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In this age and era, technology has advanced drastically, providing us with travelling apps which are incredibly beneficial when it comes to planning a trip overseas. With the help of these travel apps, travelling overseas is much easier.  From communicating, to navigating, to sourcing for the perfect place, these travel apps have it all!

Here are the best travel apps to aid in your vacation, so be prepared to start downloading!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Airbnb

Image Credit: Airbnb

Tired of staying in hotels? Try something new and book home rentals via the Airbnb app! Airbnb connects travellers like you with people who are interested in renting their apartments out, allowing you to rent individual rooms, or even an entire apartment from them, the locals. With the app, you can easily filter results based on the price, home type, requisite amenities and more.

Not to mention, once you’ve made a booking – access your bookings under the “Trips” tab, where you can communicate with the host directly or even make changes to your reservation. This gives you the opportunity to know more about the choice of your stay and clarify any questions with your host right from the very beginning. Additionally, you can check in with the host about the most popular activities to be done – these can include hikes, concerts, scuba diving, wine tasting and much more! After all, what really matters at the end of the day, is your preference. On top of that, use this chance to make friends with your host and feel at home.

Available OnApp Store or Google Play

2. Hopper

Image Credit: Hopper

Save a lot more and source for the cheapest flights with Hopper. This mobile-only app monitors flight prices, allowing you to track these flight prices, giving you periodic updates on when it’s ideal to purchase an air ticket. Moreover, what’s valuable about this app is how it predicts prices with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance, giving you specific dates as to when the price will likely increase.

Besides, Hopper has helped 30 million travellers with their trips around the world, saving more than $1.8 billion – so, it’s time for you to be the next one! From adorable bunnies who’ll inform you the best time to buy, to our sweet Fair Bear who’ll compile all sorts of important information in the fine print – know that you’re always in good hands when you book with Hopper! With their app, enjoy free booking, secured payments, and zero ads – so, start hopping anywhere with Hopper and have a relaxing vacation ahead.

Available OnApp Store or Google Play

3. Hotel Tonight

Image Credit: Hotel Tonight

If you’re a last-minute traveller, Hotel Tonight is ideal for you. This app allows you to book hotels on the same evening or up to seven days (or even up till 100 days in some markets) right before your stay. The available hotel rooms are nicely categorised into categories like basic, luxe, charming and high-roller. Best part? This app offers astounding and fantastic last-minute rates, something hard to find on most platforms.

Meanwhile, other valuable features of this app include being able to save favourite hotels, scrolling through reviews and user-generated photos. There’s even a daily drop feature you can take advantage of – where you’ll find a personalised deal upon swiping, with a special price valid for only 15 minutes after unlocked. Last but not least, Hotel Tonight offers an extensive loyal program too, where you can gain access to perks like cheaper rates, a free in-app concierge and credits!

Price Free; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store or Google Play

4. Triplt

Image Credit: TripIt

When organising your trip and planning your own itinerary, the chances of a messy one is high, so you can’t forget Triplt. Triplt ensures everything is in place, decluttering your itineraries and documents, keeping them organised and neat all in one place. Once you’ve set your reservations, you can automatically send them to Triplt, which will then allow you to view things like travel confirmations, tickets, hotel and Airbnb information, flight itineraries, rental car reservations and even driving directions.

Triplt presents information in an easily comprehensible manner which is beneficial to whoever who needs to know what your travel plans are, whoever has to pick you up from the airport, or anyone else who needs to coordinate with you. With a master itinerary, travelling is made more manageable. Handle the booking from anywhere and let Triplt take it from there!

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store or Google Play

5. Packpoint

Image Credit: PackPoint

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming, but Packpoint removes all the stress. This app organises what you need to pack based on the length of your travel, weather at your destination, along with the other activities planned during your trip. All you have to do is install the app, type in the country or city you’ll be visiting and plug in your travel details.

If you’ll be staying in a country for long and have access to laundry facilities, Packpoint even allows you to account for washing your clothes and wearing them multiple times. A unique feature is how PackPoint creates a personalised website for your packing list so when you’re travelling with your friends, share the link with them, so they’ll know what to pack too. Never forget an item again and start packing with Packpoint now!

