Amazon Prime, you’ll also be able to read close to 1,000 books, comics, and magazines included, and many more for you to browse. Every time you purchase a new book, it will automatically appear in your app!

From best selling titles in a wide variety of genres, such as children’s books, romance, self-help, science fiction, non-fiction, religion and more, you can simply try any book for free with a sample through the Kindle app. Most importantly, Amazon Kindle offers plenty of great ways for you to customise to your way of reading. For instance, you can change the font type, text size, text alignment, margins, orientation in landscape or portrait, and much more!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play

2. Google Play Books

Image Credit: Google Play Books

Google Play Books offers a great store and library of some of your favourite ebooks, comics, and audiobooks that you can read and listen to from anywhere! With no additional monthly subscription attached, Google Play Books offers up millions of ebooks for you to get started reading today straight through the app. When you’re finished reading, you’ll be able to search up recommendations based on what you have just read!

Google Play Books also offers the ability to read samples, both in ebook format, as well as audiobooks, so you will be able to know if you like it before purchasing! Its integration with web, iOS and Android ensures that no matter what your device is, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off on your favourite book! Through offline reading, notes syncing with Google Drive and plenty of custom reading options available, Google Play Books is the ultimate reading app that you need!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play

3. Apple Books

Image Credit: Apple Books

When it comes to books and audiobooks that you love, Apple Books is one of the best reading apps that you should have on your iOS device! Lose yourself in the millions of available audiobooks and ebooks that you can instantly download and read, from comics to thrillers, mysteries to romance, and so much more! Simply start the app and continue reading your favourite collections of books right at your fingertips!

Apple Books also offers special discounts, deal and free books every day through the app, giving readers a new way to find something new, fresh, and exciting to pick up and read from their journey home. You can also easily check out the top charts available on Apple Books, that are personalised to your preferences, as well as giving you the option to keep track of new audiobooks and ebooks you are looking to pick up in the future. Explore Apple Books today on your iOS device!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store

4. 50000 Free Books & Audiobooks – Oodles

Image Credit: Oodles

With over 50,000 free ebooks available for you to access immediately, Oodles is one of the best reading apps that you must-have! They offer plenty of different categories that make it easier for you to pick out your favourite books, as well as set your preferences for any updates, changes, or new books in the future. Through its personalisation options in reading, menus, backgrounds, text colours and sizes, and so much more, Oodles gives you the feeling of reading on paperback too!

Offline reading and listening with their books and audiobooks and all possible, and you’ll be able to discover new book titles across your favourite authors, such as Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, HG Wells, and more! Through their 50,000 free ebooks, you can also import any books that you may have purchased and read them through the Oodles reader too! With popular English classics available, now is the best time to dive into the world of reading!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play

5. Kobo Books

Image Credit: Kobo Books

With over 5 million titles for you to choose from, Kobo Books brings together book lovers from all over the world with easier, simpler and convenient portable reading! Introducing audiobooks from Kobo, you’ll be able to listen to plenty of audiobooks on the go, no matter where you may be. Through the app, you will also be able to browse their growing collection of graphic novels, ebooks, children’s books, as well as audiobooks that you can enjoy on your tablet or smartphone.

Seeking something new? Check out Kobo’s free ebook selection and discover a new favourite book! Kobo Books offers plenty of ebooks that are updated with popular and trending ebook titles hourly! With Kobo Books, you’ll be able to have a smoother reading experience by picking up where you left off from multiple devices. As more than just an online book reading app, Kodo Books offers a satisfying way for you to read all of your favourite book titles without any issues!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play

6. Aldiko Book Reader

Image Credit: Aldiko Book Reader

If you have a growing collection of ebooks on your smartphone, then Aldiko Book Reader is the free reading app you need to curate all of your favourite books in one single spot! With over 30 million users in over 200 countries, Aldiko Book Reader gives you plenty of desirable ebook-reading options, such as supporting PDF, EPUB and other Adobe DRM encrypted ebooks for you to read anywhere on the go! Aldiko Book Reader also supports ebooks that are available in public libraries.

With its fully customisable reading experience, an excellent user-friendly interface and an advanced library management system, Aldiko Book Reader you can make your e-reading experience that much better on the go!  With in-app shopping on the top ebook best-sellers and classics, the app also gives you a well-rounded experience, whether it is through reading or discovering your new favourite book! Aldiko Book Reader also features plenty of essential features, making it a free book reading app you must have.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

7. comiXology – Comics & Manga

Image Credit: ComiXology

For comic book lovers, an awesome reading app awaits you! With comiXology, you too can explore and discover plenty of new comic titles, manga, and graphic novels from your favourite corporations such as DC, Image, Marvel and more! Through the app, you’ll be able to purchase books instantly, and get full access to all of your favourite titles across all of your devices!

You can start your comic reading journey today as you explore over 100,000 digital comics right at your fingertips! Are you looking for something cool in a new genre? comiXology has plenty of comic titles in the realm of crime, fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, horror, romance, and more! With the app, you will also be able to save all of your downloaded comics to your phone storage so that you will never run out of space. Can’t read online? The app features offline reading so that your comics will never leave your sight no matter where you travel!

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play


With these reading apps, you too can read anywhere on the go and continue where you left off! Not only can you pick up new book titles to read, but you can also kickstart your reading journey thanks to thousands of free books that are available through the free book reading apps. If you are looking to begin your reading journey today, then the apps above are a great way to explore and discover new favourite books to read!

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