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Working in front of a computer monitor for 9 hours can be very exhausting. Indeed, several negative implications come with being on the computer for very long hours. Not only will it possibly affect your eyesight, but it can also strain some of your muscles, especially if you are not practising good ergonomics. Luckily, plenty of tools and equipment are also created to make your worktime more comfortable and convenient. One of these tools and equipment are monitor stands.

A monitor stand is equipment designed to hold a computer, laptop, notebook, and other display devices. It helps in maintaining proper posture while you are working on your tasks. If you want to significantly improve your work experience and enhance your workspace, getting a monitor stand is something you should do! This article lists down some of the best monitors stands you can find in Singapore.

1. Funky.SG

Image Credit: Funky.SG

Funky.SG is a Singapore-based gift shop specialising in providing its customers with the latest trendy gadgets at the best possible deals. It sells on various platforms, such as Qoo10, Lazada, Shopee, Carousell, etc. Established in 2010 initially as Funky Chargers, the main goal of the company’s founders was to create a shop that brings electronics products at very affordable prices to the masses. Funky Chargers used to be one of the leading pioneers that introduced power bank products at below $10 when their market prices were many times higher. Today, Funky.SG continues this goal by constantly bringing unique products that are well within the budget to the consumers.

One of the products that you can buy at Funky.SG is a two-level monitor stand that comes with storage or a drawer. Priced at $16.90, this monitor stand has an elegant design suitable for any decoration style or any workshop. It is easy to install, and it does not need any screwdriver or screws to be secured. What is more, this monitor stand ensures the correct height of the screen to prevent strain on the neck and back, thus ensuring constant comfort while you work.

Contact: +65 9696 6372
Location: LTC Building C, 14 Arumugam Road, #05-01A, Singapore 409959
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Swee Lee

Swee Lee
Image Credit: Swee Lee

If you are looking for a studio monitor stand, Swee Lee is the shop you should be visiting. Swee Lee is a musical instrument store based in Singapore, serving the Singaporean music market for more than seven decades. It first began its journey in 1946, supplying brass and woodwind instruments to the military. After several years, the company has unsurprisingly managed to establish itself as one of the leading multi-brand retailers of music products not just in Singapore but in the entire Asian region.

Being a world-class retailer, Swee Lee is complete with all the things you and your studio need. If you require a monitor stand, particularly, the company has the best product to offer you. The MONO Studio Monitor Stand is a solid work of art that looks elegant and strong enough to support your studio monitor. This order comes exclusively in a pair of stands made of industrial-grade anodised aluminium, an advanced material used similarly in MONO pedalboards. These stands come with rubber pads under the base to ensure their sturdiness while reducing unwanted vibrations, so you and your colleagues can focus on making your music.

Customer Reviews

Jumahat Leman

Great store! Well versed, attentive and helpful staff. They are there when needed and give you space to browse around at your own pace and time. Will always visit this store. Good work, guys and gals!!

Raihan Angullia

Friendly staff answered queries well and got my product fast.

Contact: +65 3163 5618
Location: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-07/08/09/10, Singapore138617
Opening Hours: Daily 10AM-10PM

3. Home n Office

Home n Office
Image Credit: Home n Office

Home n Office, as its name suggests, is a Singapore-based provider of home and office solutions. It delivers a comprehensive range of stationery, office products, and gifts to consumers and corporates through retailing and e-commerce. Its product range includes basic stationery, copier paper, computer accessories, toners, ink cartridges and gifts. Aside from providing quality stationery and office products, Home n Office also delivers excellent related services, including photocopying, digital printing, scanning, binding and lamination. Over the years, the company has built an outstanding reputation as a reliable supplier with a great customer base covering individual consumers, middle-sized enterprises, large corporations, and more.

As a complete home and office solutions provider, you can expect a variety of essential products offered at Home n Office. If you are looking for a monitor stand for your study room or office, you can be sure to find it here. One of the monitor stands sold by Home n Office is the Kensington SmartFit Monitor Stand. This stand will align your monitor with your eyes to help reduce eye and neck strain. Priced at $63.30, this monitor stand has a modern construction and colour to complement any decor. It has a weight capacity of 36kg, and it requires no tool for setup.

Customer Reviews

Glen Tay

Thanks for the blazing fast delivery.

Location: 4 Changi S Ln, #07-01/02, Singapore 486127

4. Horme Hardware

Horme Hardware
Image Credit: Horme Hardware

Horme Hardware is considered one of the largest Home Improvement and DIY hardware suppliers in Singapore. It has evolved from the restructuring of Homely Hardware, a household name in the country’s hardware industry. From being a humble DIY hardware store, the company has managed to become a leader in providing hardware and DIY solutions to many consumers and corporates both inside and outside Singapore. Today, the company already has four trade centres at Ubi, Changi, Buroh, and Woodlands. It is now an authorised supplier for the government sector in GeBiz covering “Domestic Equipment & Supplies” and “Hardware & Tools” with S8 financial grade.

Horme Hardware has an extensive selection of hardware and DIY products you choose from. If you need something that can improve your working space, the 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand offered by Horme Hardware might be the very thing you are looking for. This monitor stand has a contemporary design with stacking columns that can raise a monitor from 1 inch to 5 7/8 inches in increments of 1 5/8 inches to an ergonomically correct level. It also features extra-wide 16-inch storage space underneath to maximise desk space. Priced at S$65, the 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand is great for laptops, printers, and monitors up to 40lbs.

Customer Reviews

Sai Guek Lee

The price was good. Ordering was a breeze. Delivery was punctual & correct.

Yilun Ong

Excellent service and product knowledge!

Contact: +65 6840 8888
Location: Number One Building, 1 Ubi Crescent, Singapore 408563

5. Ergotron

Image Credit: Ergotron

Ergotron is a household name not just in Singapore but also across the globe when it comes to ergonomic products. For almost four decades, the company has been at the forefront of designing innovative products that help improve employee health, comfort, and productivity. In 1982, this company earned patents on some of the first ergonomic tilt stands, mounting arms, and desk stands. Ergotron helps create office and even home environments that promote wellness, productivity, and efficiency through its patented ergonomic products.

Ergotron has a wide variety of products, all aimed at improving the way people work. From monitors and keyboards to monitor arms and stands, almost everything ergonomics-related can be found here. If you are looking for an excellent quality monitor stand, Ergotron has a diverse selection for you. One of the best units of monitor stands is the Neo-Flex Monitor Stand, which has a light touch and can raise or lower your screen through a 5″ (13 cm) height range. It is a flexible stand that can position your monitor up and down for your ideal height, and it lets pan, tilt, or rotate your screen as you work.

Customer Reviews

Cherry C

It’s reassuring to deal with a company that still believes service means something…

Contact: +65 640 261 38 or +65 969 256 18
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Practising good ergonomics is essential, primarily if you are used to working in front of a computer monitor for long hours. Indeed, too much computer screen time can have several adverse effects on your posture and health. To avoid these negative effects, practice good ergonomics and invest in tools and equipment that can help improve your workspace. One of these things that you should be investing in is a monitor stand.

Many benefits come with using a monitor stand. It saves your eyesight, prevents you from straining your muscles, and enhances your overall work experience. You can find a monitor stand in many stores and companies. But if you want a monitor stand that combines a stylish design with high functionality and effectiveness, Funky.SG, Swee Lee, Home n Office, Horme Hardware, and Ergotron are the ones you should give a call to! They have the best monitor stands in Singapore you should be using to improve your work experience and your workspace.

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