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store or Google Play

6. Timeshifter

Image Credit: Timeshifter

Jet lag might be an issue for you if you’re always travelling. Don’t fret though – let Timeshifter, the app developed by world-renowned scientists, aid in this issue by helping you to avoid jet lag long before your flight takes off, along with offering in-flight and post-flight suggestions.

Tapping on neuroscience research about sleep and circadian rhythms, Timeshifter provides personalised recommendations for each individual traveller, taking into account your gender, age, sleep patterns and specific details about your trip and travel plans. How  does it work? It’s as simple as taking small actions at specific times. Timeshifter maps out when it’s the right time to seek or avoid light or when you should take a nap or stay awake. Adding on, it even suggests when you should consume caffeine and melatonin. Together with Timeshifter, you can fight jet lag and never have to worry about it anymore!

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store or Google Play

7. Google Translate

Image Credit: Google Translate

Communication is key! When you’re overseas, communicating with the locals might be a huge hassle, and this is where Google Translate comes in. Google’s free service instantly translates into 103 languages simply by typing. You can also use handwriting, where you draw characters and texts instead of typing, on the app in 93 languages.

But the most fascinating feature from Google Translate will really be how it offers a camera translation in 37 languages – where all you have to do is point your camera and snap! From signboards to posters, capture any text you see and the app provides you with an instant translation. Moreover, a two-way instant speech transition is also available in 32 languages, so you never have to worry about communication again. Besides, with icons at the top of the app for you to click on to draw, snap a photo, speak or type, the countless features definitely makes Google Translate extremely user-friendly.

Available OnApp Store or Google Play

8. Google Maps

Image Credit: Google Maps

Google Maps is another must-have when you’re visiting a new place, or perhaps even when you’re in your own country. This web mapping service offers satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps and 360° interactive panoramic views of streets. Other features include offering real-time traffic conditions, and route planning by travelling whether it’s by foot, car, bicycle, air and even public transport.

In some selected cities, you may even see how crowded your subway is – making it many times easier to know when’s the right time to move around! On top of that, Google Maps allows you to make restaurant reservations, save your favourite spots and write reviews. Only thing you have to do on your end is ensure that you’ve downloaded a specific city or area map ahead of time for offline access as you never know when you’ll be without the internet at your destination. With these features that Google Maps provide – you’ll be able to travel around smoothly and conveniently for sure!

Available OnApp Store or Google Play

9. Triposo

Image Credit: Triposo

Drop the bulky guidebook and let Triposo take charge. Mining information from a large number of high-quality web sources, Triposo sources for the best places to travel, shop and dine all across the world. You can read more about the background of a city, safety tips, the current weather and more.

Besides, Triposo isn’t just one of the best travel apps which provide you with information about the top attractions in a particular country or city – but it also tells you about the hidden gems that’ll make your trip memorable! Using the app you may also book restaurants, hotels, tours and activities with a fuss-free process via the app. Tapping on artificial intelligence, Triposo helps you find exciting things to do across 50,000 destinations and 3 million points of interest. You’ll never miss an attraction, plaza or monument.

PriceFree; Offers In-App Purchases
Available OnApp Store and Google Play 

10. TripWhistle

Image Credit: Trip Whistle

When travelling, securing an excellent stay and having a fun-packed itinerary shouldn’t be the only things on your list to check off – undoubtedly, your safety should be taken care of too! And that’s where the TripWhistle comes in – it’s dedicated to keeping you safe, providing you with emergency contacts across the globe. Many do not know, but 911 is not universal, and each country has its own emergency number. Designed to hold more than 70 emergency contacts in more than 196 countries, TripWhistle provides you with the emergency numbers for firefighters, medical personnel and police right at your fingertips.

This app also visualises the in-depth details of the place and location you’re at, mapping it. Therefore, you’re allowed to text or send your friends and family your exact position in longitude and latitude immediately. Not forgetting, there are no ambiguities or complexities involved while using the app. So when you’re facing an encounter overseas, call from the app directly with just a tap!

Available OnApp Store


The travel apps in the above list will serve you well, so remember to set aside space in your phone for them! Consider packing speciality devices too as you never know when you’ll want to capture or the gears you’ll need. Now that you have everything settled on your checklist – it’s time to go out, have fun and most importantly, stay safe!

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