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The design and functionality of a website is an important matter that should be taken seriously.  A well-designed website can help you establish a good impression on your website visitors, which can convert into sales. Your website design is one of the most important aspects of establishing your online presence, so it’s important that you design it right. Having a great company website is indeed important, but not all companies are capable of creating one. Luckily, there are other businesses that offer website creation services to help your business capture customer’s attention and stand out.

Choosing the best website creation company can be challenging, with the various companies offering excellent services left and right. To help you, we’ve narrowed down the list to the seven best companies. Check them out below.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Mobility and Innovative Business Creations

Image Credit: MIBC

Mobility and Innovative Business Creations was established in 2013 to find solutions that would help every business. The company specialises in key areas: Creating successful virtual brands, dedicated 1-to-1 business consultations for strategic business development, developing websites that meet the unique needs of different industries, and integrated IT Business suite applications to streamline business operations. Whatever your business needs may be, you can always come to MIBC. With the various services they offer, their dedicated team can help you solve your issues and improve your business as a whole.

MIBC offers a wide range of services such as business consultations, O2O Strategies, VIrtual branding, digital marketing, Web Development, Web solutions such as CRM software, and PSG grants for e-commerce shops. Don’t hesitate to contact MIBC for all your business needs!

Customer Review

Alpha Project Asia

MIBC team helps us to develop our new website. MIBC gives us a suitable website design that fits our industry, in the medical field. Currently, our website has fast speed, is mobile friendly, and has content that can boost our product stand out in the market. We recommend MIBC as a web development solution in Singapore!

Contact: +65 6353 5152
Location: 1003 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, Unit #03-1501, Singapore 319075
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri-10AM-6PM | Sat 10AM-1PM

2. Hunters Digital

Image Credit: Hunters Digital

Hunters Digital is a leading web development agency in Singapore that provides dynamic and mobile responsive websites for businesses. This firm helps build aesthetically-pleasing websites with user experience as the top priority to generate a high volume of conversions to your website. As the leading web developer in Singapore, the company understands that every business has unique projects and goals, but rest assured that you will receive excellent and prompt service throughout your journey.

From corporate to e-commerce website creation, web maintenance, and logo creation. A proper flow is critical for your website to generate leads, their team of consultants will work with you to understand your needs and create a great design with user experience in mind.

Customer Review

Wen Wai Kit

I engaged Hunters Digital to build a new company website. From the get-go, they were professional, patient, and very thorough. They took the time to get to know my business and what we were looking for. Our designs turned out pretty sleek and they stick to the timeline as promised. Excellent job!

Kelvin Toh

Hunters Digital was great to deal with, better than any other web agencies we’ve engaged with in the past. They were very friendly, super knowledgeable, and honest throughout the entire consultation. They gave us the exact advice and guidance we needed to improve our website conversations. Highly recommend these guys. Many thanks for your help!

Contact: +65 8793 7863
Location: 22, Sin Ming  Lane, #06-76, Midview City, Singapore 573969
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

3. Xantec Solutions

Image Credit: Xantec Solutions

As the leading software development company based in Singapore, Xantec Solutions specialises in providing custom software development solutions to businesses of all sizes. Their team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers work together to build software solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. The company offers software development services that cover a wide range of industries and applications such as enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management systems, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, and more. To ensure that their software solutions are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards, Xantec Solutions use agile development methodologies.

If you’re looking for a software company in Singapore specialising in custom software development, look no further than Xantec Solutions! The company provides users with an engaging online platform to access your products and services with custom software. With their team of avid programmers, passionate designers, and experienced business advisors, you can bring your website design ideas to life!

Customer Review


Professional and reliable in supporting my business. Highly recommended!

Zheung Yik

Xantec is an energetic and talented software company in Singapore.

Contact: +016 773 3651
Location: 3 Coleman Street, #03-24, Singapore 179804
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM

4. Hachi Web Solutions

Image Credit: Hachi Web Solutions

Hachi Web Solutions provide a complete suite of services to design and develop business websites that can help you achieve your business goals. The company offers four main services: Web Design, SEO service, SEM/Facebook service, and Ecommerce. If you work with Hachi, expect a professional, visually appealing, and interactive website design that helps you stand out from competitors, and projects delivered on time. Since they are well-versed in the local business scene, they can understand your website requirements better than overseas companies.

Hachi Web Solutions include domain, hosting, content write-up, and yearly maintenance on top of website design and development. The company also provides services in SEO, SEM, and Facebook marketing. Based on their experience, Hachi can deliver a fully customised website within a minimum of 68 hours. It would take 2 hours to meet up and discuss information, 16 hours to draft a homepage design, 16 hours to complete all pages design, 24 hours of development, and 10 hours for support and training. Avail of their $1499 savings package now!

