Best Project Management Apps Singapore

Everybody has their own way of managing different projects. Some use their email inbox to manage tasks while others visualise their work better when they list them down on the calendar.
While it is perfectly fine on an individual level, it might not be the best method to go with when collaborating with various teams. You will require the use of project management tools that everybody can use to keep track of the projects, allowing for easier collaboration and keeping everybody in the loop.
In this post, we have compiled the top 7 choices for various purposes that are integrable, flexible, and best of all, free for unlimited projects.

Note: This list is not in order.

1. For visually managing projects: Trello (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Web)

Trello Project Management Apps Singapore
Image Credit: Trello

Trello is a pretty straightforward project management app that allows users to organise their projects using Kanban boards. Individuals can use Trello to plan out their projects and assignments on their personal board, while teams can use it to construct their project workflow with visual elements at every stage.
Some of the pros of using Trello is that it offers super customisable boards with unlimited power-ups, which are integrable features that helps to increase your organisation, collaboration, and productivity, as well as lots of templates to get you and your team started.

Business Review:

Susan Baker Farmer
Free version; personal use only. I absolutely love it. I am an inveterate list maker, and this works the way I think. I love my Tech Toys, but to-do lists have always been on paper. And that means carrying around a 6×9-ish binder, or starting Yet Another To-do List! But not any more!! ::HappyDance:: \\0// I have a board for each project area: genealogy, digital maintenance, needlework, etc. And each card is a bullet-point on one of a blue million scraps of paper with The List for today.

Jack Nedie
For creative projects, writing, planning and producing events – I have just come to appreciate this app so very much. Before Trello, I was using PowerPoint and then Google slides to organize my projects. It sounds funny but it was surprisingly effective. A slide for each scene in a play — attach research and notes to the slide. But team work was tricky, as not everyone had access to Microsoft products, and Google, although free, for some team members had a sizeable learning curve. Let’s be honest, PowerPoint isn’t always intuitive either. New users glaze over until you encourage them to get in and click around.

This app works in a similar way to what I have described; with boards and attachable cards, but it also has the additional benefit of being able to keep multiple projects working at the same time. In addition, you are easily able to create and work with teams. There is a great dashboard for all projects that keeps your complete organizational structure visible in ways that other Apps do not. It is easy to jump in and add a note, article, or web page whenever you trip across something you can use or don’t want to forget.

I have searched every App Store for a tool like this—something for the visual organizer that I am. I have finally junked my post-its and have been using it ever since. I also appreciate that it is so affordable.

Jen Lawyer
I was disappointment in Microsoft’s decision to phase out Wunderlist and even ore disappointed when I tried their replacement app, MS To Do. It lacked most of what I liked about WL. Also I’m Mac based and don’t want to use Outlook so whatever functionality exists for Outlook users doesn’t for me. I tried a couple of different apps, none of them were what I was looking for. Then I downloaded Trello. I’m using the free version currently and I am really thrilled so far. My life is complicated (I have a career, a family, I’m in grad school, and I have various creative projects going on at any one time) and Trello gives me a way to organize all of these different facets of my life really well. I haven’t had any of the freezing issues described in some other reviews but will update if that changes. So far I’m just really, really pleased.

Price:Their free plan already includes lots of features. However, should you have a bigger team and require more features, there are paid subscription that ranges from USD$5 to USD$17.50 per user per month.

2. For teams: Asana (Android, iOS, and Web)

Asana Project Management Apps Sg
Image Credit: Asana

Asana is a project management tool that enables you to break your projects down into sub-lists and sections, in addition to various dashboards to help you keep track of their progress. Basically, it works like a to-do list, allowing you and your team to rearrange, add, and complete the tasks on hand. Whether you are using it for your own work management or as a team, Asana allows you to automate certain tasks through integrating key project information with external applications.
Some of the pros of using Asana is its flexibility in managing projects between users and tasks. It also has a more focused My Task view, which allows users to dial in on what they have to complete.

Business Review:

Strand Sylvester
Great new Smartchips feature – makes my life a lot easier when trying to plan and organize my work.

Pauly Gillespie
Almost exactly what I was looking for. Tremendously flexible but with a lot of power behind it. Being able to visualize things in multiple different ways is an absolute game changer: lists are handy in some cases, but for my weekly planning being and to see a calendar view is perfect, and having a board is what I need when I’m not the only one doing stuff. Oh – and automating activity (like notifying me when someone changes a status)? Absolutely epic.

