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Working with an interactive design agency is much more than just requesting somebody to create a logo for your business. A great interactive design company will take over the developing and upgrading of your brand’s website, and designing your website to thoroughly draw your ideal clients from your pocket, enabling you to do whatever you want best which is to run your business.

Everybody speaks about tactics to increase traffic and generate leads to the website, but then who worries about solutions for website design and development? Interactive design agencies, that’s who. Developing ways to make your prospective clients recognize you are all great and good, but when they don’t consider your brand’s website attractive, everything is all for naught. Choosing the right feel and look for just about everything you bring out with a strategy about how, why and when this is going to be executed is important to successful websites. So how do you get this done? Here are 10 interactive design agency in Singapore to assist you in developing your company’s website.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. IXEN Interactive

Image Credit: IXEN Interactive

It is no longer possible to ignore the importance of web development in a fast-paced virtual world in which people live and breathe the web. Statistics have found that 75% of consumers assess a business based purely on its website design. You will require a professional interactive design agencyfor your brand in Singapore to make an excellent first and lasting impression on consumers, one which catches the eye of many. An innovative and convincing website is made up of two key elements that are visually pleasing and an impressive and smooth user interface.

If you presently own an e-commerce shop, the main form of communication for both you and your consumers will most definitely be your website. Actually, if you are currently dealing with HTML coding or web design software, employing an innovative interactive design agency might just be what you need. Having over two decades of experience under their belt, their team has all the essential capability to take advantage of the latest technologies, developing innovative solutions for a diverse selection of customers from different industries. They understand the value of a strong online identity at IXEN Interactive and will continue to have the ability to utilize it for their stakeholders to succeed in the digital world!

Contact Number: +65 6536 9562
Location: CT Hub @ Kallang, 2 Kallang Ave, Singapore 339407
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed from Sat-Sun

2. Stitch Interactive

Image Credit: Stitch Interactive

Based in Singapore, Stitch is a creative agency with the burning passion to translate user interface design and user experience to beautifully crafted websites, intranet portals, and applications for clients. They provide a complete package of services to create and launch a website from scratch, while keeping up with the modern trends and requirements. Some of skills that they excel in are 3D modelling, 3D animation, photography, and videography.

If you are a start-up company or have a tight budget, Stitch have templatised solutions based on subscription based, monthly payments that will help you handle your cashflow and minimise investment for your web presence. You need not worry about maintaining your website as Stitch will take care of your maintenance needs while you focus on running your business. You can opt to extend your warranty period that will ensure you that your website runs smoothly.

Contact: +65 9151 5120
Location: Suntec Tower 1, 7 Temasek Blvd, #12-07, Singapore 038987
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. MIU

Image Credit: MIU

MIU is a local creative digital solutions agency that provides driven brands with solutions to express their purpose. They are Singapore Spring certified consultants who hold the expertise to help your business thrive in this digital age. MIU helps you to identify the best type of solution that you are eligible for and entitled to receive. After which, they provide you with comprehensive support that effectively connects you with your audience, pushing you to be at the lead of your industry. Whether you’d like to build your presence online or use visuals to articulate your story, MIU has the expertise in both digital marketing and design to boost your branding through methods such as SEO and Google Ads.

When it comes to web development, the team at MIU leverages on the latest technology to give you a memorable experience. Their qualified experts are always on the ball to execute effective solutions that will enable your brand to leave its mark in the online world. Leave the intricate backend details of your website to their exceptional professionals, while you sit back and enjoy a seamless experience on the frontend.

Contact: +65 8850 0813
Location: 477A Changi Road, Singapore 419893
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-12.45PM, 6PM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. T+ Interactive

Image Credit: T+ Interactive

As a mobile and web development studio in Singapore, T+ Interactive takes pride in building exceptional and amazing interactive experiences on both mobile and web platforms. Since their inception in 2013, they’ve put together formidable capabilities in UX, digital strategy, design and development, and has delivered top-notch quality for a wide range of clients like Singtel, Starhub, Chanel and Hitachi.

T+ Interactive’s work includes gamified sales training tools, language learning apps, fintech trading platforms and much more. Whether you need to crack your digital brief completely from scratch, or if you’d like to bring your wonderful idea to life, T+Interactive has your back.

Contact: +65 6599 4665
Location: High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Road #08-08, Singapore 179094

5. JAB Design

Image Credit: JAB Design

JAB Design seizes the synergy of a rich network of designers, producers, writers and project managers, many who have shouldered senior responsibilities in the industry. They have, on hand, creative professionals to help you fully navigate aspects of Identity and Branding, Logo and Graphic Design, Copywriting and Scripting, Illustration and Animation, Video and Photography, Online and Off-line Campaign Development, and Project Management etc.

Producing quality creative work within tight deadlines, JAB Design has worked with numerous clients, from Start-ups to SMEs, and from MNCs to Government Ministries and Statutory Boards alike. Go on… Jab them with your enquiry! 

JAB Design – For Expeditious Creative Work!

