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What if you could quantify the risk your company is exposed to? What your existing products or services are exposed to?  Maybe before it even enters the market. Risk Assessment is a service dedicated to analysing any potential risks or threats someone or something may be unprotected against with the objective to check whether or not it is within government regulations and acceptable risk parameters.

Risk assessment services are often conducted by third parties who make an assessment of an organisation’s risk levels. The risk assessment services are conducted by taking note of its current systems in place, strengths, weaknesses, areas to improve, and several other factors. These are taken into account and compared with existing threats within the industry. Once a quantifiable measure has been produced or reported, the third party is able to hand it over to the requesting organisation who can make better informed decisions based on the data.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Trustwave

Image Credit: Trustwave

The cybersecurity organisation has thousands of staff under its employ, has catered to more than 200,000 clients from 96 different countries, with 9 security centres and, over 250+ research and investigators within its laboratories. Trustwave is without a doubt one of the best organisations when it comes to risk assessment services and cybersecurity. The firm aims to educate the market about the the dangers brought about the rise of digitalisation and the steps companies can make in protecting themselves from these dangers.

By applying to the risk management services of Trustwave, an organisation is no longer gambling the safety of their data. Trustwave’s team is inclusive of professionals who have multiple years of experience under their belt, who are able to provide sound recommendations tailor fit to the needs of a client. The cybersecurity firm also provides data to educate what incidents occur on a regular basis and the signs to look for when making an assessment.

Contact: +65 6838 8835
Location: Asia-Pacific Headquarters, 31 Exeter Road Comcentre, Singapore 239732

2. INStream

Image Credit: INStream

INStream has been operating for two decades and focuses on being a solutions provider which holds a mission to make society a better place through safety. Their core principle value is based on building trust. The organisation believes in constantly improving and is not contented with being stagnant. INStream accomplishes their mission by staying knowledgeable in several key aspects related to the industry and making use of innovative technology.

The risk assessment services offered by INStream are focused on cybersecurity. The organisation makes an emphasis on the safety and combs through a customer’s network to assess any potential risks with the current system. These risk assessment services aim to protect subscribers from wasted time and money by implementing sustainable solutions before it may be too late. In fact, clients may even avail of a free trial of the organisation’s risk assessment services which is valid for a week.

Contact: +65 6744 0794
Location: Yu Li Industrial Building, 37 Lor 23 Geylang, #05-05, Singapore 388371
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Shred-It

Image Credit: Shred-it

Shred-it is unique in a sense wherein the organisation offers risk assessment services for both digital and physical documentation aspects. The establishment is targeted at the IT industry and caters to clients of varying business sizes. While Shred-it holds an office in Singapore, it is also present in a number of other countries and has already serviced more than half a million clients which serves to showcase that the organisation is a market leader in risk assessment services. The risk assessment services of the organisation follows a strict process to ensure proper data protection and has vast experience in delicate sectors including the health and finance industry.

The risk assessment services of Shred-It are applicable in the digital world. The firm assesses the security policies currently in place and analyses the vulnerabilities of where they are most exposed. The value of this risk assessment service enables the client to make better informed choices on what course of action to take and take steps towards data security.

Contact: +65 6787 7777
Location: 51 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-11 Paya, Ubi Industrial Park, 408933
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. AIP Risk Consulting

Image Credit: AIP Risk Consutling

AIP Risk Consulting is a risk assessment service aimed to feel as an expansion of a client’s existing workforce. The service provider includes assistance in various areas involving security and can offer insights to the existing security and network protocols implemented by a business. Some of the features AIP Risk Consulting encompasses is a full overview of the customer’s organisation to identify possible threats from the stated valuable products or information the client would like to keep safe from unwanted entities. Their team is led by highly talented individuals with lengthy experience in improving security.

The organisation’s risk assessment services allow clients to understand the current challenges faced in the digital world and match these threats accordingly to the client’s security plan. Once these issues are identified, clients are then able to make informed decisions on the changes which need to be made.

Contact: +65  6443 073
Location: 201 Joo Chiat Road #03-01, Singapore 427472
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Deloitte

Image Credit: Deloitte

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, usually called by its first name Deloitte, is a consulting company with an international presence spanning over more than 150 countries all around the globe. The organisation is actually a collation of tens of thousands of individuals including several independent enterprises who are mainly engaged in financial services as well as risk assessment. Each firm under the Deloitte banner conducts its operations aligned with the rules and regulations of the local government. The firms under the brand of Deloitte act autonomously and are not dependent of each other. The actions of one firm does not carry over to another.

The risk assessment services of Deloitte are are started through comparing the risk the client is exposed to versus those within the same industry. Upon assessment, strategies are evaluated to decide what can be implemented to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Reports are made to further the service, showcasing quantifiable areas which may be improved upon.

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Risk assessment services may be considered invaluable to organisations. While these services are subject to additional costs, a proper assessment of a company’s exposed risk may be beneficial in both the short-term and long-term run. It can also save a company by reducing its risk against any potential threats and helps organisations comply to both government and industry standards. Depending on the scale of the organisation and complexity of the job, the fees associated with these risk assessment services are not substantial compared to what would’ve happened in a worst case scenario.

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