5 Best Leave Management Software to Aid Businesses

December 15, 2021
Best Leave Management Software Singapore

Leave management is the system that helps with the administration of employee time-off within an organization. It is a multipronged task involving payroll, employee record-keeping, team calendar synchronization, and real-time communication between employees and decision-makers, essential for organizations to streamline leave procedures in a productive way for both staff and HR personnel.

Poor leave management practices consume a significant amount of time and effort and can negatively affect employees’ performance. The workforce will be better optimized with improved leave tracking, and absenteeism rates will drop significantly. Opting for efficient leave management procedures is a people-based approach, allowing employees to avail their leave benefits and better plan their days off. It also streamlines HR processes and simplifies administrative hurdles. That said, here are our top shoo-ins for the best leave management software in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Kayaroll

Image Credit: Kayaroll

Kayaroll is a fully homegrown Singaporean company founded in 2020, offering a payroll solution software that is expressly curated for startups and Small and Mid-sized Enterprises. The company positions itself as a friend to startups and SMEs, helping keep their payroll and other HR processes smooth, simple, and secure, and empowering them to focus on high-value business tasks.

Kayaroll’s value proposition is fairly straightforward, allowing its users to save time, save money, and stay compliant. They streamline laborious payroll calculations and processes that take up critical time and resources and eliminate tedious paperwork to improve efficiency. Their systems are IRAS-integrated and compliant, so clients can rest assured they are well-attuned to government reporting requirements. Kayaroll has a simple and intuitive user interface, ensuring that their solutions are easy to set up and even fun to use. Nonetheless, they have excellent customer support on standby to help users navigate their software.

Location: 5 Temasek Boulevard, Lvl 17, Suntec Tower Five, Singapore 038985
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. LeaveBoard

Image Credit: LeaveBoard

LeaveBoard streamlines HR processes by automating administrative tasks, centralizing workforce data, and simplifying HR operations. Its simple user interface enables intuitive self-service and absence-booking for employees, while its innovative integration feature assures smooth integration with universal apps like Google, Office 365, and others. With LeaveBoard, HR departments can bid goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to paperless HR processes.

LeaveBoard makes leave management straightforward and effortless for its users, possessing a complete set of utilities in one nifty package. Each team member is granted access to a central team calendar, automated leave tracking, email notification workflows, chat-bots, and other smart tools. If the company has different leave types and policies, LeaveBoard can create custom time-off policies and calculations accordingly. Its efficient leave management system adds to team productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Customer Review

Arthur Simoncini
LeaveBoard makes leave management super easy. The HR solution consists of a set of utilities in one place: self-service, booking leaves, managing requests, plus calendars, reports, and employee data. The tool helps my internal teamwork efficiently.

Josh Klein
LeaveBoard has changed how we deal with HR. The time-off manager makes booking and leave tracking so much easier and more fun to use. Using the platform, we consolidated all employee data. The interface is so intuitive – employees get it.


3. HReasily

Image Credit: HReasily

HReasily is committed to taking care of their client’s HR needs down to the smallest degree. Their fully automated cloud-based system streamlines their client’s HR operations, including payroll and leave and claims filing. The sum of their services are payroll, leave, claims, and time & attendance. They are an all-around HR management team focused on providing digitized solutions to minimize human errors and simplify workflow. Their leave management system is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing accessible and flexible leave applications on any device on the go.

Some of the features integrated with HReasily include facial recognition, which makes it easier for staff to clock in and out in the office, and live chat support, where HReasily staff are available around the clock to answer any questions users may have. The software promises seamless integration, efficiency, and simplified HR processes with its digitalized and self-service cloud system. If you want to try out the platform, you can visit the HReasily website and request a demo from them.

Customer Review

Damien Low
UOB suggested HReasily. Now our CPF and payroll calculations are all automated, and it has made our lives much easier.

Contact: +65 6438 3190
Location: 138, #14-01 Robinson Rd, Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906

4. Access

Image Credit: The Access Group

Access is an IRAS-compliant business software offering intuitive solutions for HR management to thousands of companies and users. Their software efficiently manages businesses’ HR and Payroll operations so they can be more productive. It speeds up the daily grind by reducing paperwork, manual processes, and repetitive data entry. Access features real-time and instant notifications for leave approvals. It also presents quick access to employees’ information, such as leave entitlements, upcoming leaves, and current employees on leave.

The software allows efficient leave applications, speeding up processing and approval by sending instant email notifications for managers to approve or reject. Once the leave application is approved, the details are automatically transferred to payroll in line with the company’s PTO policies. With Access’ systematized and centralized user interface, managers from all levels have access to real-time information on employees’ availability, leave schedules, and other employee information. This software efficiently frees up HR resources, allowing them to focus their energies and expertise on high-value business processes.

Location: Asia Square Tower 2 12 Marina View #25-02/03 Singapore 018961
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Image Credit: BIPO

BIPO is a premier one-stop global service provider of HR management solutions. They were established in 2004 and headquartered in Singapore for Asia-Pacific. As an HR solutions provider, BIPO offers cloud-based technology and an extensive suite of outsourced HR and Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services to manage their client’s workforce. BIPO’s platform is web- and mobile-based, showcasing a comprehensive suite of applications supporting essential human resources functions to optimize administrative workflow. The users can customize the software according to a company’s unique needs and business practices.

Their leave management system allows their clients to systematize their leave policies and regulations in concurrence with individual leave benefits and other administrative and legislative requirements. Employees can easily keep track of their leave requests and history, and their managers can quickly approve leave applications. BIPO’s system has smart integration features, allowing it to be integrated with Attendance, Payroll, Administration, and other HR Management Systems. BIPO has a free-trial form on their website for prospective clients.

Customer Review

CY Wong
BIPO truly knows our needs and demonstrates professionalism in the work they do. I would highly recommend their services.

Wilson Lee
It has been a great experience working with the BIPO team! I greatly appreciate the seamless transition and proactive customer service. The BIPOHRMS platform enhances the effectiveness of our HR processes and our team enjoys using the new system.

Contact: +65 6432 8380
Location: 1 Paya Lebar Link, #13-08 PLQ 2 Paya Lebar Quarter Singapore 408533
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat&Sun


These days, human resource professionals and company managers are handling heavier workloads. Simplifying such administrative processes goes a long way in the smooth day-to-day running of the business, ensuring that employees and the leadership can take their mind of draining tasks and focus on core business objectives instead. Setting up an efficient leave management system will increase business productivity, reduce costs, and transform HR practices. Check out these 5 leave management software if you need these solutions in your business today.

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