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Best Nintendo Switch Games Singapore

Since a significant number of people are homebound, many have turned to countless sources of entertainment to fill their time while staying safely at home. Regardless of your age, one of it includes the Nintendo Switch!

Having been established as the console of choice for casual gamers, you can access an innumerable number of games at your fingertips – with just one console. But if you’re new to the world of Switch, you might be wondering which games to invest your money and time in, especially since there’s so many.

Not to worry though, because that’s precisely why we’re here! With this list, we aim to shed light on some of the games essential to casual gamers. Read on to find out more about the top switch games to play, as we feature where you can get it online at competitive prices.

Take note that the prices listed are accurate at the time of publishing.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

 1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image Credit: Nintendo

Get a breath of fresh air without stepping outside of your home by escaping to a deserted island through Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Create your own paradise as you explore what your island getaway has in store for you. You can spend your time productively by searching for natural resources across the island to craft items, or hunt down insects. And if you need a break, rest and rejuvenate at the beach as you watch the sun set.

Once you’re done making a home out of your island, invite your friends over to show it all off! You can even make friends with the charming animal residents, each with a unique personality. Take Tom Nook and Isabella, for instance; the moment you’re well-acquainted with them, you can expect their services that can help foster a warm community. With Animal Crossing, unleash your creativity and wonder as you explore, discover and create!

Price: $71.30
Available on: GameBusted

2. Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum ‘n’ Fun!

Image Credit: Nintendo

Do you remember the drum game you’d often see at the arcade? Now, you can play this classic arcade rhythm switch game from Japan, anytime you want with your Switch console! This game can even double as an interactive and intense arm workout by using the Joy-Con controllers in the motion control setting. Or, you can play it up to your liking by using the touch screen or standard button controls. Either way, the fun won’t be compromised!

Set your eyes upon familiar characters like Kirby, to help power up your drumming skills! Taiko no Tatsujin features over 70 songs, such as Super Mario Odyssey, Disney, Anime soundtracks and many more. Thanks to their New Party Mode, you can connect with multiple controllers to play with up to four people through 20 rhythm-based challenges with two difficulty levels. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to swing away as you try your best to coordinate to the beats of the music!

Price: $58.00
Available on: GameTubeSG

3. Just Dance 2020

Image Credit: Nintendo

As one of the ultimate Nintendo Switch games in Singapore, Just Dance 2020 has over 500 songs for you to groove along to. BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love, Billie Eilish’s bad guy – you name it! With this game, you can keep the dance party going for your family and friends to enjoy. Similar to a music playlist, you’re free to curate your own dance playlists based on the wide selection offered. The software will even recommend you matching songs based on your preferences!

If you’re tired of leading a sedentary lifestyle, then Just Dance 2020 can be the game to get you up and moving. Get competitive by challenging your friends to a dance-off with their co-op mode, as you dance to attain the highest score! Not enough Joy-Con controllers to cater to your group of up to six friends? No problem. Simply download the app on your smartphone to track the dance moves!

Price: $45.90
Available on: Qisahn

4. Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe

Image Credit: Nintendo

Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe has raced its way to becoming one of the best switch games in terms of kart racing, making it a must-have game for all Switch owners. Having been in the gaming scene since 1992, you can now race anytime, anywhere with this newly-enhanced version of Mario Kart™. To illustrate, it has over 42 characters for you to choose from, making it by far the biggest selection in the entire series!

Live life o     n the fast track, with over 48 different courses! Set your sight upon familiar ones, inspired by Excite Bike™ and the Legend of Zelda™ series that is sure to invoke a small tinge of nostalgia among Nintendo players. And as you wind down the lane, get an edge over your fellow racers with up to two powerful items! If you’re no stranger to the Mario Kart™ series, then this new and improved series might strike a chord within you.

Price: $68.90
Available on: sunhou.sg

5. Super Mario Party

Image Credit: Nintendo

Race your way across the board with the goal of collecting the highest number of stars in a series of board games, through Super Mario Party! With up to 80 minigames featuring exciting challenges with clever uses of Joy-Con controllers, there’s fun for everyone. But if you aren’t sure where to start, begin with the following games, as recommended by Nintendo: Sizzling Stakes, Slaparazzi, Smash and Crab, Trike Harder, Bumper Brawl and Fuzzy Flight School.

