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There’s more than meets the eye when stumbling into different websites. While many of us can take for granted the functionality and features a website imposes and instead puts focus on the aesthetic point of view, the back-end of a good webpage is usually filled with a harmony of HTML, CSS, and Javascript which is also known as JS for short.

Familiarity with Javascript is an in demand skill within the digital world. Interested parties may avail of javascript courses from several different educational providers available in Singapore. These javascript courses allow students to understand javascript as a programming language and how it is able to affect websites. These javascript courses also offer advanced topics for those already familiar with the language. Here are our 5 best picks for the best javascript courses in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.


Image Credit: ALPHAcamp

Alphacamp is an online web based platform which is designed to teach individuals programming courses including Java Script. The organisation is partnered with reputable organisations in order to better enhance their skills by being able to introduce issues which are evident in the real world. A few of these notable organisations are Linkedin, Zalora, and honestbee. Alphacamp’s ideals include building a strong foundation in programming and structures learning in a way which doesn’t feel burdening.

The Javascript courses offered by Alphacamp are offered in varying levels which are the beginner, intermediate, or advanced topics. Charges for the javascript courses are based upon the selected level wherein subscribers may opt to choose where they wish to start. This allows the javascript courses to be more cost-efficient and friendly to students regardless of what skillset they are currently equipped with.

Customer Review


ALPHA Camp is really committed to provide excellent education to help the students achieve the career goals! It is a warm and supportive school that’s good for people looking to transit to a new career.


It’s great

Contact: +65 9457 5586
Location: 43b Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088464
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. G-Tec Computer Education Centre

Image Credit: G-Tec

The organisation was initially formed by a group of experiences professionals in the field of information technology with work experience in the local market and in companies abroad. G-Tec has grown  to a large establishment with hundreds of centres for learning spread across several different countries in the globe and aims to make education regarding information technology accessible to everyone. The education provider is able to cater to those at an introductory level and also those who are already experienced professionals including courses such as javascript.

G-Tec’s javascript courses encompasses a total of 11 modules and is approximated to be covered in a period of about 30 hours. Compared to other javascript courses, the one offered by G-Tec is more affordable than most. A few of the topics that are to be discussed in the javascript courses include an overview on what javascript is and how it is applied.

Customer Review


Fantastic Course, Fantastic Education Centre & very friendly and supportive trainers. Would highly recommend G-TEC for the next course.


Excellent and well planned training program. The Instructor was able to answer the queries confidently. One of the best Java Programming training and it also offers after-course trainee support to clarify the course content with the trainer.

Contact: +65 6336 0244
Location: Peace Centre, 1 SOPHIA ROAD, #02-03, Singapore 228149
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Image Credit: SUSS

The Singapore University of Social Sciences, also known as SUSS, aims to create students who are not only proficient in theoretical learnings, but are able to apply what they have learned from the educational institution to their careers as well. The educational institution offers 5 different colleges, including Science and Technology which offers courses such as javascript. SUSS claims to have a total annual student population of more than 10,000 students and continues to generate professionals who have gone on to become valuable members of society.

The javascript courses offered by the educational institution are taught with visual representations in order for students to easily understand the information presented. The standard period to learn these javascript courses last for a length of approximately half a year and is on a scheduled basis.

Contact: +65 6248 0263
Location: Singapore University of Social Sciences, 463 Clementi Road, Singapore 599494
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-7.30PM, Sat  9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

4. simplilearn

Image Credit: simplilearn

Simplilearn is an educational provider offering courses such as javascript but is not limited to individual or subscriber based learning but is also able to teach professionals through corporate training programs. These programs are even able to be adjusted based on the type of establishment the customer is engaged in, thus optimising learning to be applicable within the workplace. Simplilearn has received recognitions such as being awarded as the Top Online Learning Library Training Industry for two consecutive years during the period of 2019 and 2020 in addition to an award for exemplary customer service.

As a provider of javascript courses, simplilearn has broken down the topic into several digestible bites which help interested individuals or groups understand the topic better. The javascript courses start easy and scales in difficulty as the module continues to progress.

Customer Review


The course helped me improve my remuneration and get promoted from a Project Manager to Project Leader.


I have taken Simplilearn’s Data Science course & will now be taking their CAPM program. This has helped me professionally and academically, & I recommend them to anyone.

Location: The Plaza, 7500A Beach Rd, #14-302, Singapore 199591
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. zekeLabs

Image Credit: zekeLabs

This organisation has expanded to several branches across different countries in the world in a short amount of time. The portfolio of partners zekeLabs have established a cooperative relationship with  include but are not limited to internationally reputed organisations such as Intel, Cisco, and Accenture.

Zeke Labs expounds the use of javascript courses in its training program and identifies the importance of it when utilising it together with HTML and CSS. Through a proper understanding of these javascript courses, students will be able to create output which is efficient on different gadgets such as a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. When applying the learnings of the javascript courses properly, students will not only be able to create aesthetically pleasing websites but one which is optimal in several key aspects which gives off a positive user experience.



Javascript courses can seek to advance both beginners and experienced users. The industry demand for skilled personnel proficient in javascript can be met through these javascript courses. Even catering to individuals who come from different backgrounds and are interested to shift into an information technology based profession. While a few javascript courses may ask for an initial investment which may be considered pricy to some, it usually pays out more than the initial cost during the long run.

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