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Best Camera Shops Singapore

People generally love taking pictures. Whether it’s an elegant meal in a 5-star restaurant, an aesthetic outfit of the day, or a breathtaking sunset scenery by the beach, people love capturing almost every beautiful thing they see. Cameras play an important role in determining the quality of pictures people capture. For professional photographers, investing in a high-end camera is a must. For the amateurs, on the other hand, cheap and low-end camera brands can already do the magic. Regardless of whether you’re a professional or an amateur, a good camera is something you must gift yourself with.

There many types and brands of cameras out there. If you’re a photography enthusiast who’s planning to buy a new camera this year, then you’re on the right page! Here’s a list of the best camera shops in Singapore where you can get your next photo companion.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Click Cameras

Click Cameras
Image Credit: Click Cameras

Click Cameras is one of the most popular camera stores in Singapore. It is owned by Max Photo, which is a 30-year company known for its honesty, integrity, excellent sales and after-sales service, and competitive prices. It is one of the leading names in the camera industry not just in Singapore but in entire Asia. What makes Click Cameras widely known is its wide variety of camera products you cannot almost find elsewhere.

From DSLRs and video cameras to bags and memory cards, you can find almost everything camera-related at Click Cameras. Not only will the store provide you with what you’re looking for, but it will also help you determine what you need as a photographer. In short, Click Cameras will give you informed choices. More so, they will go the extra mile to offer you the best prices possible.

Customer Reviews

Hit U

They deal in many photography brand like Canon, Nikon, sony, Olympus, Leica. I often visit this shop as they offer many types of tripod especially Leofoto ones. Location is very convenient, it is in 3rd floor of the Cenrepoint Orchard.

Clarence Tan

Helpful staffs. Patiently answered all my queries.

Website: https://www.clickcameras.com.sg/
+65 6226 7226
Location: Funan Digitalife Mall, 109 North Bridge Road, #04-15, Singapore 17909

2. P & G Photography Centre

P & G Photographic Centre
Image Credit: P & G Photographic Centre

P & G Photographic Centre is a trusted camera shop in Singapore that has been in the industry for over 30 years now. It is best known for its professional and friendly customer service that aims to give the customers an experience they will not forget. For more than 3 decades, the shop has been constantly supporting photographers from all levels, whether professional or amateur.

If you’re looking for a camera shop with excellent service that can truly help address your needs, P & G Photographic Centre is one of the best choices. This store believes in friendship over the business. It will provide you with whatever types of camera you need, and it will help you resolve whatever issues you have with your current camera. The repair and modification services at P & G Photographic Centre are truly reliable and quite affordable. With this shop, you can ensure that your camera is in good hands.

Customer Reviews

HY Ong

They helped to repair 3 vintage cameras of mine, all with different issues. The quotation was done upfront when I brought the cameras in. They are very friendly and professional. The older shop owner called me during the repair to explain the issues he found with each camera and how he fixed them. He did not ask to add on to the quote/pay more, which can happen with some shops. Very good service throughout. I will definitely trust them to repair my other cameras.

Fara Ghazali

Best place to get pre-loved camera equipment. They service and repair cameras too. Very friendly staff.

Website: https://pgcameras.co/
+65 6837 0696
Location: The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #B1-04, Singapore 179803
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 1PM-7.30PM | Closed on Sun

3. eDSLRs

Image Credit: eDSLRs

eDSLRs is a Singapore-based one-stop camera shop that is complete with all the cameras, tools, and equipment needed in photography. It is formed by a team of passionate professionals who are dedicated to providing their customers with the right solutions to their photography, videography, and imaging needs. These people are specialists who are extensively trained in camera products, so you can be sure about the quality of solutions delivered to you.

Whatever types of photography, videography, or imaging needs you have, eDSLRs can help you solve them. The shop offers a wide range of products perfect for both professional and amateur photographers. Here, you can find cameras, drones, lighting and studio equipment, monitors, tripods, lens, accessories, microphones, recorders, and more. These products are generally offered at competitive prices, and their quality is surely top-notch. Shipping does not also take long, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for your purchases.

