Best Online Grocery Shopping App Singapore

Due to our busy lives and the current situation around the world, grocery shopping has become much more difficult than before. However, there are plenty of apps available to ensure that your favourite fresh ingredients are delivered right to your doorstep! Rather than waiting in line after a busy workday, you can use your phone to purchase all of the ingredients you need and have them delivered right to you.

Make your life easier by downloading these 6 best online grocery shopping apps in Singapore so that you can focus on other important things!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Amazon Prime Now

Image Credit: Amazon Prime Now

When it comes to convenience and ease of use, Amazon Prime Now has you covered as one of the best grocery delivery apps that you must have on your smartphone! Amazon Prime Now ensures that you never run out of milk, snacks, or even fresh produce in the house on the day before your child’s birthday party or an important anniversary. Their main features provide you with a free two-hour, same-day delivery window so that you can get all the groceries you need!

Amazon Prime Now also offers delivery for many different items and not just groceries. They provide deliveries of home essentials, toys, electronics, video games, beauty products, baby products, and so much more! With their free two-hour delivery, you will be able to receive the freshest ingredients you need without any fear. Available exclusively for Amazon Prime members, you can get signed up today for just $2.99 and receive Prime Now, Prime Video, and many other Amazon Prime benefits!

PriceFree ($2.99 for Amazon Prime)
Available OnApp Store & Google Play

2. Foodpanda – Local Food & Grocery Delivery

Image Credit: Foodpanda

For all things food and groceries, Foodpanda has you covered! Their wide variety of restaurants and supermarkets ensure that you will be able to get all of your favourite meals as well as fresh produce right to your front door. Whether you’re seeking same-day grocery delivery or looking to prepare a healthy meal, Foodpanda offers you plenty of options and alternatives to ensure that you get the freshest ingredients you need.

You can shop from over thousand of products on Foodpanda. From batteries, milk, detergent and more, Foodpanda also gives you online delivery without having to wait very long. From groceries to drinks, pharmaceuticals, health, and so much more, Foodpanda can deliver it all right to your home! Simply type in your address, pick your groceries, and they will deliver it all right to you. Foodpanda also offers special discounts and deals so that you can save on all of your favourite groceries and dishes!

Available On App Store & Google Play

3. FairPrice: Shop Grocery Fast

Image Credit: Fairprice

With the best deals nationwide, exclusive discounts, and an online grocery that you can always depend on, FairPrice is here to make your online grocery delivery possible. From plenty of household needs, including vegetables, meat, fresh fruits, wine, beers, milk, coffee, baby products, toiletries, and so much more! You can have them all delivered straight to your home within the convenient 2-hour timeslots.

FairPrice also offers plenty of ways you can save when purchasing from popular brands such as Huggies, Friso, Oreo, Tiger Beer, Nestlé, Häagen-Dazs and more. They offer a smooth shopping experience within the app, where you can easily create shopping lists, search for the products you need, and check out for fast delivery. FairPrice offers secure online transactions so that you never have to worry and offer recommended recipes, lifestyle tips, and more to help your family. Shop your grocery online with one of the best online grocery app in FairPrice: Shop Grocery Fast!

Available OnApp Store & Google Play

4. Lazada & RedMart – Online Shopping & Groceries

Image Credit: Lazada

Grocery delivery can be made simple with Lazada & RedMart! With all of your favourite items in a single place, including grocery deliveries, Lazada is the best grocery delivery app in Singapore you can download today. As the leading online supermarket shopping app, RedMart offers all of the online grocery essentials you need at the best prices possible! RedMart sources from all around the world to bring you the best quality food items such as seafood, dairy products, snacks, wines, beers, meat, vegetables, fruits, and many more!

As a RedMart new user benefit, you’ll be able to receive $60 off your first 4 orders. You’ll also be able to receive price-match promises for over 1,000 essential items, with widest selection of over 80,000 items across 1,000 local sellers. RedMart also offers quality that you can trust so that you’ll never make a regretful purchase. Download the Lazada & RedMart app today for easier grocery shopping!

Available OnApp Store & Google Play

5. Grab App – GrabFresh

Image Credit: Grab

GrabFresh, available on the Grab app, offers one of the best ways you can pick from your favourite groceries, and have them delivered right to your door at a scheduled time! As part of the Grab app that also features essential Grab car and taxi booking services, Grab also offers a way for you to receive food deliveries from all of your favourite restaurants and meals. With GrabFresh, you’ll be able to receive high-quality fresh ingredients, food and produce, as well as frozen products within an hour.

By partnering with HappyFresh, Grab is able to offer on-demand grocery delivery service to you so that you can continue to receive all of your household essentials without having to switch apps. Through GrabFresh, you’ll be able to choose from over 100,000 grocery products over 50 speciality grocery chains and large supermarket chains from the comforts of your home! Use GrabFresh today and receive the freshest produce straight to your home.

Available On App Store & Google Play

6. ezbuy – Global Shopping

Image Credit: Ezbuy

With all of your favourite essentials right at your fingertips, ezbuy makes it easier to have them all delivered straight to you! ezbuy makes hassle-free shopping possible thanks to its fast delivery with top products by your favourite brands. You can shop from over dozens of different categories to find what you need, including drinks & beverages, household essentials, food, fruits, alcohol, as well as many other pet-related food and supplies!

As a global shopping shop front, you can choose from a plethora of groceries, food, drinks, and meals all at your convenience, so that you never have to step out of your house! They offer products at an affordable price so that you can save on fees, costs, and so much more. If you are a new customer, ezbuy offers exclusive benefits off your first order so that you can join the ezbuy family for easier shopping. Why wait? Start your grocery shopping with ezbuy today!

Available OnApp Store & Google Play


With so many grocery delivery apps available, you too can stay safe at home and await your grocery delivery right at your doorstep! Convenience and simplicity are one of the significant features that all of the grocery delivery apps above have in common, which are essential when it comes to making sure that you can receive your groceries right on time. If you are looking to make your grocery shopping easier, you can choose from one of the 6 apps above and get started today!

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