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Everybody loves food deliveries. Not only are they incredibly convenient, but they are also really easy to order. All you need to do is take out your phone, go into one of those food delivery apps, and select what you are craving for.

In fact, with the increasing need for convenience, many fresh apps are being made to meet Singaporeans’ needs. In this post, we have compiled 5 of the best local food delivery apps that you should be using in 2024 if you are in need of a quick hunger fix.

What to consider when looking for a food delivery provider?

  • Delivery fee: Most delivery provider will charge a fixed delivery fee, which typically ranges up to $10. However, some charge a small percentage of your total order amount.
  • Minimum order: Some food delivery providers will set a minimum order to qualify for delivery, which typically ranges from $10 to $30.
  • Service area: Most delivery provider service most of Singapore. However, there are some that deliver only to specific areas.
  • Delivery time: Speed is vital when it comes to food deliveries. Nobody likes waiting, only to end up with a cold meal. Some food delivery providers will state a specific time frame, while others do not.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

Best food delivery apps in Singapore

1. Oddle Eats

Oddle Food Delivery App Singapore
Image Credit: Oddle

Established in 2014, Oddle consists of over 120 team members across Asia who are committed to connecting F&B businesses to consumers. With Oddle Eats, the platform provides consumers with direct access to their favourite restaurants with the click of a button, making them one of fans’ favourite food delivery app in Singapore.
Consumers can schedule their food orders ahead of time by simply selecting a delivery time and date that is most convenient for them. They can even save their favourite restaurants to their favourite list.

Business Review:

Deng Yixin
Ordered Ichiban from Oddle Eats for a big family gathering and everything was nicely packaged and delivered right on time!

Aloweshus E
I ordered genki sushi yesterday night around 12am for it to arrive at 530pm-6pm and it arrived 7 minutes earlier around 523pm and the sushi was fresh and the mentaiko fries were also very fresh! he was soo kind as well.

Aubrey Koh
We ordered for a Birthday party. Food is really authentic Indonesian and yummy. Food display for the BBQ wings platter was below expectations. Not like the one in the picture. Restaurant did provide us disposable plates for our convenience as requested. Really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Price:Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free

2. Foodpanda

Foodpanda App Singapore
Image Credit: Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the most popular food delivery platforms in Singapore and is also highly popular in other countries, such as Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Whether you are in need of food or groceries, Foodpanda will deliver them right to your doorstep. Their food delivery system are categorised based on locations, popular chains, and popular dishes and cuisines, making it easy for consumers to find what they are craving for.

Business Review:

Annie Ong
Easy to use with good variety of food

Application is easy to use and you will love to use this food delivery application! I like the pink panda icon.

Mark VMS
Maybe I am lucky, I have been using foodpanda for years and have never gotten bad service from them. Their customer support is responsive and fast. Unlike grab and delivery, they easily give vouchers for minor spills and such. I still remember being cheated of $70+ from grab CS for an order that was not delivered. And pandamart is the best. Lifesaver many a time for me and my family.

A few pointers:
Use COD option if possible. That way if any issues, then the rider needs to contact you for any issues.
Enter correct address with proper unit number.
Give a tip even $1 or $2 is good. Actions speak louder than words. If you tip regularly, riders put in extra effort for your order. My regular rider gave me 2 beers once to apologise for 15 min delay due to restaurant having many orders.
Don’t spam the rider asking where is my order, why take so long. Remember they need to ride/drive to you. It’s not safe to ride and type.
If you stay condo, answer your intercom, or meet them at your guardhouse if it isn’t working

Price:Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free

3. WhyQ

WhyQ Food Delivery App Singapore
Image Credit: WhyQ

Established in 2012, WhyQ differs from the rest of the food delivery apps in Singapore in that they specialise in connecting hawker foods to consumers. Their platform offers consumers the platform to satisfy their cravings for local cuisine while keeping the delivery fees as affordable as possible.
Why Q is constantly expanding their hawker stalls choices, allowing consumers to not have to spend their precious mealtime queuing up.

Business Review:

Rekha Gupta
Very good service. Keep up the good work!

Michellestat M
Honestly with the number of bad reviews, I was hesitant of cancelling my order upon placing it. However the app didn’t allow me to cancel without contacting customer service so I left it at that and took a giant leap of faith. Ordered the night before for the morning to arrive around 11:15-12:15, I even had breakfast because I was anticipating a 4h wait.. but then at 12 sharp they actually did arrive – every single item I ordered! Not going to lie that I was honestly very pleasantly surprised and impressed. I hope they keep it up as this is the bare minimum and imagine if every order is like this every time, their business will be buzzing!

Uday Pratap
Best ever service fast food delivery service in Singapore.

Price:Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free

4. Fong Fu Food Catering

Fong Fu Food Delivery SG
Image Credit: Fong Fu Food

Established in the early 2000s, Fong Fu Food Catering is a family-run business that focuses on delivering nourishing yet delicious food to Singaporeans. Starting off in a tiny kitchen, they have since expanded their business, serving many customers over the years, and not forgetting their initial goal. Even till today, their ingredients are hand-picked, ensuring only the freshest and best quality.
While they are not your typical food delivery platform, they offer a wide range of food delivery options, from bento and Tingkat to buffet catering.

Business Review:

Peh Yingsien
The tinkat service has bring about lots of convenience to me as a busy working adult who comes home from work late at night. The food is generous and is suitable for my picky taste buds. pardon my photo cause it was already consumed by the time I reached home

Eze Koh
Had the pleasure of catering a buffet lunch from FongFu for a New Year’s party. Food came on time, quality was perfect, service was impeccable! Highly recommend anyone for a seamless, fuss free buffet experience! Beautiful set up as well :’)

Kira Saw
Wonderful service, very punctual and good variety of food. Great for party settings, really enjoyed our night 🙂

Price:Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free

5. Deliveroo

Deliveroo Food Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Deliveroo

Deliveroo was founded by CEO Will Shu in London in 2013, but have since expanded to 10 countries, including Singapore. In fact, it is one of the major food delivery apps in Singapore. They have partnered with many local restaurants, ensuring that every customer gets their favourite foods delivered to them in an hour.
Users just need to key in their address in the search bar and they will be brought to a page with every recommended picks and offers near their address. Whether you are craving for some local fare, sushi, dumplings, curry, or pizza, Deliveroo offers quick and convenience. They even offer grocery delivery.

Business Review:

Charly A
Deliveroo is good at making sure that bad service does not happen. Unlike the other apps. If its bad, they sort it out.

Rebel Oscar
Easy to use and worth it when you need it. Had a couple of problems in the past but these were dealt with quickly and hassle free so really happy with that.

Shezza Wong
This service is fabulous, especially when you either need things at last minute or at awkward times and can’t quite travel. Always enjoy using this app.

Price:Available on Google Play and Apple Store for free


Food is abundant in Singapore. With many options to choose from, it can be a hassle to know where to get them. Nevertheless, these 5 food delivery apps and services assure affordable pricings, great variety, and top-notch quality food. Whether you are looking for something healthy or to satisfy your cravings, do not hesitate to give them a try this year.

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