Customer Reviews

Patrick Chong

Great shop that has everything a photo novice to a professional needs. Staff are extremely knowledgeable, polite & you can really trust their recommendations & judgements if u need an advice.

Zoey Tan

Great place with great prices to buy camera gear. Owner is nice and does not ‘cheat’ or pressure you to buy. Thanks eddy for the patience and demonstrating of various gears! Highly recommended place to go for photographers!

Website: https://edslrs.com/
+65 9863 0868
Location: Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Rd, #06-02, Singapore 188504
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

4. Ocean Camera Gadgets

Ocean Camera Gadgets
Image Credit: Ocean Camera Gadgets

Ocean Camera Gadgets is an online camera gadgets retailer based in Singapore. It sells a variety of camera gadgets and accessories at affordable prices. Cameras, flashes, lenses, tripods, LED lightings, and studio strobes, they can all be found in this store. It is an authorized dealer of numerous esteemed brands, such as Yongnuo and Feiyutech. This camera shop essentially aims to provide genuine and high-quality camera products to its customers at the best prices possible.

As proof of its excellence as a camera gadgets retailer, Ocean Camera Gadgets boasts of 100% positive reviews from its clientele. Its customers generally love the quality of products and services the store offers as well as the customer-oriented warranty, cancel and returns, and shipping policies it enforces. As a matter of fact, Ocean Camera Gadgets is the official photography equipment supplier for numerous studios and companies in Singapore, including Singhealth Group, Ministry of Education, and NEC Company.

Customer Reviews

Lyndon Johnson

Excellent communication and service. Fast secure delivery. Hope to buy from them again. Many Thanks.

Eileen Kimmy

Second time purchasing with them and still as happy as before, with their services and speed in replies.

Website: https://www.oceancameragadgets.com/
Location: Aljunied Industrial Complex, Blk 623 Aljunied Rd, #02-09, Singapore 389835
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Divesea

Image Credit: Divesea

Divesea is the top choice for a camera store if you’re into underwater photography. It is considered one of the best underwater photography online stores both inside and outside Singapore. It provides various stuff and accessories for all its customers’ underwater needs. its main aim as a business is to bring excellent quality underwater photography equipment that meets the needs of each of its customers at the lowest possible prices.

Some of the accessories and equipment you can find at Divesea are adapters, batteries and chargers, clamps, dive computers, lights, strobes, trays and handles, underwater housing, and wet lenses. The team behind this photography shop is composed of professional divers who are passionate about underwater photography too, so you can be sure that they know what you need. Aside from their expertise, the affordability of the products sold at Divesea is also one of the reasons why many people love it. Here, you can get the best equipment you need at the best value of money.

Customer Reviews

Te Shan Liang

Impressive equipment for dive photography and video. Possibly the best-stocked dive shop for photography in Singapore. Good pricing.

Mohamed Rifshan Shaheem

It’s the best place to buy underwater photo and video equipment in Singapore. The staffs are very good and they all are underwater photographers so they know what they are talking about Fairuz is a great guy.

Website: https://divesea.com.sg/
+65 6957 1151
Location: Agrow Building, 90 Lor 23 Geylang, #01-03, Singapore 388393
Opening Hours: 12PM-5PM Daily


A camera is a great gift either for yourself or your loved ones since almost everyone loves taking pictures. Indeed, investing in a good camera is a wise thing to do whether you’re a professional photographer or just an amateur. Good cameras take good pictures, and good pictures bring back good memories all the time.

If you want to preserve great memories through photography, don’t hesitate to buy yourself a high-quality camera. There are plenty of camera types and brands you can choose from. There are also many camera stores out there to help you find the best photo companion that suits you. The stores mentioned in this article are some of the best camera shops Singapore has for all photography enthusiasts. Go check them out and set your next photo journey now!

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