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IT leasing is defined as the long-term rental of IT hardware and equipment, wherein the lessee gets access to assets for one or more years for a fixed monthly fee. Although it may seem better for companies to secure this equipment permanently, the constant change in IT trends and technologies means a substantial investment in current tech may become wasted as they turn obsolete in just a few years.

Since there is no guarantee that a company’s budget will suffice for a large-scale upgrade, leasing allows them to acquire the newest hardware and software they need to remain competitive, all at a manageable cost and greater flexibility. If your business’s IT equipment is due for an upgrade, you can turn to these five IT leasing companies in Singapore for assistance.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. JK Technology

Image Credit: JK Tech

JK Technology allows companies to be on equal footing with their competitors in today’s fast-paced world with its IT leasing services. They know that a business’s IT infrastructure is only as robust as the hardware they employ. So they recommend using only the latest technologies to avoid putting up with higher maintenance costs and other productivity-reducing issues like lag and down-times. Moreover, since purchasing new hardware can be too expensive for many companies, JK Technology offers a leasing alternative that equips clients with IT equipment tailored to their needs and budget.

Apart from IT leasing, JK Technology offers a wide selection of value-added IT services that aid businesses achieve their goals, such as IT outsourcing, software licensing, IT maintenance, and more.

Customer Reviews

Radx Radx

Fast and responsive. Value for money and excellent quality stuff. Bought an old Lenovo dock and is fab! Highly recommended.

Ong HM

Bought a refurbished monitor recently and looks brand new. The display settings problem was solved by their helpdesk staff after troubleshooting via chat messaging. Thanks for the prompt response and support. Good after-sales service.

Contact Number: 6841 6868
Location: 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #02-13, Singapore 417943
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6:30PM | Sat & Sun Closed

2. Sowers

Image Credit: Sowers

Sowers is dedicated to translating today’s technologies into practical business IT solutions, which ultimately benefit their clients by increasing productivity and directly improving their bottom line. The company achieves this by offering many IT solutions for commercial applications, such as managed IT services, network security, data storage, and IT equipment rental. 

As the backbone of business continuity, up-to-date and maintenance-free IT hardware is essential for companies to accomplish work and progress towards their milestones. Sowers knows this well, and so they offer businesses leases for the IT equipment they need depending on the project requirement. Apart from IT hardware, they also provide network equipment and other tools suited for events, such as enterprise network equipment and 4G SIM enterprise broadband equipment.

Customer Reviews

Illuminate Productions

Our company bought a few computers from KG Sowers recently. Not only did they provide the best pricing, but their service was also top-notch. We were serviced by a very trustworthy team, one that is hard to find in the IT industry these days. Highly recommended!

Christopher Wong

KG Sowers has been really helpful with resolving our IT issues. Really professional and responsive. Highly recommend.

Contact Number: 6950 3270
Location: 2 Gambas Crescent, #08-03/04 Tower 1 Nordcom II, Singapore 757044
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat & Sun Closed

3. Connectbit

Image Credit: Connectbit

No company can do without an online presence nowadays, with most of the target audience now being online for many hours of the day. Thus, having a business website is essential, which requires many software and hardware components, such as a server. Servers can do more than just host company websites or e-commerce platforms; they are also necessary for business data storage. 

But since paying up-front for servers can fetch a high price, leasing it with Connectbit is undoubtedly the better and more feasible option. Connectbit not only leases the server(s) best suited for their clients, they also take care of its upkeep, security, and administration, which all incur extra costs. Moreover, since IT owned assets depreciate over time, leasing provides greater flexibility and more flexible scaling options - businesses can either end or renew their leases once it ends, providing the chance to upgrade quickly and easily.

Customer Reviews

May Lim

The engineers are friendly and skilled. They manage to resolve some teething issues like hard disk crash and weird network problem. I am grateful for the fast response and the reasonable price. Good job, guys.

Meixian Li

Have engaged Connectbit several times and they have been wonderful in assisting to migrate my website and providing site optimisation. Recent migration was completed where they recommended Siteground and the process was efficient. Follow-ups were also prompt. I am pleased with the services and will definitely recommend to others too.

Contact Number: 6776 0016
Location: 192 Pandan Loop, #06-05 Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128381
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Sat & Sun Closed

4. Nex CorporateIT Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Nex CorporateIT Pte Ltd

Since its incorporation, Nex CorporateIT has helped revolutionise the role of IT outsourcing in the business process. The company has a solid track record of offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions for businesses across various industries like manufacturing, financial, healthcare, and more. 

NEX CorporateIT is always ready to help businesses procure only the best and latest IT equipment best suited to their needs and budget. Their IT outsourcing solutions are handled by a team of specialists highly proficient in various aspects of IT, including their IT leasing services. When leasing equipment, clients enjoy great flexibility thanks to the options for both short and long-term leases. NEX CorporateIT is always on the lookout for emerging trends in IT hardware used in production globally, so you can be sure that you can upgrade to new tech sooner than later.

Contact Number: 6296 0703
Location: No. 1 Pemimpin Drive, #04-03/04, Singapore 576151
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Rentalworks

Image Credit: Rentalworks

Apart from backend hardware, businesses need to equip their employees with the tools to work, such as desktops or laptops. Moreover, it is not enough to justify getting more IT equipment for inevitable short-term purposes like events or product or service exhibitions.

Rentalworks is committed to resolving its client’s IT equipment challenges with its IT device rental services to meet their needs. Their IT leasing solution is ideal for short term use, typically for business events like conferences, annual events, training events, and more. Rentalworks’ IT leasing service covers an affordable product catalogue of sustainable devices and flexible arrangement terms for all uses and budgets. 

Contact Number: 
9611 9602
Location: 120 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068913
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat & Sun Closed


In this modern age where companies must go digital, having access to the best IT tools and equipment is necessary for businesses to thrive and achieve the success they desire. However, due to the challenge posed by raising enough capital, many business owners may find it difficult to budget for and justify purchasing the costly tools they need. Thankfully, IT leasing offers a more cost-effective and more straightforward solution to procuring the equipment they need to do work.

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