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Best Mesh Wifi Singapore

Are you tired of lags and slowdowns every time you try to surf the internet? Do you want to enjoy streaming your favorite television series without buffering anywhere you go? If yes, then getting mesh wifi for your home or your office is exactly what you need! Mesh wifi is basically a wifi system that consists of a main router that connects directly to a modem and a series of satellite modules or nodes placed around the house or office for full wifi coverage.

There are plenty of advantages that come with using mesh wifi. For one, it eliminates the cost of installation wires in complicated areas, and it ensures accessibility to the internet wherever one goes. If you want to fully maximize your internet connection, getting a mesh wifi system is the best thing you should do. To help you, here’s a list of the best mesh wifi in Singapore you can avail of for a smoother web connection at home or in your office.

1. Tenda

Image Credit: Tenda

Tenda is a well-recognized supplier of networking devices and equipment both inside and outside Singapore. It was founded in 1999 and for more than 2 decades, it has committed itself to the delivery of easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions to its numerous clients. It offers innovative and cutting-edge products that help people realize the beauty of smart living. As a company that centers on innovation, Tenda puts so much effort into research and development in order to continuously come up with breakthrough products that change the way people live.

Among the products offered by Tenda are home networking, business networking, switch, broadband CPE, gateway, powerlines, mobile broadband, IP camera, and more. Its series of Home Mesh Wifi Systems is one of the latest and most popular product lines of the company today. These mesh wifis provide customers with a fast and consistent wifi experience wherever they are in their homes. The Nova MW6 Mesh Wifi, for example, can cover your home up to 6,000 square feet with strong signals. It is powered by cutting-edge Wave2 MU-MIMO technology, and it also comes with Beamforming technology for better signal strength.

2. Challenger

Image Credit: Challenger

Challenger is a homegrown consumer electronics chain that has been delivering quality electronics solutions to the Singaporean market for over 37 years. It serves more than 500,000 ValueClub members across 40 stores nationwide. If you are looking for the latest IT gadgets and lifestyle products and services with guaranteed durability and reliability, Challenger is the place to go! Its online marketplace offers more than 50,000 products that come only from trusted brands in various industries.

When it comes to networking products, Challenger has several great offers. The Linksys Velop Whole Home Mesh Wifi System is one of the latest networking solutions you can find at the company. This mesh wifi has a fast and easy setup using the Linksys application on iOS and Android devices. It is a tri-band technology that delivers the fastest combined wifi speeds to numerous devices. It transfers data 10x faster than Fast Ethernet, and it is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Website: https://www.challenger.com.sg/
+65 6586 7733
Location: Challenger TecHub, 1 Ubi Link, Singapore 408553
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. M1

Image Credit: M1

M1 is a telecommunications service provider based in Singapore. It is the country’s first digital network operator that provides a suite of communications services, including mobile, fixed line, and fiber offerings, to more than 2 million customers. Since its launch in 1997, the company has been able to achieve many firsts already, including becoming one of the first operators to be awarded a nationwide 5G standalone network license and the first operator to offer nationwide 4G service.

In its effort to constantly provide its customers with world-class network solutions, M1 continues to deliver breakthrough products and services. Its suite of Whole Home Wifi solutions, particularly, provides exceptional wifi coverage throughout any home, regardless of size and structure. These mesh wifis work effortlessly, providing flawless, ultra-fast, and full-strength signals. Include in this suite of mesh wifis is the Asus Lyra Trio, which can cover multi-story homes up to 5,400 square meters. This system uses multiple wirelessly connected hubs to deliver fast and secure signals all throughout one’s home.

Customer Reviews

Yuan Sheng Wong 

Staffs were very friendly. They also knew their products, promotion and packages well. Very patient in answering the questions.

Tan Poon

M1 is a TELCO communicating mobile shop and served customers with utmost care and knowledge of technology.

Website: https://www.m1.com.sg/
Location: Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd, #04-31, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Daily 11AM-9PM

4. Best Denski

Best Denski
Image Credit: Best Denski

Best Denski is a Japanese electronics retailer that has outlets in several other countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The company constantly develops new retail concepts, such as multimedia-oriented era outlets, information-based exchanges, and housing-related specialty shops, as it continuously expands its operations. Moreover, it keeps on upgrading its existing stores in order to meet the diversifying needs of its constantly expanding network of clients.

When it comes to electrical and electronics products, Best Denski is one of the retailers you can trust out there. The company only sources from durable and reliable brands to ensure the continued satisfaction and trust of its customers. If you are looking for mesh wifi to install into your home, Best Denski offers the Deco M5 Wi-Fi System by TP-Link. This system can create seamless wifi in every room of a house and can independently work up to 1,500 square feet. It is powered by Trend-Micro, and it comes with a bundle of anti-virus, parental controls, and QoS for seamless protection on the wifi network.

Website: https://www.bestdenki.com.sg/
+65 6270 8080
Location: Hersing Centre, 23 Tampines Street 92, #01-00, Singapore 528892
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Netgear

Image Credit: Netgear

Netgear is a networking services provider that delivers the best tools and solutions people need to keep their residential and business customers connected, productive, and satisfied. It provides home connectivity, home media, security and automation, and mobile solutions to its many customers across the globe. As a leading company in terms of networking services, Netgear continuously strives to turn various ideas into innovative networking products that connect people, empower businesses, and improve the way people generally live.

Orbi is one of the best and most popular products offered by Netgear. It is a Whole Home Wifi System that delivers a fast and reliable wifi connection without dead zones and lag. By using Netgear’s Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wifi Router (RBR20), you and your family can stream at high quality without buffering wherever you want. It is easy to set up and use, and it streams with super fast speed on any and all types of devices.

Customer Reviews

Kenneth Chua

The Netgear Orbi is great, no more dead zone. The guys in the support team are really good and know their stuff, able to do video calls regarding setups and answer all my queries. Solid work.

Keng Nien Yeo

Finally set up my Orbi RBK50 to be connected directly to my Singtel ONT. The staff is very helpful and willing to go through the setup process with me step by step. Thank you for the help and the wifi coverage in my house has improved.

Website: https://www.netgear.com.sg/
+65 88164879
Location: Mountbatten Square, 229 Mountbatten Road, #02-36, Singapore 398007
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


There are really plenty of benefits that come with the use of a whole-home wifi system or mesh wifi. Not only will it ensure a smoother and more seamless internet connection for you and your family, but it will also provide you with better coverage so you can enjoy streaming videos or scrolling through social media whichever part of your house or office you are in. Indeed, in comparison to traditional routers, mesh wifi minimizes dead zones and reduces the chances of connection failure more in order to give you a better internet experience.

Mesh wifi systems are increasingly becoming popular these days. You can find one almost anywhere you go. But if you want one that can give you the best internet experience, Tenda, Challenger, M1, Best Denski, and Netgear are the stores or companies you should be visiting. They offer the best mesh wifi you can find in Singapore!

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