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The Google Play Store contains more than 2.9 million apps, with some being gems but the rest being a waste of storage space. With a wide variety of Android apps available, the choices might be overwhelming, making it hard to determine which apps are the most beneficial and useful. After all, your storage space is valuable to store your photos and videos for cherished memories, so being selective about your apps is understandable.

With that said, we have curated a selection of the best Android apps Google Play Store has to offer. These will surely add value to your life and make it worth its space on your home screen.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Wondery

Image Credit: Wondery

If you’re travelling to work or school, beat the morning blues with Wondery, a podcast app that can accompany you through your journey. Instead of offering similar podcasts as every other app in the market, you can get access to exclusive content on Wondery. This app covers a wide range of genres, from true crime to business and even history. You might even gain extensive knowledge from listening to the podcasts.

There are also podcasts with daily episodes to get hooked on. For instance, there are more than 40 seasons of Business Wars’ podcasts. The majority of content is free, but you may also pay $4.99 a month to remove advertisements or get early access to certain shows. Stay wide awake in the morning as Wondery gives you immersive podcasts to look forward to on your commute.

PriceFree (Offers-In-App Purchases)
Available OnGoogle play

2. Pixtica

Image Credit: Google Play Store

If you’re bored of your default camera, turn to Pixitca! Packed with compelling features, Pixitca hopes to replace your default camera app with its all-in-one camera function. Some of its features include panorama, numerous filters and stickers, portrait mode, video editor and much more. Whether you’re a professional, or someone who has barely touched a camera, Pixitca is easy to use, and you’ll be able to capture your pleasure moments while editing photos and videos at the same time.

While many of the features and functions are free to access, you have to pay $1.25 a month to unlock higher resolutions and to get rid of watermarks when using their filters.  Let your imagination run wild and unleash your creative potential with Pixitca!

PriceFree (Offers-In-App Purchases)
Available OnGoogle Play

3. Houzz

Image Credit: Houzz

Get the best design ideas for your home with Houzz. This app allows you to decorate and furnish your home, with more than 20 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exterior available. You can even choose the specific location you wish to touch on, including rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t forget to utilise the Sketch feature, which uses augmented reality to annotate and draw so you get a better idea of your end product. Once you’re done, you may even save and share your home designs with your friends and family!

Apart from doing so, you can also shop millions of products and materials via the app. These include furniture, vanities, lighting, cabinets and tiles. Get the greatest inspiration and start designing your new home with Houzz.

Available OnGoogle Play

4. Time Immersive

Image Credit: Time Immersive

Tapping on the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), Time Immersive has made journalism more immersive and engaging. This app brings stories to life, right before your eyes. Instead of merely looking at flat photos or videos, this app contains stories that are much more engaging. With Time Immersive, you can now view subjects of a particular story in full AR or VR.

All you need is a well-suited phone and a flat surface, which you can then project. For example, a small section of the Amazon rainforest. Viewing the rainforest above, you can then rotate your phone, moving further or closer to get a different view while listening to the story. Evidently, Time Immersive allows you to experience journalism like never before.

Available OnGoogle Play

5. Depop

Image Credit: Depop

Unlike online marketplace platforms like eBay, Depop focuses on second-hand and vintage clothing, which is a unique angle. Despite the clothing industry’s detrimental impact on the environment in this world, fashion is always deemed as disposable. On Depop, you can buy and sell your pre-loved clothes, accessories, sneakers and much more. You may set up your own store as well as browse the many items already available.

Shop a wide range of streetwear brands, rare vintage pieces and discover the latest trends at the comfort of your own home. Other categories include technology, music, books, magazines, films, art and even sports equipment. What’s more? The wide selection of items is often at low prices! Find yourself new pieces or give your pre-loved items another home on Depop, while doing your part for the environment.

Available OnGoogle Play

6. ExpressVPN

Image Credit: ExpressVPN

On a vacation or an overseas business trip? ExpressVPN will come in handy for all your entertainment needs! A VPN app for your Android phone, it provides you with many benefits when it comes to streaming, allowing you to stream your usual Netflix and Hulu content just like you’re at home. Apart from the streaming benefits, this app is a virtual private network engineered with the priority to protect your security and privacy. Their TrustedServer technology and powerful encryption will safeguard you from hackers and trackers, securing your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots.

There’s also a function for customer service where you can get help in seconds. Simply ask them anything through their live chat support or email, both available for the whole day. ExpressVPN also allows you to connect to over 3,000 VPN servers in 160 locations, in 94 countries. Ensure all your data stored in your phone is safe everywhere you go.

Available OnGoogle Play

7. SleepTown

Image Credit: Sleeptown

Following a consistent sleep schedule is pivotal, and SleepTown helps you do so. SleepTown allows you to build your own personalised colourful town when you stick to your goal of sleeping on time or getting sufficient sleep. Tell the Android app when you aim to go to bed and get up, and all you have to do from here is tap a button in the app when you’re about to sleep and when you’ve woken up. Stick to your goal and a random building will be constructed in your town daily.

However, if you fail two times a week, a building will fall. Over time, you’ll be waking up to beautiful buildings in your town every day, giving you that sense of satisfaction! With SleepTown, build regular and healthy sleep habits in the most simple yet fascinating way.

Available OnGoogle Play

 8. SuperBetter

Image Credit: SuperBetter

Your well-being should always be a priority! SuperBetter has the aim to build resilience, achieve goals and tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, stress and more while gamifying the process. If you’re keen on adopting a new habit, learning or improving a skill, or even strengthening your relationships, SuperBetter got you covered.

This app keeps a lookout for both your mental and physical well-being by providing you with different quests, power-ups and bad characters to beat, all in the form of small tasks. Examples include drinking a glass of water, overeating or walking around the block. The more challenges you’ve tackled and completed, the higher your level is. As you progress, new challenges will be unlocked. Count on SuperBetter to curb your bad habits and build good ones, but most importantly, to become a happier and healthier you!

Available OnGoogle Play


Our smartphones have become an essential part of our modern daily lives so maximise the potential your smartphone has with these useful Android apps, making the best out of them. With our list, make space for these apps in your phone and start downloading them now!

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