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Commonly used as an umbrella term for a range of videos used for business purposes, corporate videos are basically any video communications that are utilised both internally and externally for all-level corporate communications. Unlike other conventional advertising videos, corporate videos are usually used for specific audience targeting instead of a general audience. There are many types of corporate videos including product and service promotional videos, employee training videos, marketing campaigns, and more. Below are the top 7 companies that provide great corporate video services.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Emergent Films

Image Credit: Emergent Films

Emergent Films reassures that their company name is more than just a name, but a promise. Their team of professionals refuse to produce outputs that are not of the most stunning of visuals and remarkable stories. This is done by crafting tailored and tweaked videos just for you, and as a professional video production company in Singapore, Emergent Films firmly believe that the knowledge and expertise of their team are honed through the years to take your video to the next level – whether it would be for a corporate video, creative campaign video production, or for simple internal circulation.

If you are looking to seek assistance from commercial video services, Emergent Films can help you present your product in a new and creative way. Their team of experts believe that by investing in quality corporate video production services, you can communicate your unique selling point to your customers through more than words. With this, Emergent Films help you tell a unique story to your brand through video production and use these to your advantage.

+65 8499 7812
Location: 281 Toh Guan Rd, Block 281, Singapore 600281
Opening Hours: 9AM-7PM Daily

2. Mediashock

Image Credit: Mediashock

Whether it is designing your website or launching your first video, it all follow one vital principle – storytelling. The team at Mediashock can provide you with professional and timely productions that will grab the viewer’s attention, maintain it till the end, and influence the call-to-action. From increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, and recruitment, their videos are produced to elevate and idea to actions to achieve your marketing objectives.

With an extensive amount of experience across the region and industries, they have been inspired to develop content outside regions and language barriers. Mediashock can assist you in producing videos such as conference stage opening videos, tradeshow engagement videos, credibility consolidation videos, and many more. Visit their website to see some of the projects they have done!

Contact: +65 9752 3603
Location: Mapex, 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03, Singapore 577177
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Reckn Studios

Image Credit: Reckn Studios

As one of Singapore’s leading companies in video production, Reckn Studios are in tune with creating corporate videos that are both sophisticated and compelling. Combining modernity with timelessness, they focus on lifestyles and convergence culture while also having a professional approach to video production. With a range of service types such as commercial videos, brand marketing, along with corporate videos, they are the perfect choice for any business or commercial purposes.

Having both innovation and a unique take, Reckn Studios create compelling corporate videos that cater to the specific narratives that their clientele needs to boost their brand presence. In addition, they have diverse production styles that are suited for a range of creative needs in various companies both in Singapore and internationally. They are the ideal choice for any corporate video production needs that you need.

Contact: +65 9105 5075 / +65 9720 7732
Location: 625 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #05-01, Singapore 319519
Opening Hours: 10AM-7PM

4. Vicinity Studios

Image Credit: Vicinity Studios

Vicinity studios’s vision is delivering visual narratives that are stunning and poignant for both non-profit and corporate organisations. With their philosophy of community, connection, and captivation, Vicinity’s namesake refers to agency’s video productions that are community-centric and are focused on creating consciously interpersonal relationships within members in the community. They craft unique videos that prioritises sustainability and community-related visual productions.

Vicinity Studios are highly experienced in community and non-profit projects, consistently bringing exceptionally high standards through their dedication to producing high-calibre visual productions. With an emphasis on accessible and interesting videos, they aim to create a community of interconnectedness by being the center of the community. Based in Singapore, they also offer their services globally to big-name and reputable clients.

Contact Number: 6957 0947
Location: Apex@Henderson, 201 Henderson Road, $04-12, Singapore 159545

5. Coco Creative Studio

Image Credit: Coco Creative Studio

Coco Creative Studio are specialist in creating both photography and videography productions catered to both corporate and commercial clients. They are passionate and creative in their approach to crafting compelling video content for their clients, and are the quintessential experts at producing dynamic and engaging narratives. With a high focus on providing excellence and quality in all aspects of their content production, they are the perfect choice for any business needs.

Founded by Jose Jeuland who is a Fujifilm X-photographer and also an endurance athlete, Coco Creative Studios has collaborated with a myriad of famous and high-status clients in Singapore, regionally, and internationally. The agency’s vision of capturing fleeting moments through the lenses of perseverance enable them to produce vibrant and eclectic content that gives corporate videos an edge in this day and age.

Contact Number: 6909 7427
Location: 277 Joo Chiat Road, #02-02, Singapore 427531
Operating Hours: 9AM-6PM

6. Take2 Productions

Image Credit: Take2 Productions

Established in 2012, Take2 Productions are an exceptional team of creative enthusiasts that began as a video production agency specialising in both broadcast and corporate video productions. Consistently expanding, they have also added more services to their repertoire such as graphic, video, and motion graphic design as well. Their design department has recently undergone expansion and are experts at producing both 2D and 3D motion and graphic video content.

The crew at Take2 Productions believe in creating spectacular content for corporate videos, along with providing educational initiatives such as photography and videography training for students at many institutions, and also for working professionals at the corporate level. They believe that everyone is capable of creating creative video content and that it is an essential part of daily life.

Contact Number:
Location: 59 Ubi Avenue 1, Singapore 408938

7. Somerville Media

Image Credit: Somerville Media

Offering a full range of corporate video production services, Somerville Media is a corporate video production agency that caters to clients in Singapore, all over Asia, and globally. Founded in 2007, the agency has worked with corporate clients internationally and delivered compelling and comprehensive corporate video productions including voiceovers, video editing, and post-production. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they have built a steady reputation of being the provided of any production requirements for their clientele.

Somerville Media understands that both the technical and commercial sides of video production is integral to creating terrific corporate video productions, and they are able to streamline the process for their clients ensuring that the narratives are told specifically with its accompanying visuals. Somerville Media has also represented many international production companies globally by providing experienced camera crews.

Contact Number: 9855 9273
Location: 20 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069113
Operating Hours: 9AM-6PM

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