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Payroll processing can be a daunting task. It requires a great amount of time and attention to manage the payment of employees’ wages, especially in large companies. The steps usually involved in payroll processing are the gathering of employee time information, the management of benefits and deductions, and the distribution of employee pay for a specific period of time. If you’re a business owner or you have experience working in a human resource department, you probably know how taxing payroll processing can be.

Fortunately, for many businesses, there are already plenty of payroll services available at their disposal. These payroll services provided by outside companies take care of almost everything that needs to be done in payroll processing. This allows business owners or heads to save more time and effort and to focus on boosting their revenues instead. If you’re looking for a payroll service provider that will help you manage your employees’ pay, you’re on the right page! Here’s a list of the best payroll services in Singapore for whatever type of business you have.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Enable Consulting

Image Credit: Enable Consulting

As a company that has been in the industry since 2013, Enable Consulting is full of experts that are dedicated to helping you follow a smooth and efficient HR task flow. This HR firm provides support to various businesses with their HR outsourcing services to ensure that your human capital processes are served in the best interest of the company.

Enable Consulting to manage payroll administration through their payroll software which is fully automatic, configured and customised to your necessities. They also handle assisting the annual increments and bonus exercises which are automatically calculated on their platform. Plus, the company also handles income tax filing and statutory leave reimbursements – providing an all-in-one platform for your business transactions.

Customer Reviews

Des McCrum

Top quality service and always extremely helpful!


The consultants deployed were very professional and had vast experience in handling all types of HR matters. They were swift in picking up what needs to be done and handled the communication with our employees.

Contact: +65 6871 8801
Location: 229 Mountbatten Road #03-38 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm

2. Zealys

Image Credit: Zealys

Does handling payrolls cause stress and pressure? With the help of Zealys’ payroll software, doing multiple payroll runs for your business has never been more effortless. Zealys HR payroll software offers hassle-free services such as one click to process payroll, 3 steps to complete payroll, and access reports, bank files, CPF and integrations in just one click.

Through their software, you can also view all the employees and payroll items in the list view, zoom in to individual employees with more information to ease the checking, auto-detect variances and check out side-by-side comparisons with the previous month.

Contact: +65 8875 8111
Location: 7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07, Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

3. Stone Forest

Stone Forest
Image Credit: Stone Forest

Stone Forest is a group of companies that provide a wide range of business solutions to support the growth of companies both inside and outside Singapore. The company helps businesses in simplifying, digitalizing, and managing their operations to generate greater revenue. PayrollServe is the Payroll and HR Administration division of Stone Forest. It is focused on providing effective payroll solutions to help its clients increase their operational efficiencies while reducing overall expenses.

Stone Forest’s PayrollServe is proudly run by a team of experienced professionals that brought to the company the reputation of being the leading provider of cloud-based and fully managed payroll or HR solutions in Singapore. The services you can avail of at PayrollServe include payroll tax filing, payroll health check, work pass management, pre-employment screening, and other HR services. The company also offers payroll software products, such as PayDay SAAS and PayDay HRMS.

Customer Reviews

Mark Lim

Been using Payday! SaaS for quite a while, system is affordable for small business like mine. The best part so far is their system announcement, I enjoy receiving important updates such as statutory changes, COVID-19 updates, funding updates without going to different sources.

Contact:  +65 6336 0600
Location: Wilkie Edge, 8 Wilkie Rd, #03-08, Singapore 228095
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. ADP

Image Credit: ADP

ADP is a global company with a subsidiary in Singapore that offers a variety of HR and payroll services to various businesses. The company prides itself as an organization whose services are informed by data and designed to help people meet their corporate needs. For 70 years, ADP has been at the forefront of providing solutions for human resource challenges. It has been leading the way in defining the future of business solutions.

If you’re looking for a company that does it all, ADP is a great choice. The company provides its clients with comprehensive cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that combine HR, payroll, talent, time, tax, and benefits. It particularly partners with small businesses and ensures that they get the best yet affordable payroll services. By partnering with ADP, you can run cloud-based payroll easily and accurately, navigate the complexities of compliance, and focus on your other business operations.

Contact: +65 6701 1353
Location:78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120

5. BDO Singapore

BDO Singapore
Image Credit: BDO Singapore

BDO Singapore is a part of the international BDO network of independent member firms within the accounting and consulting industries. Established in 1972, the company has a large number of clients who mostly come from various fields of businesses in Singapore, including retail and distribution, financial, natural resources, legal, marine, manufacturing, transportation, publishing, and real estate. For over 40 years, the company has been assisting in the growth of numerous businesses, both small and big, by providing the highest quality tax, audit and assurance, financial, and advisory services.

BDO Singapore has a wide range of services available to help you manage and grow your business. These services include audit, business restructuring, corporate advisory, cybersecurity, tax advisory, secretarial and outsource accounting, management consultancy, and risk advisory. When it comes to payroll, the company provides a comprehensive solution that includes compliance with applicable taxes and government regulations and ensures confidentiality and reliability.

Customer Reviews

Alt T

A professional accounting firm.

