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Air conditioners are an important part of every automobile engine. They play the significant job of controlling the temperature in a car’s cabin or its engine. Indeed, being stuck in traffic under the boiling heat of the sun without a working air conditioner is probably one of the worst nightmares for all car drivers. Because of this, it is important that you always have your air conditioner checked.

A malfunctioning air conditioner is not uncommon, however. Air conditioners, like any other machines, are susceptible to being worn out in the long run, especially if they are being overworked. Luckily, repairing a failing car air condition has become easier now with the help of numerous car repair companies. If you need help in restoring your aircon’s cool, here’s a list of the best car aircon services in Singapore that provide complete auto care for your engine.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Kee Yong

Kee Yong
Image Credit: Kee Yong

Kee Yong is a car repair and maintenance service provider in Singapore that has been in the business for more than 35 years. It was established in 1977, and over the decades, it has managed to become one of the most trusted car repair companies in the country. The company itself is a product of family influences and engineering expertise that spans 3 generations. The automotive solutions provided by the company especially focus on high-end Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz cars.

Air conditioning service and repair is one of the valuable services offered by Kee Yong. This service consists of system control and temperature check, refrigerant recovery, vacuum system and leak test, oil replacement and ultra-violet dye addition, and recharge system and test. If your air condition system has a leak, the company will diagnose it and advise you on the necessary repairs. With more than 3 decades of experience in the industry, Kee Yong will surely deliver a complete automobile solution to you.

Customer Reviews

Jon Ng

Good servicing from the family oriented business. They are the ones that commit to solve your problem. Had my dad’s Mercedes checked and was told they can try to solve the issue without me paying. Took them 3 hours to check and told me it cant be repaired and new parts have to be install in order to make it work. Was quoted a good price for the replacement.

Audrey Soh

My warranty and service credits at C&C was over hence was looking around for a reliable 3rd party workshop to bring my CLA to. Chanced upon Kee Yong and first experience was fast and swift (they had the required diagnostic tool and provided same change recommendation at C&C who quoted me more expensive and for a longer period of downtime). Shortly after that first service at Kee Yong my car was hit by another car and I called Dave. He was extremely helpful, guided me how to handle the situation and I just got back my car from their workshop. They did a great job on repair and bodyworks. I am very pleased and would recommend to others with no hesitation!

+65 6453 2605
Location: Sin Ming AutoCity, 160 Sin Ming Drive, #03-09, Singapore 575722
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-4PM | Closed on Sun

2. Cycle & Carriage

Cycle & Carriage
Image Credit: Cycle & Carriage

Cycle & Courage is one of the leading automotive companies in Southeast Asia. It distributes, retails, and provides aftersales services for both new and used vehicles in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar. In Singapore, particularly, the company delivers a diverse collection of automotive vehicles from esteemed brands like Citroen, DS Automobiles, Maxus, Mercedes-Benz, and Mitsubishi. It is also the biggest certified pre-owned car dealer and distributor for BYD forklifts in the country.

If you’re a DS Automobiles car owner, Cycle & Courage is the car repair company for you, as it specializes in DS Automobiles vehicles. The company’s DS Air Con Chemical Cleaning and Refresh service is one of the most comprehensive car repair and maintenance services you can find in Singapore. The service package comes with several perks, and it consists of 3 essential steps in maintaining your car’s air condition system: diagnosis, cleaning process, and quality check. By availing of this service, you can have a fresher and cleaner air conditioning system.

Customer Reviews

Chong KV

Bring car for servicing. Customer service is good and waiting lounge allows you to wait for few hours comfortably.

Fam M Y

Good service by friendly staff.

+65 6471 9111
Location: 239 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159930
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. H Tyre

H Tyre
Image Credit: H Tyre

H Tyre is one of the biggest sellers of tyres and rims in Singapore. It offers a wide range of tyres and rims that come from various brands. Established in 2003, the company is considered a pioneer in aftermarket rims retailing and distribution. It is the sole distributor of SSR, Rota, and Mahom Forged Wheels in the country, hence its customers can be sure that they will find wheels with the most extreme offset here.

Aside from retailing wheels and tyres, however, H Tyre also provides automotive repair services to an extensive clientele. Its Aircon Servicing and Repair is claimed to be of top-level quality by the company, as it is worked on by professionals who are experts at diagnosing and repairing many components of an air conditioning system, including the compressor, condenser, blower motor, cooling fans, and more. When you bring your car to H Tyre, you can be assured that only experienced mechanics will work on it.

Customer Reviews


Really happy with the service and of course the location. Has the lights fixed, changed and repaired within a span of 20 minutes. Friendly service staff and reasonable prices. Didn’t quite expect them to service cars given their name. But was recommended the place and am very happy with the recommendation.

Lyle Cordeiro

Honest and reliable service from a long-time customer. Every engagement has been a successful one. Highly recommended.

+65 6293 3636
Location: 46 Bendemeer Rd, Singapore 339931
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

4. Progressive Auto

Progressive Auto
Image Credit: Progressive Auto

Progressive Auto is a comprehensive one-stop car service center in Singapore that specializes in professional repair and servicing for all types of cars. It was founded in 2005, and over the years, it has grown into one of the most trusted automotive solutions providers in the country. The main objective of the company is to provide the highest quality of workmanship to all of its customers at reasonably affordable prices.

Because its reputation is important for the company, you can be sure that only the best quality parts and workmanship will be delivered to you. In terms of air conditioner servicing and repair, particularly, Progressive Auto is surely a reliable service provider. Only professionals who are adept at mechanical repair will be handling your vehicle. Hence, you can really be confident that your vehicle will receive complete auto care when you bring it to Progressive Auto.

Customer Reviews

Kif Loh

Honest workshop. Work a lot with taxis and gov cars. Mechanic is knowledgable and price very reasonable. Owner knows cars very well and always around to ensure honesty by staff.

Mingzhi Lim

Honest shop, knowledgeable and affordable price. Settle all my car worries and servicing.

+65 6844 4620
Location: Autobay, No 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 6, #02-48/50, Singapore 417883
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

5. PCI Auto Air-Con

PCI Auto Air-Con
Image Credit: PCI Auto Air-Con

PCI Auto Air-Con is a Singapore-based one-stop service and repair center that provides automotive solutions to all types of vehicles, including buses and other heavy vehicles. The company is a subsidiary of Kian Seng Auto Co., which is a corporation specializing in coach and bus air conditioning installation, maintenance, servicing, and parts trading. It was incorporated in 1998, and since then, the company has already built a number of strong partnerships and connections with its clients from both major public and private transportation companies.

If you own a heavy vehicle that needs intensive air conditioning system repair or maintenance, PCI Auto Air-Con is the company you need. It provides a comprehensive list of services that you can avail of to ensure the good quality of your air conditioning system. These services include system diagnosis, general repair and maintenance, compressor overhaul, and air conditioning installation.

+65 6452 6056
Location: Sin Ming AutoCity, 160 Sin Ming Dr, #01-05/06, Singapore 575722
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8.30AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sun


Nothing is worse than having a malfunctioning air conditioner while driving on a hot, sunny day. Air conditioners are indeed a significant part of every car. They control and maintain the temperature of your car and engine to make driving convenient and comfortable for you. But worn-out car air conditioners are inevitable. Like any other machines, they will also be damaged one day.

Nonetheless, a failing car air conditioner should not be much of a worry. There are already plenty of car repair companies out there that can fix all your car aircon issues in no time. If you’re not sure where to have your air conditioner repaired, the companies mentioned in this article are the ones you should give a call to. They deliver the best car aircon service you can find in Singapore.

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