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Transport is an essential function for many of us, and in Singapore, it is no different. Many are always asking when their next bus will arrive, and if there are any available seats on incoming buses. Thankfully, there are many top bus apps available in Singapore to ensure that you never miss out on your next bus timing.

Here is our list of the 6 top bus apps available on both Android and iOS to help make your journey smoother and better!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Citymapper – Transport Navigation

Image Credit: Citymapper – Transport Navigation

When it comes to the essentials of a bus times app, Citymapper – Transport Navigation offers all of that and more! As a satisfying journey planner, Citymapper supports up to over 30 cities worldwide, including Singapore. Whether you’re taking the bus, opting for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), or simply going cycling, Citymapper combines them all to give you everything you need for your travels.

As the winner of awards such as Winner Grand Prix of Techcrunch Europas 2015 and the #1 Grand Prize Winner of MTA New York City App Quest 2013, Citymapper is truly a revolutionary bus app that offers essential services such as bus capacity, step-by-step directions, wait times and ETA for buses and trains, and more. Partnered with Land Transport Authority (LTA), Citymapper delivers real-time data of live bus timings to your phone, helping you to keep track of your next bus through updates and push notifications. Now, you too can commute smart when you choose Citymapper!

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
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2. MyTransport.SG

Image Credit: MyTransport.SG

Do you feel that travelling can be both tedious and overwhelming? Are you tired of waiting for the next bus arrival? Fret not! MyTransport.SG features a simple, personalised and useful bus app that is just what you need and more for your next journey!

Developed and published by LTA, MyTransport.SG is the next top bus app with excellent features that you need to travel around Singapore. This includes receiving live bus timings for your current bus stop, and any other bus stops near your home! This gives you plenty of time to be prepared, and know just how much time you need before the next bus arrives. MyTransport.SG also features My Notifications, a service that enables push notifications for any bus alerts that you might be interested in. Also, their multi-modal journey planner can help you make your transport options by showing you the right bus services to take to reach your next location!

Available OnApp Store & PlayStore

3. SG BusLeh: Award Winning

Image Credit: SG BusLeh: Award Winning

Are you seeking innovation with your bus apps? If so, then SG BusLeh is indeed both an innovative and excellent bus app available on the Play Store and the App Store! The app provides instant live timings for both SBS and SMRT buses in Singapore, ensuring that you never miss out no matter what bus you take.

Winner of LTA’s Land Transport Excellence Awards in 2016, SG BusLeh simplifies what many travellers seek in apps that display essential bus timings by making the interface minimalistic and straightforward. With the addition of many awesome features to complement this bus times app, SG BusLeh can also help you to check up on your travel card balance without having to seek a card machine! They also provide the user with bus capacities for incoming SBS and SMRT buses with simple bars so that you know if there are any available seats. Get all the bus information you need in this award-winning bus app.

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store &  Play Store

4. SG Buses – Singapore Bus Guide with Arrival Time

Image Credit: SG Buses – Singapore Bus Guide with Arrival Time

As a top bus app on both the Play Store and the App Store, SG Buses offers a simple, quick and easy way for users to get connected to check up on their next bus timings without any hassle! From the arrival times to the routes of each bus, SG Buses offers an estimated bus arrival timing not just for the next bus, but for subsequent buses too! They display all of the essential information you need, such as the availability of seats with a bar, standing space, and the total bus capacity.

With SG Buses, travellers can also ensure that they are well-equipped of different bus locations, as well as their routes and an in-depth map for other bus stops. Do you have a frequented bus service? You can simply tap to favourite it and receive updates on arrival timings, notifications on delay, and so much more! Get started with one of the most frequently used bus times apps in Singapore.

Available OnApp Store &  Play Store

5. SG Dr Bus: SG Bus Daily Route

Image Credit: SG Dr Bus: SG Bus Daily Route

Smart, clean and effectively simple, SG Dr Bus provides its users with all of the travel essentials they need without any compromises. From its stylish and minimalistic interface to its eye-popping colours, SG Dr Bus is the bus travelling companion you need on your travels across Singapore!

Offering personal daily bus routes, SG Dr Bus also gives you access to ultra-fast Singapore bus timings at your frequented bus stops. That means near-instant updates on every bus timing! Your daily routes will also include all of the bus stops along your journey so that you know exactly where you’re headed. Apart from smart features such as being able to see bus capacities, bus routes, schedules and more, the app also has plenty of features such as a battering savings option and customisable appearances in black, dark, and light. Make SG Dr Bus your personalised companion on all of your travels, and an essential bus times app.

Available OnApp Store & Play Store

6. Singabus – Bus Timing + MRT

Image Credit: Singabus

Singabus incorporates all of the features that you know and love of an essential bus times app, with the inclusion of MRT lines! As Singabus uses the data directly from LTA, they provide accurate bus timings for the next 3 buses, an option to quick-favourite so that you can check back at any time, as well as incorporating Singapore’s MRT system to combine both transport options.

From renaming your favourite bus stops to a unified search that places together all bus stops and buses, Singabus offers all that you could want in this fast and accessible bus times app. It also has a function to help you save on cellular data, making use of pre-loaded data from your previous internet connection. While the app is targeted for the fast-paced Singaporean, this easily accessible app can also be integrated into your daily life for everyday commute. Never miss your next bus arrival with Singabus!

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store & Play Store


Remove the frustrations of travelling by installing any of these 6 awesome bus apps into your smartphone. After all, transport is an essential part of our lives. If you are looking for the next bus app to ensure that you never miss another bus again, then you can’t go wrong with any of these apps listed above!

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