Contact: +65 6828 9118
Location: Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road, #23-01, Singapore 188778
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.45AM-5.45PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

6. Wealth Bridge

Wealth Bridge
Image Credit: Wealth Bridge

Wealth Bridge is a Singapore-based company that provides a wide range of corporate services, including incorporation, secretarial, accounting, tax filing, and payroll. Behind the company is a team of professionals certified by Singapore’s main accounting bodies, such as ACCA, CPA, and ISCA. In delivering its services, Wealth Bridge utilizes full automation and technology to reduce manpower needed for repetitive tasks that are frequent in corporate environments.

If you want a company that offers innovative payroll solutions, Wealth Bridge is a company you should try. From hiring and paying employees to understanding employment regulations, all of them can be done by Wealth Bridge for you. The company will source the best technology and networks to address all the needs of your business at an affordable cost. It offers the most competitive rates in the market to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the services that are delivered to you.

Contact: +65 6681 6635
Location: Thye Hong Centre, 2 Leng Kee Road, #06-08, Singapore 159086
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

7. Frontier EHR

Frontier EHR
Image Credit: Frontier EHR

Frontier EHR is one of the leading providers of cloud-based HR and Talent Management System in Singapore. It has been in the industry since 2000 offering affordable solutions to businesses across different areas. Its award-winning solutions cover common HR processes, employee information management, and employees’ engagement and development. The company has a proven track record of providing valuable services to its clients, helping them develop their employees and increase their profitability over time.

For those who are looking for a reputable company with top-notch payroll services, Frontier EHR is one of the best options. The company’s cloud-based online Payroll Management System is truly above the standards. It is designed to automate the handling of complex payroll requirements to make it easier to meet different payroll needs. Similarly, Frontier EHR’s Human Resource Software and online Payroll Processing Software will help you get the ease and convenience that you need in managing your employees and their pays.

Contact: +65 3157 1381
Location: Paya Lebar Square, 60 Paya Lebar Road, #12-26, Singapore 409051

8. Ark Services

Ark Services
Image Credit: Ark Services

Ark Services is a well-known human resource service provider in Singapore. It is made up of a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about HR and payroll outsourcing services. The expertise of its people covers a wide range of areas, such as human resource management, payroll administration, recruitment, Singapore labor law and practices, and accounting and bookkeeping. The company believes that different businesses have different objectives and challenges. This is why Ask Services always customizes its solutions to meet the specific needs of each of its client and help them manage HR and payroll efficiently.

The main services offered by Ark Services are divided into three categories: Payroll Outsource, HR Advisory, and Bookkeeping. In terms of payroll, the company provides its clients with two options – monthly processing and year-end processing. Under monthly processing, the company covers end-to-end processing, from data entry to itemized payslips. Under year-end processing, on the other hand, the company covers processing mostly related to employees’ income tax and annual salary payment.

Customer Reviews

Sarah Smith

Great services! Arks services is professional and reliable. Providing the best solution for the payroll services. Much Appreciated!!!

Jiang Yanmei

ARK provides flexible payroll outsourcing services that improve payroll management for employers of small, medium, or large businesses.

Contact: +65 6873 0911
Location: Sime Darby Business Centre, 315 Alexandra Road, #05-01, Singapore 159944
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

9. Squarebook

Image Credit: Squarebook

Squarebook is an established company that provides various corporate services to businesses in different industries. The company primarily helps its clients in completing their regulatory filings and meeting their compliance requirements. The team behind the company is composed of professionals who are knowledgeable in accounting, tax, and human resource. They give great support to their clients so they can focus on their core businesses.

When it comes to payroll services, Squarebook is an efficient and trusted provider. The company will particularly help you calculate all your monthly CPF contributions to your employees by taking into account the applicable wage payments and contribution rates. Once all of these are done, the company will provide you with the payroll files and itemized payslips, which you can then issue to your employees. All these, along with the other payroll services that the company offers, will ultimately bring you a hassle-free and more convenient payroll process.

Customer Reviews

Zac Seh

Squarebook is a very professional company with excellent accounting and tax knowledge. The people there are very sincere, listen to your issues and try their best to help you.

David Teo

Met with the team and passed them all my documents and they came back with lots of information, insights and a neat report soon after! Best part is their extensive knowledge of tax reliefs, which helped me reduce some of my tax liabilities. Also, I had some questions and was impressed when they said ‘oh we have the information for that.. let me show it to you”. It’s my second year with them, and I’m looking forward to next year when they’d not only be able to do my accounts and taxes, but also give me a year-on-year analysis!

Contact: +65 6223 6441
Location: Jit Poh Building, 19 Keppel Road, #03-07, Singapore 089058
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Most business owners will agree that payroll processing is indeed a burdensome task. Especially in big companies, managing employees’ wages can be very time-consuming and demanding. Luckily, there are already numerous companies offering payroll services these days. Payroll services greatly help business owners or heads in streamlining their payroll process. In today’s corporate world where everything has become fast-paced, the services offered by these companies are essential.

If you own a business, whether big or small, availing of some payroll services is something that you should definitely do. Doing so will help you organize your payroll process, and it will allow you to focus more of your time and attention on growing your business. The companies mentioned in this article provide some of the best payroll services in Singapore. Go check them out and make your work a lot easier!

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