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Robotics is a continuously thriving industry since its inception in the 1950s. As the world enters into the Information Age, it has seen the increasing importance of robotics in almost all aspects of life. From lifestyle and entertainment to education and business, robotics plays a role in making day-to-day living easier and more convenient. Robotics is basically a branch of technology that deals with programmable machines called ‘robots.’ These robots are usually programmed to do tasks that make people’s jobs easier.

The coming of robots essentially paved the way for a faster-paced world where almost everything is doable or achievable in an instant. If you want to make your daily life easier and more convenient, getting a robot might be a great idea. To help you, here’s a list of the best robotics companies in Singapore that take over the technology industry.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1.Maju Robotics

Maju Robotics
Image Credit: Maju Robotics

Maju Robotics is one of the most highly regarded robotics companies in Singapore. The company designs and creates smooth, eye-catching, and very functional robots that provide solutions to the many problems that people face regarding work, business, home-living, and others. The robots produced by the company are usually deployed in offices, on stages, and in public places. These robots are often designed meticulously to become entertaining and captivating yet able to serve the needs of people.

EDGAR robots are the most popular kind of robots built by Maju Robotics. These robots are social robots designed entirely by the company. They are mostly used to enhance events and bring more entertainment to audiences. The wit and charm of these robots will surely impress every guest! Some of the most common events where EDGAR robots are brought are trade shows and museum exhibits. These robots are also used in augmenting traditional teaching methods and in doing face recognition.

Contact: +65 6790 5568
Location: NTU Innovation Centre, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

2. Garuda Robotics

Garuda Robotics
Image Credit: Garuda Robotics

Garuda Robotics is one of the leading producers of enterprise-grade drones and drone data solutions in Asia, particularly in Singapore. It engineers and provides robotic solutions for enterprises, governments, and professionals. With its expertise in the field, the company can be considered as an international powerhouse that delivers quality and highly functional drone robots to different sectors. Its products and services are deployed in many industries, including agriculture, infrastructure, security, and logistics.

The high-quality drones developed by Garuda Robotics are particularly useful in analyzing and leveraging aerial data at scale. The in-house technologists and designers at the company are all experts in a wide range of fields, including drone data analytics and machine learning, robotics hardware and sensors, geospatial business intelligence, enterprise software and distributed systems, and operational deployments. If you are in a business that involves aerial data collection, Garuda Robotics is a company you should be working with. It is an award-winning company made up of a trained, capable, and trusted team.

Location: JTC LaunchPad @ one-north, 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-25, Singapore 139950
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. PBA Group

PBA Group
Image Credit: PBA Group

PBA Group is a robotics company that specializes in direct-drive motor design and manufacturing, motion control, and precision modular assemblies. It was established in 1987 and since then, the company has evolved from being a bearing distributor to a regional leader in robotics solutions. The main goal of the company is to provide innovation, enable people and businesses, and push the limit. Its research and development (R&D) teams and engineers have all played a role in making the company achieve its goals and thrive in the robotics industry, particularly in general and precision robotics.

PBA Group is not solely focused on developing and providing robotics and automation. The company also delves into parts trading and maintenance repair and overhaul services (MRO). This includes the sale of motors, motion control, precision robotic parts, and aerospace parts. For those who are particularly interested in collaborative robots and precision robots, PBA Group is a company that can offer many choices.

+65 6576 6766
Location: 505 Yishun Industrial Park A, Singapore 768733
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Nachi

Image Credit: Nachi

Nachi is a global manufacturer of innovative products, including bearings, precision cutting tools, hydraulic equipment, machine tools, high-speed steel, and robots. Known for integrating excellence in its products and services, Nachi develops world-class technologies for both products and processes. The company also prides itself as a business with uncompromising customer service. It provides more than adequate assistance to make sure that its customers receive the correct solutions for every application.

Robotics is one of the most prized offers of Nachi. The company is a full-service supplier that provides robotic application and engineering support, design and plant installation, and programming and startup. It supplies a wide selection of robots that are very much useful in many industries. Among the types of robots supplied by the company are the EZ series which is applied for handling, the SRA series which is for wielding, and the LP series which is for palletizing. The robots sold at Nachi are perfect for various businesses.

+65 6558 7393
Location: 2 Joo Koon Way, Singapore 628943
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. HOPE Technik

HOPE Technik
Image Credit: HOPE Technik

HOPE Technik is a Singapore-based engineering company that focuses on technological advancements for industries since 2006. The company’s almost 15 years of experience in the business have allowed it to gain expertise and establish a reputation in mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software engineering. In fact, it has already delivered so many outstanding products and solutions to a global clientele. Its team of passionate and dedicated engineers and technical personnel continues to deliver innovative products and solutions to seal the company as a global name.

Being composed of a team of world-class engineers and technical personnel, it is not surprising how HOPE Technik is a company that knows how to create highly functional and innovative robots. From laparoscopic robots which are the size of a fingernail to huge autonomous robots applied in global manufacturing plants, the experts at HOPE Technik can deliver them to cater to the industry needs of its clients. When it comes to engineering expertise, HOPE Technik is truly one of the best!

Customer Reviews

Alan Tan

Excellent local company. Highly innovative!

Yasmeen Aysha

Interesting showcase of innovation at work.

+65 6877 0193
Location: 6 Penjuru Cl, Singapore 608614
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


It is very much evident that the coming of robots has made life easier and more convenient. Before the 1950s, no one would have thought that the things that people do, which consume so much time and require so much labor, can be possibly done quicker and with less effort through the help of robots. Robotics has indeed improved every aspect of life.

Although they are merely programmable machines, robots have proven that they are essential over time. If you’re curious about what comfort and convenience a robot can bring to your life, trying it out and seeing it for yourself is the best thing to do. The robotics companies mentioned in this article are some of the best and most trusted companies you can find in Singapore. They will help you find your best robot companion!

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