Whether you play it solo or with friends, this Nintendo Switch game allows you to party as you’ve never partied before – all from the comfort of your own home, or wherever else you are. You can choose from 20 characters, including Mario, of course! Accommodating to a maximum of four players, take turns to roll the dice as you challenge your way to first place.

Price: $71.90
Available on: Hoppy Games

6. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Image Credit: Nintendo

Move aside Mario, it’s Luigi’s time to shine. With Mario and his friends missing, you and Luigi are the only beacons of hope to save them. But there’s a catch, you’ll need to help Luigi overcome his fears as the both of you make your way across this haunted mansion. Don’t worry though, as you’ll have adequate pieces of equipment with you, such as the brand new Poltergust G-00 that’s used to vacuum up ghosts!

Before the timer buzzes, stretch yourself to the limit by trying to defeat as many ghosts as you can. Regardless if you’re playing it solo or with friends, you can’t help but get sucked into the atmosphere skillfully set by the creators, through the eerie music and ghoulish interior design. Between Luigi and Gooigi, it’s up to you to help determine who’s the best team of ghost hunter via this popular switch game.

Price: $64.90
Available on: Qisahn

7. Overcooked! 2

Image Credit: Nintendo

Chaotic kitchen? We’re not talking Hell’s Kitchen-tier, but it’s close. Go out of the frying pan, and into the fire with Overcooked! 2. With a new threat, it’s time for you to go back into the kitchen to satiate the hunger of the Unbread! Allowing up to four players, you can play with or against each other as you attempt to achieve the best scores.

As you do your best to coordinate with the other players, you’ll find your heart racing as you race to beat the timer while completing your mission. Whet your appetite as you travel across the world with a range of new recipes from a variety of cultures, from sushi to pizza. While you do your best to remain calm amid the panic, don’t forget to feast your eyes upon the breathtaking sights as you whisk away to new locations.

Price: $35.00
Available on: Qisahn

8. The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild

Image Credit: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild lives up to its name. As you step into a world of adventure, take a breath of fresh air as you forget everything you knew about the previous The Legend of Zelda games. This acclaimed series breaks new boundaries so you can have a refreshing and unique experience throughout this stunning Open-Air Adventure.

With the availability of this switch game in Singapore, you can take it anywhere as you venture the kingdom of Hyrule any way you prefer. By climbing up towers and mountain peaks in search of new destinations, it’s up to you to create your own path as you step into the woods. But with so much land to cover, you’ll have to earn assistance in the form of transportation options! Even as you soar through the sky with your paraglider, know that the sky’s not the limit as you fight for your kingdom.

Price: $73.90
Available on: GameBusted

9. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Rescue Team DX

Image Credit: Nintendo

From wanting to catch them all, what if you woke up one day as a Pokémon yourself? Well, you’re about to find out with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon™: Rescue Team DX! Instead of battling Pokémons and keeping them in pokéballs, you have to recruit new teammates and form a rescue team. Then, you can take on the challenge, in the form of mysterious dungeons as you battle your way to making the Pokémon world a much, safer place.

If it’s your first time playing this game, there are features to assist you in controlling your Pokémon to ease your journey through the dungeon. But if you end up getting defeated, be rest assured knowing that there are other players who can help rescue you! While you uncover the reason behind your strange awakening, you might even discover your true purpose along the way too.

Price: $69.90
Available on: Qisahn

10. Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Image Credit: Nintendo

Crash Bandicoot is back – this time, in the driver’s seat! Get your engines up and running with Crash™ Team Racing Nitro-Fueled as you immerse yourself in the authentic CTR experience. With over 56 characters, 40 tracks and 40 karts, you’ll definitely feel spoilt for choice as you compete for your way to the top. Who says you can’t race in style? Turn your swag on and stand out by customising your ride and racer!

Stay engaged and highly competitive as you keep track of yours and your friend’s rankings through the online leaderboards. The competition is undoubtedly fierce, but that just means that there’s no time for you to get distracted. Bring your racecar to its maximum potential as you stay focused throughout the twists and turns of the racecourse. So, if you’re looking to excite your time at home, then check out this game.

Price: $52.90
Available on: Qisahn


As the Nintendo Switch is one of the most sought-after gaming consoles, why not fill it up with any of the fantastic games as mentioned above? Despite its high prices, you can have peace of mind as you know that quality of gameplay won’t be compromised. It’s like paying for what you get, but instead, you’ll attain maximum enjoyment out of your purchase. Nevertheless, we hope you’ll find a game that interests you!

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