Joshua Lowe
Exceptionally efficient Android app, can also be used as desktop app, also can be used in web browser directly. Reviewing app: fantastic. Functionality is high enough to be customizable, but user friendly and intuitive enough to keep simple. Suggestion for designers: the “sort” function needs to be streamlined. I.e., it *does* work exactly as you tell it to, which is good. In my opinion though, you should be able to adjust the order of tasks/cards under a column with more ease when wanted.

Price:Their free plan allows for collaboration with up to 10 individuals and a bunch of strong features. However, if you have a bigger team and require more features, they offer paid subscription ranging from USD$10.99 to USD$24.99 per user per month.

3. For customised task views: ClickUp (Android, iOS, Web)

ClickUp Project Management Tools
Image Credit: ClickUp

Most free project management tools has limited number of task views, like a Kanban, calendar, or list view. If you want access to more views, they are usually a paid feature. ClickUp aims to bring something different. Users will have access to 11 types of task views, from mind maps to Gantt charts, as well as more than 20 different widgets that allows for more detailed tracking of projects.
Some of the pros of using ClickUp is its incredible customisability that comes with their free plan, unlike other apps that might require you to subscribe.

Business Review:

What’s 20 years working in corporate America, I have operated on a numerous number of platforms like Asana, meister task, and Base Camp, just to name a few. I will admit I did try downloading this once, but I looked kind of complex from the mobile app. But after wanted to try something new to manage my personal and professional tasks and goals, I gave it a whirl and dove into it had first and it’s mind blowing how many features you get even with the free version! It gives you a few automations, which is really nice for like auto assigning tasks to yourself, the web browser is very easy to navigate and I like the idea that you can tag all your favorites at the top to quickly navigate where you want to go. For an enterprise or an organization, needing a robust project management software, I could imagine any of the page versions being a ton of horsepower. For me personally the free version does more than I needed to do manage my own tasks. Thanks ClickUp you’re at the head of the pack.!

Mary F
One spot for project management for ALL my tasks associated with my business and CLIENTS. ClickUp has reduced the noise in inbox by allowing me to have client portals where 95% of client communication is housed. My Virtual Assistant and I have streamlined our SOP’s in ClickUp too! Everything from: Social Media posts Email Funnels Podcast marketing and more Customer Support is top-notch. I’ve only had to contact them 2-3 times and the response was timely and they resolved my issue within 24 hours. We use Click up DAILY in my business and I really don’t know how I managed my business before!

Jenni Monaghan
Dealing with unmanaged ADHD and a short memory span, I have been using clickup via the mobile app and desktop site for about 6 months. That’s a much higher “stick-to-it” than I have found with anything else. On a personal level, it has been amazing to help me structure my day and remember all the things for work, home, and volunteering. The widget on my phone home screen is helpful, but doesn’t update often enough. I just wish there was a tile for my Samsung Galaxy watch!

Price:Their free plan already includes lots of useable features that can be found in the paid plans. However, there are limited use for certain features. If you are looking for unlimited use of every features and you have a bigger team, they offer paid subscription ranging from USD$7 to USD$12 per user per month.

4. For spreadsheet-like features: Wrike (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web)

Wrike Project Management Tools Sg
Image Credit: Wrike

If you are one of those people who works best with spreadsheets and excel files, then Wrike might be one of the best project management apps to work with. They allow users to update their task’s status at various intervals – completed, cancelled, on hold, or in-progress. Additionally, you are able to set the project’s status according to red, yellow, or green, making it visually easier to keep track of them.
While their free plan allows you to do a lot, their top features, such as custom dashboards, Gantt charts, and time tracking, are only available on a paid subscription.

Business Review:

Samuel G
For me it has been a great platform for project management and tracking progress Very easy to understand and support team is always active and helpful Great tool for collaboration

I recently changed fields and my new role uses Wrike, I have been learning the in’s and out’s. I love how you can @ someone. I like how each area you maybe assigned to can be looked at by sections. This is a program that is used every day by me and my co workers to stay on track. I was not here for the Integration / implementation of WRIKE so i can not comment. I have used customer support in getting into Wrike stars, they were friendly fast and very helpful.

Rashid E.
Wrike is one of the best project management tool which enables one to create tasks and folders assigning tasks to carry out schedule of the task. It intergrates with many applications and makes it easy to use. It has all the basic features needed to create a project and can be set up quickly. Their customer service is of satisfactory.

Price:Their free plan allows unlimited users to manage unlimited projects. However, it has quite a limited number of features compared to other free project management tools. If you have a bigger team and require use of more features, they offer paid subscription ranging from USD$9.80 to USD$24.80 per user per month.

