Best iWatch Series 5 Singapore

If you’re looking to get a new watch, look no further. 

Back with an upgraded version, the iWatch series 5, the fifth-generation model of the Apple watch, has an Always-On Retina display which never sleeps, making it easier for users to see the time and important information. Despite the many smartwatches popping up, Apple still manages to make their watches feel new and innovative. How does Apple do it?

While the new iWatch series 5 looks similar to the past mode, there are new and improved features inside this piece. Let’s take a look at the special features this watch provides.

Overall Specs

OS: watchOS 6 | Compatibility: iOS | Display: 1.57″ / 1.78″ OLED | Processor: Apple S5 | Band sizes: Varies based on watch size | Onboard storage: 32GB | Battery: Up to 18 hours | Charging method: Wireless | IP rating: Water-resistant to 50m | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE

Each iWatch series 5 (GPS) starts at $599 and iWatch series 5 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $749.

Always-on Retina display

Image Credit: Apple

Out of the many features the new Apple Watch Series 5 offers – the always-on display has to be the best advancement worth talking about. Each watch face is carefully optimised for the new display, diligently following the motion of the wrist. When a user’s wrist faces downwards, its screen automatically dims to conserve battery life, returning to full brightness pmce ,pre with a tap or raise. Not to mention, the specially calibrated OLED display allows you to read the watch in direct sunlight – no matter the brightness level.

Numerous state-of-the-art technologies work hand in hand to bring in this brand new feature, comprising the sector’s only ultra-low power display driver, low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO), new ambient light sensor, and efficient power management.

This incredible combination allows the iWatch Series 5 to provide 18-hour battery life all day long.

International emergency calling

Image Credit: Apple

With an added personal safety while you’re on-the-go, users with cellular models of the iWatch Series 5 will now be able to make complete international calls when in need of emergency services to more than 150 countries, regardless of the original location the device was bought from.

This feature also detects falls, where an emergency call will be automatically made when the device senses the user has fallen and stays motionless for approximately a minute.


Image Credit: Apple

The updated location feature on the iWatch series 5 presents a new compass application – providing users with more extraordinary navigation tools to utilise for the whole day.

The brand new built-in compass and updated Maps enables users to see the heading, incline, latitude, longitude and current elevation. In other words, this live compass acts as a physical compass in a digital stage. With the iWatch series 5, you’ll be sure to not lose your way!

watchOS 6

Image Credit: Apple

The watchOS 6 comes with new health and fitness features, comprising the new Cycle Tracking application which lets users easily log vital information regarding their menstrual cycle, predicting the timing for their next period and fertile windows, utilising the convenience of the iWatch series 5.

The Noise application allows users to better understand the ambient sound levels in different environments which might negatively impact hearing. Not to forget, watchOS 6 brings dynamic new watch faces that include Solar Dial, Modular Compact and Meridian, which are easily customisable for easier and quicker access to one’s favourite applications.

Apple Watch Studio

Image Credit: Apple

For the very first time, users have the opportunity to pick their preferred case and combination which suits them best, giving their iWatch series 5 a personal touch, creating their unique look.

One can opt for an aluminum 40mm GPS or LTE version, or even upgrade to the 44mm version. At the same time, you can also decide on your preferred band and materials – consisting of options like ceramic and titanium. As a user of the iWatch series 5, you have complete power over the way you want your watch to look like.


Undoubtedly, the features the Series 5 Watch provides, will definitely spice up your outfit and lifestyle. So, add this accessory to your bag!

Be ahead of time with the Apple Watch Series 5.

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