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People are actively seeking ways to optimise efficiency and reduce costs. Not just applicable on a personal basis, but in a company or worldwide perspective as well. These advancements can clearly be portrayed through innovations or developments in technology. Cloud solutions can be seen as a rising trend amongst various establishments between either small or large companies as these services are on a subscription based and no longer require large investments on hardware.

Cloud consulting companies are designed to assist organisations by drawing an overview of the organisations and making recommendations on which key areas are able to benefit from cloud solutions with the objective of increasing efficiency and cutting back on costs. Different cloud consulting companies offer different services with some specialising on key platforms and others being able to help with integration aspects only. To help with these aspects, below is a compilation of who we believe the 5 best cloud consulting services in Singapore to narrow down your search.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. 1Cloud Star

Image Credit: 1Cloud Star

1Cloud Star is an organisation headquartered in Singapore but holds multiple offices across Southeast Asia and Asisa including countries in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, and Malaysia. The organisation offers cloud consulting services, cloud management, and cloud migration. 1Cloud star encompasses a team of skilled individuals when it comes to cloud related services.

The cloud consulting services of 1Cloud Star are designed to help smoothen the transitioning process when integrating cloud services to respective clients in order to reach company objectives. The organisation is able to offer help through strategising, management of a variety of accounts, as well as integration services. Regardless whether or not a client is using pre-existing cloud services or is planning to opt for a new one, 1Cloud Star are able to offer their consulting services to ensure the best needs of the client.

Customer Reviews


Excellent customer services and professional technical advises and prompt solution!

Contact: +65 6665 0498
Address: Ubi Techpark, 10 Ubi Crescent, #06-97, Singapore 408564

2. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Image Credit: Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, also known as HPE, is an American made organisation which stems from the computer manufacturing company HP. The enterprise has long since formed its own company which runs independent from its predecessor. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has several branches across the globe including Singapore and has the company objective to provide solutions pertaining to the information technology sector. The cloud services of HPE encompasses information and applications from all platforms and directs it to the data centre which in turn leads it to the cloud.

When availing the cloud consulting services of Hewlett Packard Enterprise,  These consulting solutions are designed to remove the hassle of being entangled with complications when integrating different type of cloud categorisations such as the public, private and legacy. HPE’s portfolio contains more than a thousand of completed projects and has help ensure subscribers to stay ahead of competition.

Customer Reviews


Nice place and attractive location and professional people in side the premise.


Top notch Customer Engagement Center.

Address: 1 Depot Cl, Singapore 109841
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. InfoFabrica

Image Credit: InfoFabrica

The organisation has offices within various South East Asian countries neighbouring Singapore and was founded on the early 2010s with the objective of providing services such as cloud consulting and managed services. Not only does InfoFrabrica provide the aforementioned programs but the organisation also engages in educational certification programs led by professional instructors. Unnecessary risks of organisational downtime for subscribers are minimised by utilising the all day customer support service which is able to generate tickets should any issues arise.

InfoFabrica’s Cloud consulting services encompass experience in different fields pertaining with the information technology industry and is collated with knowledgeability regarding cloud activities to produce informed recommendations. The cloud consulting provider even has its own research data and makes use of the following to address the needs of the customer. Timing is also an important facet of InfoFabrica’s cloud consulting services wherein analyses are made to choose proper migration schedules.

Customer Reviews


Great Service~

Contact: +65 6815 3978
Address: Solaris, 164 Kallang Way, #04-17, Singapore 349248
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Red Sky Digital Ventures Limited

Image Credit: Red Sky

Founded in the early 2010s, Red Sky Digital was first operated in Hong Kong under a different company name known as Ascentec Technologies. The primary nature of work was focused solely on software targeted towards enterprises however a couple years later the organisation rebranded itself to Red Sky Digital once it included IT consultancy services. Over time the company has integrated additional features such as utilisation of a CRM, integration to the cloud services provider AWS by Amazon, and the more recent venture into cybersecurity.

The cloud consulting services of Red Sky Digital is aligned with the use of the Amazon cloud platform AWS. The firm strongly believes in AWS compared to other competitors and therefore have decided to be an accredited partner to the organisation and have built their services around it when it comes to cloud consulting. The cloud consulting services include organisation assessment, migration, managed services, drafting of a more efficient budget, and security recommendations.

Contact: +65 3159 1838
Location: Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Rd, #20-04, Singapore 068912

5. Pointstar

Image Credit: Pointstar

The Singapore based establishment has been operating for more than a decade. Poinstar provides Cloud Solutions to several companies and claims to have assisted more than 2500 customers since its founding. The establishment believes that the use of innovative technology such as cloud computing is a giant leap towards maximising efficiency and sets a tone in distinguishing a company apart from various competitors. PointStar caters to companies within the Asia Pacific region and has worked together with the likes of leading Tech Brands such as Cisco and Meraki to name a few.

Poinstar specialises in cloud consultancy services based from the Google Cloud platform. Interested customers would be those who seek to integrate their current system onto the said platform, reduce costs, or those who are already utilising the service. The staff in charge for cloud consultancy services are certified Google cloud architects and have backgrounds with other areas as well including data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Contact: +65 6773 0987
Address: 994 Bendemeer Road ,#06-01, Singapore 339943
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-6PM 


The use of the cloud can be an issue with many companies. In fact, a numerous amount of organisations have difficulty when it comes to IT services due to lack of expertise or unfamiliarity which can lead to inconveniences and perhaps even a loss of profit. Cloud consulting companies are able to minimise the headaches with these issues by providing smooth transitions or integrations of an establishment’s requirements onto the cloud. In addition, these cloud consulting companies are able to hand options and information to subscribers so that they will be able to make proper decisions.

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