Contact: +65 9680 5582
Location: 1 Kallang Junction, Level 6 Vanguard Campus, Singapore 339263

6. VMW Group

Image Credit: VMW Group

VisualMediaWorks (VMW) Group has been a regional pioneer in architectural visualisation for more than two decades. Leveraging on their extensive experience, VMW stands at the forefront of excellence when it comes to addressing your needs. They’re a top agency in creating innovative and one-of-a-kind solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.  Their brands – VisualMediaWorks, Attic Films, Obilia, blanct, and MAG, operate both autonomously and collaboratively to meet the needs of architectural, real estate, and other marketing campaigns via interactive and immersive solutions.

VMW Group is always kept up to date on the latest user interface and user experience trends to create an interactive experience on various platforms. Their competent creative team holds the relevant experience and capabilities to produce award-winning work. Empower your next launch or campaign with the best marketing tools in the industry. Go digital, interactive, and immersive – and you’re sure to reach your audience with VMW Group.

Contact: +65 6226 3837
Location: OC Building, 1 Chang Charn Road, #04-01/02, Singapore 159630
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun

7. DW Communication

Image Credit: DW Communication

In Singapore and around the world, they deliver a diverse array of design services. If your company is attempting to make a difference in a virtual or physical setting, their creative team works to build unique design innovations that suit your company’s requirements ideally. They are seeking to create personalized visual communications with a tremendous effect. Forms and functions at DW Communication were effortlessly combined by their skilled developers to develop from boring to exceptional daily advertising communications.

Their diverse group consists of industry experts who originate from varying backgrounds to provide their experience in strategic thinking, manufacturing, innovation, and customer services. They are pleased to offer their customers turnkey user experience design solutions that range from initial conceptualization to final release. At DW Communication, by taking their technological skills and unparalleled print operations abilities to the next level, they are continually working to raise the standards of their performance and work. Their full quality control helps them to consistently meet customer expectations and save time and expense.

Contact: +65 6684 1191
Location: 41 Rochester Drive, Singapore 138582

8. Notion Age 

Image Credit: Notion Age

A website could well be the initial contact point between a business and its intended audience in today’s age of the internet. It is, therefore, a critical outlet for your business to be able to transmit information and data to the community. A website that is visually appealing might not be an efficient website. They build powerful websites at Notion Age to supplement your business strategies. A successful website goes far beyond professional image; it foresees the expectations of the consumer and addresses the materials, frameworks and functionality that are acceptable.

They have already been contracted by numerous MNCs and SMEs as a well-established digital and web design company to create sites that can efficiently accomplish particular business goals. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of web development ventures that exceeded all expectations and generated largely positive outcomes. The key to their performance is listening. Their web developers make a concerted effort before conceptualizing and providing a design that enthrals the intended audience through understanding their clients’ business goals and strategies. They focus on providing their clients with useful and realistic solutions by integrating suitable web design standards that direct their ideas towards perfection. They are trained at Notion Age in the creation of immersive websites that conform to comply with W3C.

Contact: +65 6438 8303
Location: Vanguard Campus, 1 Kallang Junction Level 6, Singapore 339263
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

9. Refine Interactive

Refine Interactive is a full-service global interactive design agency with customers around the world and mobile and mobility services experience. They are creative, fast-growing and dedicated to delivering the best digital solutions. They have a perfect proven record to support their clients, rising in popularity beyond the digital world. They are the leading company, building a consumer obsession culture and connecting the company with the perfect customers. They are the one-stop-shop underneath one roof with all web development and design services. With an innovative and incredible solution to delivering traffic that can drive sales, their designers and developers offer innovation and development services to companies across the world.

Refine Interactive offers a range of website development and design services, ranging from constructing web development solutions for User Interactive Designs to creating an e-commerce site to developing a mobile app interface according to brand needs. The presence of a website or a mobile app plays an important role in every consumer’s decisionmaking before making the online product or service purchase. Throughout the Web Development and design process, user experience designers take into consideration the presentation, functionality and accessibility of your website.

Contact: +65 6689 2290
Location: 77 Robinson Road, Singapore 068896

10. 24K Design Studio

Image Credit: 24k Design Studio

Your website isn’t just an online visibility hub, it is a vital component of your brand which provides you with opportunities and consumers with a virtual experience. At 24K Design Studio, they take great pride in producing high quality delivering websites. From nuanced, custom-made virtual experiences to responsive and practical affordable web design, they enable your brand to create stunning experiences with an emphasis on your users ‘ mobile experience. Their advisory methodology will help them to understand the requirements and direct them to create a high-performance site that delivers outcomes such as leads, revenue, and brand recognition.

By using the current and timeless strategies including white spacing, artistic interfaces, colours, gradient and web animations, your website represents your company’s best. It’s a good start to getting a website, but your website needs to be able to rank excellently. They bring you the resources through their simple and organized web design methodology to guarantee that your website is all that it requires to rank well enough on Google as well as other search engines for organic search results.

Contact: +65 6844 0132
Location: Tat Wan Building, 61 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #05-02, Singapore 534816
Opeing Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

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