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Times have changed drastically – playing games doesn’t necessarily mean having to meet up and bond in person. Now, with technology advancing so quickly, more people are spending more time with their loved ones online, through games!

Besides, not only is spending quality time with friends online more convenient, but it is also more enjoyable with so many unique online games being released yearly. However, this brings about a constant dilemma. With countless games available to play with your friends, which games should you try your hand at, on game night with your friends?

If this is something you can relate to, this list of the best online gamesis made just for you!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Fortnite

Image Credit: Fortnite

Developed in 2017 by Epic Games, Fortnite took the gaming world by storm with a unique take on typical battle royale games. A battle royale game is essentially a game mode where 100 players are dropped onto the map. They would have to gather resources and kill other players to be the last one standing. The slowly shrinking map concentrates on the players who are still alive to encourage more engagements and fights. Fortnite’s battle royale is perfect for playing with friends, especially since you can play in groups of two, three and four players.

In such battle royale games, communication and thinking are crucial in order to outplay your enemies and eliminate them. Hence, this is the perfect game to try with your friends as it promotes working together as a team. What makes Fortnite stand out from other battle royale games is the ability to build your own structures, whether it is to take cover or attack your enemies. The building aspect of the game adds chaos and ensures that every match you and your friends enter is different and keeps you on edge.

Price: Free (Battle Royale Mode)
Available on: Epic Games

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the enhanced version of the well-received Mario Kart 8. If you are wondering what’s different in this new version, you will be getting 48 beautifully designed tracks to challenge your friends on. Additionally, new characters have also been added in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This spices up the game especially for those who have been playing Mario Kart 8 for the past three years.

For many, the best part of this new game would be the fact that every character, race track, and mode is unlocked right from the start. This means that you can hop right in with your friends and immediately start challenging them on your favourite track. Alternatively, you can take it chill and explore the different courses with your friends. But if this isn’t enough to convince you to try this game out, there is a newly revamped battle mode available! The battle mode boasts eight arenas and five kinds of battles explicitly designed for this game mode. Although most of the new battle options are pulled from previous Mario Kart games, a favourite among many is called “Renegade Roundup”. In this game mode, each player is given a chomping piranha plant, and the goal is to snap up as many members of the opposing team as possible. It is assured that you will be laughing with your friends as you try to chomp one another!

Price: $68.20
Available on: Amazon

3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image Credit: Steam

Imagine being in the TV show Wipeout or Ninja Warrior. Fall Guys gives you a similar experience but all the action is taken online and with your friends! The objective of this game is to guide your own personalised jelly-bean avatar through 5 rounds of inflatable obstacle courses. One advantage of this game is that unlike other games, there is no steep learning curve. With only four main controls to take note of – moving, jumping, diving and grabbing, both you and your friends can pick this game up almost immediately.

What keeps the game fresh is the randomness of the obstacle courses. This ensures that every match yields different results. For example, you could get past the first round, but some of your friends might not. Even though this game does not solely require teamwork, you are without a doubt going to be shouting along with your friends as every player tries to scurry across the finish line. Fall Guys is a breath of fresh air, especially after playing other games which are mainly competitive and involves concentration. This is indeed one of the best online games to unwind with after a long day at work.

Price: $18.50
Available on: Steam

4. Call Of Duty: Warzone

Image Credit: Call of Duty

Similar to Fortnite, Call Of Duty recently released a battle royale game mode. Call Of Duty released it as a Free-To-Play game, and this resulted in more than 50 million downloads in the first month. In a game of Warzone, 150 players drop from an aeroplane into the playing area. They would then have to scavenge and find for guns and money to buy perks and shields to protect themselves. Every couple of minutes, the playing area will shrink and the last team that stays alive wins.

Call Of Duty is continuously listening to its audience and has been making changes to fit more casual players as well. In many first-person shooters or battle royale games getting killed means the end of the game. However, in Warzone, dying does not necessarily signify the end. As long as your friends are still alive, they can loot the buildings or complete objectives to revive you and bring you back into the action. This way, you and you and your friends can have longer-lasting games as you collectively navigate the enormous map, finding enemies to take out.

Price: Free
Available on: Call Of Duty

5. GTA V Online

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

Considered by many as one of the best online games ever made, GTA V Online is an open-world game where you control a character and carry out different tasks, or simply enjoy cruising around the city with your pals. Even though Rockstar Games released GTA V in 2013, this game was ahead of its time. The massive size of the map, quality of the graphics and even the amount of things you could do was unlike what other games at that time offered.

When playing the game, you would have two options – either playing it alone in the 30 hours plus campaign mode that has a fantastic plot or online with friends. In the online game mode, you can opt to participate in various heists with your friends. These heists are not easy to complete successfully; it requires pre-planning and effective coordination between your friends. However, pulling off the heist without getting killed or caught means that you bring back millions of dollars of in-game cash. You and your friends can then celebrate the success of the heist by splurging the money on new cars, clothes or even houses. With so many things you can do, and barely any rules in the game, GTA V with your friends will never get boring.

Price: $18.65
Available on: Rockstar Games

6. War Thunder

Image Credit: War Thunder

If you and your friends love old-school war games, War Thunder is the perfect game on game night. This Free-To-Play game is one of the most realistic World War games out there. From the classic MK 1 Bomber planes to the heavily armoured M24 tank, this game allows you to get in the shoes of a World War 1 soldier as you compete with your friends. Since this game is highly realistic, every kill or takedown gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. Unlike other games where it is easy to kill or take enemies down, this is one element that is earned in War Thunder. Proper team communication and critical thinking are vital, and the only way to assure success. This is especially true for the more challenging game modes like the realism mode.

The realism mode is catered to players with slightly more experience playing war games. If you and your friends have experience in similar games and want a challenge, this mode is apt for your gaming session. In this mode, the difficulty is significantly increased with your limited ammo and more severe damage penalties. With every mistake, possibly leading to death, this is one game that promotes discussion and compromise to reach their objective, eventually leading to a stronger bond.

Price: Free
Available on: War Thunder

7. Don’t Starve Together

Image Credit: Steam

Despite being unlike the other games on this list, this is one game you should try with your friends. Instead of competing against one another, this survival game requires you to work with your friends to survive. With up to 3 other friends playing with you, this game is ideal for learning about one another and using your strengths to stay alive.

To further spice this game up, there are different seasons you have to stay alive through – winter being the hardest. The harsh weather is not the only element that poses a threat to you and your friends; there are also monsters and night creatures that can appear anytime, trying to wipe out your campsite. The only way to be prepared is by stocking up on resources and guarding all areas of the camp. It would undoubtedly be a night of laughter as you team up with your friends and fend monsters off your property and valuables.

Price: $14.50
Available on: Steam


These games, without question, are going to keep you and your buddies occupied all day. Not only do these games encourage working together despite all the obstacles, but also build good memories in the process. So what are you waiting for? Get online and hop on these games with your friends!

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