Customer Review

HB Book Centre

Hachi Web Solutions did a tremendous job on the re-design of our website, iHuntforBooks. Jun Yuan and Louis were exceptional in meeting the tight timeline and were very prompt in responding to our requirements.

Lindsey Lim

Genuine, quality service that truly believes in delivering what you need without overcharging you. You can be sure that they won’t be asking you for additional fees like many other agencies. Great experience working with them. Highly recommended.

Contact: +65 9088 9699
Location: 18 Sin Ming Lane, #06-21, Midview City, Singapore 573960
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

5. Verz Design

Image Credit: Verz Design

Verz Design is a leading web developer in Singapore with over a decade of experience. The company offers a full suite of web design services and can help you build a high-performing and aesthetic website that’s capable of generating tons of new leads. If you’re looking for web development and web design services in Singapore, Verz got you covered! In addition to website design and development, Verz Design is also a professional digital marketing agency. Elevate your business or website to the next level and leave your mark on the digital world with this firm’s digital marketing services.

Verz Design boasts its versatility as a web development company in Singapore and consists of trained professionals in every field. From corporate websites and e-commerce website creation to product listing and custom-programmed websites, Verz has done it all! Feel free to browse their portfolio on their website. Contact them now!

Customer Review

Irene Chiang

We have engaged Verz Design to launch our training workshop for almost 3 years. The support was very good from the team. They not only help us to achieve our target but exceed the target. Thank you for your hard work.

Melvin Tan

Verz Design is great at website building and SEO rankings. Will recommend their services. AFter sales support is good as well. Shoutout to Kavitha from the SEO team. She is professional in her services and a helpful individual that goes all out in answering her client’s queries. Recommend 10/10.

Contact: +656 6841 1680
Location: 566 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-05/06, HH@Kallang, Singapore 349328
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

Contact: +656 6841 1680
Location: 566 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-05/06, HH@Kallang, Singapore 349328
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

6. Krome

Image Credit: Krome

Since 2009, Krome has worked with many clients to define a strong and consistent brand identity across the web to print. The company believes that your brand can influence the way people perceive and react to the experiences you create. Krome is trusted by famous brands such as Canon, Yamaha, Adidas, Singapore Media Academy, Browhaus, Kaplan, Asia Pacific, Lenovo, TruMarine, MovieAide, and many more.

Krome aims to provide every client with a customised online experience. Krome’s forte has always been in the digital world, which allowed them to provide a wide range of services such as web design, responsive web design, HTML5, content management systems, cloud technology, and localization. From start-ups to large organisations, Krome provides end-to-end support for companies who need a website to provide support for maintaining a speedy and safe website.

Customer Review

Christopher Ng

Incredible and certainly knows how to make web designs as user-centric as possible, which is a huge plus for us.


The team at KROME is the nucleus of different minds in synergy. Each person I work with is an attentive listener, works hard, and would patiently understand my idea to turn the idea into an ideal result. Arozoo’s website best demonstrates that. It’s a good outcome, and better still, it’s a great partnership for this project. 

Contact: +65 6749 9805
Location: 2 Kallang Pudding Road, #09-10, Mactech Building, Singapore 34930

Contact: +65 6749 9805
Location: 2 Kallang Pudding Road, #09-10, Mactech Building, Singapore 34930

7. Aii Develop Digital Solutions

Image Credit: Aii Develop Digital Solutions

Aii Develop Digital Solutions offer various services such as website development, e-commerce development, google ads management, social media marketing, SEO solution, content writing, video production, and more! With the aim to be your one-stop digital transformation services provider in Singapore, Aii Develop Digital Solutions offers remarkable, fast, and secure performance with 100% transparency.

Being in the industry for years, Aii Develop Digital Solutions is a reputed, budgeted, and completely reliable web design agency in Singapore that caters to all types of businesses and their website needs. As a renowned web design and development company in Singapore, their team consists of a full-fledged team consisting of experienced and certified website designers and developers.

Customer Review

Jessie Jetana

Aii Develop Digital Solutions has been providing us with Digital Marketing services to our firm for the past year. Having appointed them to work with us has improved our product sales. Their campaigns were good and attractive. We highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a good marketing firm. 

Enquiry Manager

Aii Develop has provided us excellent service and a wide range of marketing solutions. The team is well experienced and make special effort to go above and beyond their scope of work. Highly recommend. 

Contact: +65 8896 8305
Location: 81 Rochester Dr, Level 24, Singapore 138637
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Sat 10AM-2PM | Closed on Sun


Website design and development is more than just having an attractive design. One of the most critical factors that contribute to the overall user experience is the speed and functionality of your website. The best website creation companies listed above can help you establish a complete and well-designed website, so make sure to check them out and contact them if you’re interested.

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