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The first word that may come up to mind when you hear software engineering may be “complicated.” After all, the job duties related to being a software engineer are often portrayed in Hollywood as having to conduct a number of mathematical equations and a talent for problem solving. However with the number of quality educational institutions in Singapore, a software engineering course doesn’t have to be difficult.

Software Engineering utilises branches of computer science in order to address issues within establishments and to meet the requirements of customers. Due to the extensiveness of capabilities under a software engineer’s belt, this opens several career courses within the local market of Singapore as well as international organisations. Here are our top 5 picks for the best software engineering courses in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. NobleProg

Image Credit: NobleProg

NobleProg offers several courses including a software engineering course. The organisation has an office in Singapore but also has locations abroad within strategically accessible cities. While NobleProg has more than ten offices within different countries and a track record of having conducted trainings for more than tens of thousands of attendees, the organisation still strives to continue to provide quality training courses and consultancy services to people around the world. The organisation’s global presence is considered a competitive advantage by being able to identify trends within different markets earlier than other training providers who are only limited to the local market of Singapore.

The software engineering course offered by NobleProg is available via learning centre and through online learning. The online learning for the software engineering course can be accessed through a home pc or within designated local training areas in Singapore.

Customer Reviews


I like the support of the trainer and the topics. I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven’t done. But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Thank you.


Covered a wide range of topics – more than I would have expected in a Software Engineering lecture (such as some details on programming, safety critical systems etc.).

Contact:+65 8870 8290
Location: Singapore Business Federation Centre, 160 Robinson Road, #14-04, Singapore 068914

2. ThoughtWorks

Image Credit: Thoughtworks

The organisation originated from Chicago, USA but has grown to expand in multiple different countries including the Island of Singapore. Thoughtworks is a value based establishment who firmly believes in creating a better society through unbiased support and encouragement. The establishment showcases the latest fads in information technology while also discussing technologies which are slowly turning obsolete.

Thoughtwork’s software engineering course lasts a period of twelve weeks. It is styled as a bootcamp and is instructor led with the objective of educating and advancing the careers of individuals. The software engineering course is adapted to be relevant in all the various types of businesses regardless of size.  The software engineering course is meant to be a full overview of the fundamentals as well as other imporant key aspects related to software engineering.

Customer Reviews


A software development house that hosts a bunch of tech meetups from time to time. Lots of cool people to talk to here!


The JumpStart! bootcamp was life-changing. It was no walk in the park, but the amount of support I had from our mentors and peers made it so much easier. Before, I was skeptical if I could learn everything in the program outline. It was only afterwards that I realized how much I grew. The mentors not only armed us with the tools and practices, but also taught me how to overcome problems and uncertainties.

Location: Cross Street Exchange, 18 Cross Street, #11-08, Singapore  048423
Contact: +65 6776 0016
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Eversafe

Image Credit: Eversafe

Eversafe is headquartered in Singapore who not only provides software engineering courses but workplace safety seminars as well. The organisation has earned a reputation for being a customer centred enterprise and has been in operations for more than a decade. Eversafe is passionate in providing quality service and has an extensive portfolio of successful completed trainings with several clients.

The requirement of Eversafe’s software engineering course is a minimum of three years experience within the industry and is not meant for those without prior experience. The duration of the software engineering course is for a period of one year and aims to develop methodic approaches to improve problem solving skills which can translate to the workplace. The software engineering course will take place in a classroom located within their learning centre in Singapore with an approximate total class population of twenty five people.

Customer Reviews


I’ve done 3 courses here. Those trainers and office staff all were very friendly & recommended and advised me to study the field related courses. This is one of the best training & course provider in Singapore.


Had a good service and experience

Contact: Little India Office: Jalan Besar,2 Kampong Kapor Road Little India Near, Singapore 208674;
Pioneer Office: Pioneer Junction, 3 Soon Lee Street,#04-14, 16,17, Singapore 627606; Joo Koon Office: 2 Jookoon Road,Singapore – 628966
Location: +65 6297 8417
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Agile Asia

Image Credit: Agile Asia

Agile Asia has a near perfect rating as a training provider on google and has served thousands of clients. The provider has enhanced the lives of thousands of attendees with their instructors who have decades of experience as well as being respected members within their respective fields. Agile Asia specialises in their SCRUM training course but this does not discount the organisation’s ability to be an excellent provider in software engineering courses either. The establishment is more than willing to cooperate with other companies to further enhance the effectiveness of their training courses.

When it comes to Agile Asia’s software engineering course, the provider is able to simulate an experience which can be applicable within the local job market of Singapore. The organisation aims to prepare individuals who take up the software engineering course by building up confidence and familiarity.

Customer Reviews


What i felt good about the training was the way it was presented. Never felt bored thorough out for 2 days for CSM, eventhough it was virtual. Highly recommended.


Highly interactive and engaging AGILE training – great course materials and relevant examples to illustrates concepts and methods and not forgetting an excellent trainer in Stu

Contact: +65 9385 2234
Location: Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Rd, #17-06,  Singapore 188979
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. QwikCourse

Image Credit: QwikCourse

QwikCourse is an online training provider which is able to conduct lectures through the use in the internet. This allows individuals to take courses such as software engineering from the comfort of their own homes. The lecturer will be conducting the class on a real-time basis wherein students are allowed to ask questions should they have any questions or uncertainties about the topic.

QwikCourse’s software engineering course is designed to teach the fundamentals of the topic. It is an instructor led course available online. Not only will individuals gain more knowledge on what software engineering is but the course aims to teach them how it will be applied in real life situations. QwikCourse even goes as far to return any payments made should there be no teacher available to conduct training on the software engineering course’s established time and date by the enrolee.



Software engineering courses are sought ought by many reputed organisations due to the number of positive applications it has on an establishment. Most software engineering courses require prior relevant experience in the job market and can be considered as an expensive venture but has been noted by several establishments as being a worthwhile investment. Software Engineers are one of the highest paid occupations available right now with a course in software engineering being a vital part in creating opportunities for those who have successfully completed it.

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