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Cryptography can be simply defined as the encryption of information with the purpose to be known only to the creator and its intended recipients. It can also apply to the other end of the spectrum which is the deciphering of coded information. It has been utilised in the past but continues to have relevance in today’s modern world.

Early stages of ciphering information usually included text encryptions however cryptography in the modern era has evolved to involve mathematical computations. There are countless courses which can introduce one to cryptography. Ranging from a short course free of charge to a full load which uses cryptography as a foundation. We were able to narrow our list to the 5 best cryptography course available right now.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. QwikCourse

Image Credit: QwikCourse

QwikCourse is an organisation which provides education through long distance learning via online channels. It allows students or those who are interested in taking up a course with QwikCourse, the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their houses or in the office. Classes are broadcasted live is handled by experienced professionals within their respective fields. The organisation openly advertises the affordability of their courses to provide education in a way which is convenient for many.

It is no surprise to find a cryptography course on the portal of QwikCourse who is a quality provider of online education. Those interested in enrolling a cryptography course with the organisation will be happy to find that the course is built around the fundamentals of being relevant in future years to come, easy to access, and applicable in the real world.


2. Singapore Institute of Technology

Image Credit: Singapore Institute of Technology

The Singapore Institute of Technology is a well known educational institution in Singapore made unique not only by their Alumni which have gone to create leaps and bounds in the real world but also by their learning system which offer courses with teaching that can be applied on the actual job. The campus is split into 6 different areas with the main campus located in Dover, Singapore. The Singapore Institute of Technology embodies a driven goal to make society a better place for all of mankind.

The Singapore Institute of Technology’s cryptography course features the different methods of cryptography when working with untrustworthy entities. The cryptography course will cover key areas on how it is used today but not all methods in existence. Instead aiming to build a foundation on how cryptography is approached in real life situations, allowing students to make stronger evaluations.

Contact: +65 6592 1189
Location: 10 Dover Dr, Singapore 138683
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-6PM, Sat 8.30AM-12PM | Closed on Sun

3. Republic Polytechnic

Image Credit: Republic Polytechnic

Starting from humble beginnings in the early 2000s, Republic Polytechnic has grown from a starting enrolment rate of only hundreds of students to a general population filled with more than ten thousands of eager to learn individuals. The educational institution offer a variety of courses not limited to the information technology sector only but dabbles into arts, engineering, sports, science and other areas as well.

Republic Polytechnic’s digital forensics course offers an overview of cryptography as well as other general cyber security measures to protect against unwanted cyberattacks. During this period, laptops will be provided on behalf of the educational institution. The digital forensics course with cryptography is intended to  any staff, executives, or technicians, who wishes to learn more about cybersecurity and cryptography. The course will offer basic approaches on when cryptography will be used and the correct tools to apply during the process.

Contact: +65 6510 3000
Location: 9 Woodlands Ave 9, Singapore 738964
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Coseinc

Image Credit: Coseinc

Coseinc offers a free basic introduction course to cyber security and cryptography. A general overview of the course involves understanding what cyber security and cryptography is and why it is currently being utilised. By the end of this short cyber security and cryptography course, enrolees will gain an understanding on how to assess basic ciphers properly through introductory cryptanalysis methods.

The cyber security and cryptography course is targeted towards IT professionals in all aspects of their career regardless whether or not they are new or experienced in their respective fields. The course can even apply to those who would like to make a change in their career path by engaging in security services in the information technology sector. Basic background on how computers work as well as the bringing of laptops are required.

Customer Reviews


This class is great for IT professionals looking for their first step towards security awareness. I have been in IT for 17 years and I learned a lot on this first day of class.


Great course – very informative and current.

Contact: +(65) 6276 1065
Location: 102F Pasir Panjang Road, #08-02, Singapore 118530

5. Ngee Ann CET Academy

Image Credit: Ngee Ann CET Academy

Ngee Ann CET Academy was established on the year 1985 and offers training courses to professionals including a cyber security essentials course with a discussion in cryptography. It was designed to enable adults to acquire additional skills to set them apart from other professionals as well as to enhance knowledgeability. These courses are completed at set times and dates within certain registration periods wherein the length of a course is dependent on the topic. The course is complete with learning activities and even come with a certification once it has been completed.

Ngee Ann CET Academy offers a cyber security essentials course with key points in cryptography. Within the course, the cryptography lesson will showcase how to conduct installation and modification of a wifi set-up for security purposes as well as the process of employing important public infrastructure.

Customer Reviews


i like its learning flexibility that offered me to Jagger between work and my MBA.


Amazing place to be in… love the great facilities

Contact: +65 6738 2910
Location: Ngee Ann City, Tower A, 391A Orchard Road, #25-02A , Singapore 238873
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM, Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun


The importance of data security continues to constantly rise as everyday more and more information are sent and stored through online channels. These channels are susceptible to cyber attacks from unwanted entities which could cause colossal damage varying on the sensitivity of information. Cryptography can be a powerful tool in both encrypting information or decoding messages.  By taking the initiative in enrolling in a cryptography course, it may be the key in preventing future damage or deciphering harmful content. Not only does taking up a cryptography course feature the aforementioned pros, it is also a gateway into other courses such as digital security and computer science.

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