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Drawing the attention of customers is a struggle several businesses deal with at all levels. It is said that an average person has an attention span of only a few seconds when viewing different products. Made even more difficult when positioned in a sea of competition Fortunately for businesses, content marketing agencies offer services to help generate sales by producing quality content which engage viewers to read more about a product or service to an extent the customer is willing to visit the shop or make a purchase.

This being said, a content marketing agency can play a strong impact on a company and its profit. Quality content can be seen as a foundation for drawing customers in however it also builds brand loyalty through retainment as well. Here our are picks for the 5 best content marketing agencies who can help boost customer engagement.

1. 2Stallions

Image Credit: 2Stallions

2Stallions is a content marketing agency based in Singapore which claims to have be the best when it comes to content marketing due to its ability to take action while valuing customer objectives. The agency believes in the core values of serving to the needs of their customers, building long term relationships, and cooperation built by trust. This is showcased by the content marketing agency’s logo which is claimed to be a symbol of the two founders as well as the client and organisation itself.

The content marketing agency believes on first assessing the customer’s website then the target audience in order to strategise the proper approach in capturing the market. Based from the data, content is created by an experienced team of professionals to carry out and execute the strategy.

Customer Reviews


2Stallions have been our webhost for nearly 3 years. They have been very helpful and prompt whenever we need to update our website. The hosting is stable. As we are an e-commerce portal, it is very important for the website to be constantly online. They’ve been doing a fantastic job!


2Stallions impressed me greatly with their speed and expertise in digital marketing. They were able to turn around my projects within a very demanding timeframe and yet show great skill and accuracy in the delivery. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

Contact: +65 9129 6248
Location: Chinatown Complex, 100 Amoy St, Singapore 069920
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Script Consultants

Image Credit: Script Consultants

Credited for being the best copywriting agency in Singapore, Script Consultants does not limit their services to companies within the local market but offer both copywriting and content marketing services to clients all over the world as well. These services extend to companies of all sizes including  start-ups and large corporations with hundreds or thousands of staff under their employ.

Before proceeding with content marketing services provided by this agency, Script Consultants first ensures a proper assessment on the objectives of the organisation and the desired affect they would like their customers to experience. This content marketing agency takes it a step further by even coming up with an editorial strategy which will be implemented in a series of phases. By allowing this type of approach based on intervals, both the agency and clients are able make adaptable decisions to increase efficiency.

Customer Reviews


Have engaged with Script for their services several times in the past. They are on time and always make sure the content is designed as per the customer’s needs. Would definitely work with them again in the future.


Great experience. Very professional.

Contact: +65 9724 0085
Location:UCOMMUNE, 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-10/17,  S 139950
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Media One

Image Credit: MediaOne

MediaOne is the only ISO certified content marketing agency in Singapore and has received awards such being accredited as the the Best in Search. The agency also claims to be lightyears away from competition and proves this by having the highest success rate compared to any other content marketing agency in Singapore. MediaOne is one of the pioneering agencies in the locale with over 10 years in operations and more than 2000 clients serviced. The agency is aware of both the pros and cons when working with small boutique agencies versus large organisations and was able to encompass the strengths of both.

The services inclusive of MediaOne’s content marketing package are built for engagement. This is done by creating interesting content in both pictures and texts which draw users to read more. The agency also takes note of the budgets of their clients and draw realistic actions towards the campaign goal without having to break the bank.

Customer Reviews


Undoubtedly one of the best digital marketing agencies in Singapore! Bravo!


Rest assured you are in good hands!

Contact: (65) 6789 9852
Location:4B Craig Road, Singapore 089664
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Click 2 View

Image Credit: Click 2 View

A content marketing agency which is focused on catering to other businesses, Click 2 View has an extensive portfolio of clients which are global leaders in each of their respective fields. Not solely within the local market of Singapore but brands which are world renowned and reputed internationally. Able to provide digital marketing services to organisations of various industries ranging to the likes of technology, banking, automobile manufacturing, and more. A few of these big name clients include Google, Microsoft, J.P Morgan, Citi Bank, Porsche, Barclays, Singtel, and CISCO to name a few.

Click 2 View’s content marketing services include research on what different types of buyers are interested in and create targeted content which would be best suited for the designated audience. The agency is transparent on the cost of consumption when spending on ads and allow their clientele to make adaptable actions.

Location: Eon @ Shenton, 70 Shenton Way, #10-06, Singapore 079118

5. Fenzo Digital

Image Credit: Fenzo Digital

Fenzo Digital  is another business to business marketing agency which is focused on their customers. The  agency believes that shopping decisions are greatly affected by ads, discussions, or recommendations posted on the internet and bases their marketing strategies from this perspective. The organisation is known to use a combination of skills such as building a blue print, aesthetics, and development in order to pursue a positive online experience.

This agency believes quality content is the foundation of inbound marketing. However, producing great content is an issue Fenzo Digital believes many organisations are currently facing. Through the content services provided by this marketing agency, Fenzo Digital is able to help clients shift their focus to other key areas of their business by taking the responsibility of this challenge amongst themselves. Asides content creation, the marketing agency also provide promotional strategies to further the reach of the quality content generated with the goal to result in increased sales.

Customer Reviews


Fenzo is such a professional digital agency with a very helpful team. Their support team is very responsive and friendly!


Great and comprehensive services to boast your online marketing strategy! Fenzo was very responsive to my specific needs and budget and I’ve appreciated their professonalism throughout the whole process.

Contact: (65) 6788 9008
Location: 531A, Upper Cross St, 04-88, Singapore 051531
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Availing the services of a content marketing agency to increase sales is justifiable. In fact, a number of consumers already know what they want to purchase before even going to the store. Most of these factors are influenced by what people see and read online such from articles, reviews, videos, or even other fellow consumers talking about it. With quality content generated by a content marketing company, this grants the opportunity to tap through targeted audiences online.

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