6 Best Running Apps In Singapore To Aid Your Fitness Journey

August 6, 2020
Best Running Apps Singapore

Whether you are looking to shed some weight or train up for your next marathon, running is a staple in any fitness exercise routine. And like any exercise, it is imperative to have a record of just how much work you have been putting in. Fortunately, several apps for running have popped up on the market that can do just that.

Many of them not only provide statistics for each individual run but also keep a long-term record for you to track your progress. With these amazing apps, you can turn your phone into a speedometer, route tracker, and even a progress diary. If you are looking for some support on your fitness journey, here are 6 of the best running apps in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Map My Run

Image Credit: Map My Run

Map My Run is a run tracking app catered to all runners, from beginners to seasoned veterans. The app aims to help you stay on track and keep motivated to accomplish your fitness goals. To that end, the app makes mapping and tracking your runs a breeze. If you need help planning a running route, the app provides routes shared by others around your area. During the run itself, the app also records the route, pace, distance, and duration of each run. There is even real-time audio coaching for these stats to help you adjust your pace or routine mid-way.

Alongside these practical functionalities is a thriving community. You will find an activity feed with fitness updates on athletes and your friends to motivate you further. If that is not enough, you can also join challenges on the app where you compete with others for attractive prizes. And when you win a challenge or finish a particularly outstanding run, you can share your workout on all your favourite social networks through the app.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

2. Polar Beat: Running & Fitness

Image Credit: Polar Beat: Running & Fitness

As an ultimate run tracker app, Polar Beat: Running & Fitness turns your phone into a full-fledged fitness tracker. The app provides a one-stop-shop for your fitness needs, helping you plan, train, analyse, and share your fitness routines. Before your run, you can view your personal bests and set training targets to motivate you to achieve your goals. When on the run itself, the app’s voice guidance gives you valuable input to adjust your routine accordingly, all while tracking your route, pace, and distance throughout.

If you get the premium option and purchase a Polar heart rate sensor, additional practical features become available to you. By syncing with the device, the app can measure your live heart rate to help you train at the appropriate intensity. It can also calculate the impact of each run, including improvements in endurance, burned fat, or total calories burned.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

3. Running Distance Tracker

Image Credit: Running Distance Tracker

Running Distance Tracker is one of the best running apps on the market, in terms of accuracy in distance and timing. It provides a host of run tracking features, packed into a simple and aesthetically appealing interface. Throughout each run, the app tracks your distance, route, calories burned, and pace. The pace is also divided into average and current pace, giving you additional information about your running habits. What’s more, the app includes access to your music player and voice feedback to guide you towards your ideal distance and timing.

Additionally, the app tracks your long-term progress by maintaining a history of your runs, complete with monthly averages. With this complete log of your running activities, you can track your improvements over time, motivating you to push towards your fitness targets. It also allows you to review your running routes, such that you can easily repeat them or adjust them accordingly.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

4. adidas Running App by Runtastic

Image Credit: adidas Running App by Runtastic

The adidas Running App by Runtastic is a run tracking app which also serves as a fitness coach to help you reach your goals. Through easy real-time tracking via built-in GPS, the app records an extensive list of statistics for each run. These include distance, time, elevation, speed, calories burned, and even the track miles for your running shoes. You can have these statistics read out to you during your run using the running app’s Voice Coach as well.

The app also facilitates moral support. It allows you to set daily to yearly personal goals based on your desired distance, duration, or run frequency. To complement this, the app provides targeted challenges to maximise your motivation. If you need even more additional motivation while chasing that target time, you can also announce to your friends that you are on a run, and receive live custom cheers.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

5. RunKeeper

Image Credit: RunKeeper

As LifeHacker’s 2012 Best Running App, RunKeeper is one of the simplest apps for improving your fitness. With live GPS tracking, the app calculates several running statistics, such as running pace, route distance, elevation, and the number of calories burned. These are all provided in real-time with high accuracy. On the route, you can also get audio updates on your progress thus far, informing you about your mileage, pace, and calorie count.

For those looking for help in crafting a running plan, RunKeeper has you covered as well. You can find Run/Walk training plans for a variety of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. They are also catered to different goals, with fat loss plans and marathon training plans. What’s more, the app displays your entire training calendar, helping you keep track of your routine. Set personal fitness goals alongside the plans for an even more customised experience.

Price: Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available on: App Store & Google Play

6. Nike Run Club

Image Credit: Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is an app for running which provides you with all the tools you need to run better. Its GPS-facilitated run tracking gives you the details needed to assess your progress, including distance, route, elevation, pace, heart rate, and mile splits. The audio feedback function ensures that you get this information when necessary, such that you can stay on track. Entire audio-guided runs are available as well, which contain automatically marked intervals, guidance, and motivation.

Long term support is also provided in tandem with these in-run features. The app offers adaptive coaching plans which are personalised according to your individual fitness level and goals. These are supported by regular weekly and monthly challenges involving the Nike global community of runners, to provide more motivation. Get your friends involved as well by organising challenges for your group, or by competing with them on the leaderboards.

Price: Free
Available on: App Store & Google Play


Tracking running statistics by yourself can be tough, and finding motivation can be even tougher. But with running apps, you do not have to do it alone. They support you through the entire process, calculating the details, crafting your run plans, and connecting you with the running community. If you are looking for help on your fitness journey, you can download any of these 6 best running apps in Singapore.

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