5. For building a customised app: Airtable (Android, iOS, and Web)

Airtable Project Management Tools Singapore
Image Credit: Airtable

Airtable is for users who have tried every project management app possible and still have not found the one. With Airtable, users build their own project management system. The app has a default view that looks identical to a spreadsheet. Users can choose from one of their project templates or build one from scratch.
The pros of using Airtable is that it is highly customisable. While the learning curve might be steep in the beginning, the final result can be surprising. Airtable allows users to customise every single element, from the view type and methodology to the minute details, such as data validation, field type, and column headers.
They also have a Marketplace in which users can have access to more than 80 apps that can enrich, analyse, and integrate their projects, or build their own customised apps.

Business Review:

Kim H.
Love it. Works perfect for keeping my craft stamps, embossing folders and stencils categorized by my needs. Description and photos most helpful. Nice layout. Pretty easy to use. Have no issues save being able to have basic edit options with photos, just turning them right side up would be helpful. Otherwise no complaints at all.

Patty Johnston
Fabulous app for any type of tracking, whether it’s gardening or selling. I love it.

Very versatile. very quick to set up yet has powerful features. big deal is the ability to access over different devices.

Price:Their free plan allows for up to 5 users as well as unlimited projects. However, if you have a bigger team and require more features, they offer paid subscriptions ranging from USD$20 to USD$45 per member per month.

6. For agile software development teams: Jira (Android, iOS, Web)

Jira Project Management Apps Sg
Image Credit: Jira

During the initial sign up, the onboarding process will pose a couple of questions to understand the projects, deadlines, and level of experience with various methodologies. After which, Jira will recommend the best-fitted project template and methodology.
Jira is a project management tool that caters to users, especially engineers and developers who uses other development tools, such as Jenkins, Sentry, GitLab, and GitHub. Jira allows for the apps to integrate with one another, boosting efficiency of tracking and updating backlogs.

Business Review:

Keoki Ah Lo
Does what I need it to do when I am needing quick access from a mobile device. Dark mode, comment, edit, create, log time, it’s all there on the fly. Works great, thanks devs!

Jeniriana H R.
As a regular user of Jira, I find the live collaboration capabilities to be one of its most important features. When actively involved in projects, the real-time information delivery and collaboration capabilities of the platform have changed the way our group communicates. The ability to see progress and changes to the same project instantly gives you the ability to make decisions quickly. I find the integration features of the Jira system to be extremely useful. As someone who uses the app on a daily basis, I can easily link it with different authoring tools, which has significantly reduced the amount of work we have to do. This not only saves me time by reducing the need to enter data by hand, but also ensures a more consistent and unified experience. I found the Scrum and Kanban cards to be most helpful.

Raj S.
Manage tasks, user stories, sprints, and epics very easily. Purchase the plan and go live in 5 minutes. In the marketplace many templates and integrations are available or all major tools used by developer teams.

Price:Their free plan includes access for up to 10 users with unlimited project boards. However, if you have a bigger team and require more features, they offer paid subscriptions ranging from USD$8.15 to USD$16 per member per month.

7. AI project management tool: Height (Android, iOS, Mac, and Web)

Height Project Management Apps Sg
Image Credit: Height

With AI being the thing in this day and age, Height is the next project management app to consider in terms of integrating AI into your workflow. While it may not be the first app that has AI-enabled features, there are features that Height stands out from the competition.
The company is in the process of launching Height 2.0. However, even in the first version of the app, there are features, such as generation of a catch-up summary of a task’s chat history, creation of sub-tasks from chat messages, and auto-detection of duplicating tasks, suggestion of task improvements.

Business Review:

Nick Noble
Height is the best project management tool, hands down. I’ve tried all the others and the only thing that comes close is Linear, but it leans heavily towards scrum / agile and task entry is slow.

Height has the fastest task entry experience, best collaboration experience, and the only use of LLMs in a product that didn’t feel tacked on or a novelty (it’s genuinely useful and they keep making it better).

Amir Baloch
Height is one of the greatest app for task and team management. The slick UI and UX is brilliant with minimalistic details. This app focus more into work done without any waste of your precious time. Highly recommend this app for small and startup teams. Also can be used for personal work/tasks.

Wesley Matson
I really love that everything you can do has a keyboard shortcut and appears in the command pallette

Price:Height offers an extremely generous free plan that includes many features and unlimited user access. It is adequate for most people. However, if you require more features, they offer paid subscriptions ranging from USD$6.99 to USD$11.99 per member per month.


To be honest, most online project management tools are marketed as free but are not exactly free – you cannot manage all your projects unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. However, they can fulfil what they are supposed to help you achieve without spending anything.
So, do not hesitate to use them to boost your workflow and collaboration. And, if you so decide that it is beneficial for your team, subscribe so that you can maximise your productivity.

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