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The constant purchasing of batteries is ill-advised for both the environment and an individual’s finances. Standard batteries include chemicals that can have adverse effects on the surroundings of Singapore. Perpetual repurchase of batteries can be overwhelmingly expensive compared to rechargeable batteries.

A rechargeable battery is a reusable power source that can be refilled with power when depleted. It usually lasts a certain number of times until the life span of the rechargeable battery is completely over. Here is a list of our top 5 picks for the best rechargeable battery in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.


Image Credit: Ikea

Ikea is a reputed worldwide organisation. The brand is located in several countries across the globe, with multiple locations in each nation including Singapore. The establishment has been operating for more than half a century and is known for being a leading provider of furnishings and home solutions with a vast amount of choices to choose from. It is not a surprise that Ikea sells products such as rechargeable batteries as well. The organisation’s main goal was to be a quality provider of a plethora of products at a friendly rate.

The company giant Ikea, who holds branches in Singapore, offers a rechargeable battery that can come in varying sizes and specifications. They are a supplier of rechargeable batteries and different chargers that are compatible with the product as well. Singapore residents who choose to purchase a rechargeable battery from Ikea have the option of buying in-store or can opt to have it delivered to their preferred destination.

Customer Reviews


A lot of valuable items, low price. Good products.


Nice big place to get cheap and workable furniture and household needs

Contact: +65 6786 6868
60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764
317 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159965
 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #02-12/13/14 #03-15/16/17, #04-20/21/22 , Singapore 608549

Opening Hours: Hours differ for every outlet

2. Mouser Electronics

Image Credit: Mouser Electronics

Thousands of well known establishments have flocked to the services of Mouser Electronics. Founded in the United States of America during the 60s, the company has grown to various locations in strategically notable cities including Singapore. Currently, there are more than 2500 staff under the employ of this organisation. The length of operations Mouser Electronics has served in the industry is a testament to the fact that the company is a quality product supplier and an organisation that is passionate about the betterment of its clients.

Mouser Electronics has an extensive list of rechargeable batteries under its belt. The brands are not limited to local products in Singapore but several internationally reputed battery brands. Both for rechargeable battery types and standard ones. Mouser electronics provides an extensive list of the description and availability of these rechargeable battery types for the Island of Singapore.

Contact: +65 6788 9233
Location: Tampines Plaza 2, 5 Tampines Central 1, #04-05, Singapore 529541
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Sony

Image Credit: Sony

Sony is another reputed tech giant that has branches around the world including Singapore. Sony takes its roots from Japan, wherein the company has had small beginnings but has become an organisation with thousands of employees under its umbrella over the years. The organisation has created several quality products ranging from televisions, cameras, and the world-famous gaming platform, which has won the hearts of adults and children alike, known as the Playstation, over the years.

The rechargeable battery offered by Sony in Singapore can be categorised for regular use or for cameras. The rechargeable battery for cameras is only compatible with specific models which interested clients in Singapore can view on their website. The standard rechargeable battery is meant to be used for everyday gadgets in Singapore, such as the television remote or other standard devices which require batteries.

Customer Reviews


Went in for customer service… got attended to quickly and was a good experience overall.


Lovely concept store for you to experience the best of sony products.

Contact: +65 6634 9497 | +65 6778 8980 | +65 6341 9945 | +65 6546 2567 | +65 6261 0784
Location: 3 Gateway Drive Westgate Singapore, #01-39, Singapore 608532
435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria,  #03-01 and #03-01A, Singapore 238877
23 Serangoon Central,  nex Shopping Mall, #03-21,  Singapore 556083
313 Orchard Road, Central Orchard, #02-28 Singapore 238895
65 Airport Boulevard Terminal 3, #02-62, Singapore 819663
Opening Hours: Hours differ for every outlet

4. The Stationery Shop

Image Credit: The Stationery Shop

Built to be a one-stop-shop for all essential office supplies, including a rechargeable battery, The Stationery Shop is an organisation headquartered in Singapore which was founded during the early 90s. Delivery of supplies purchased from their website takes around three business days to fulfill. For those who cannot wait for this period, The Stationery Shop allows clients to pick-up from the stores premises. The organisation recommends purchasing their products via their website as they offer discounted rates or special promos, which may lead to overall cheaper prices than their physical store.

The Stationery Shop’s rechargeable battery can be ordered solely without charger or with a charger. This grants flexibility for the rechargeable battery to be purchased at a cheaper rate which may be more appealing for consumers in Singapore.

Customer Reviews


All stationery available


Good Quality stationary is available

Contact: +65 6299 3757
Location: Inno Centre , 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #04-19, Singapore 159836
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Powerpack Industries

Image Credit: Powerpack Industries

Powerpack industries is a company specialising in battery solutions. Founded in 1991, the establishment emphasises providing reliable yet optimal products that can suit the portable battery needs of Singapore businesses. Powerpack Industries has a proven track record of working with organisations in different sectors. Government and private institutions included. In fact, the establishment has worked in defence projects with the government wherein they are the battery supplier for military use.

The Singapore based establishment supplies two categories of rechargeable battery types which are made out of Li-ion or nickel. These rechargeable battery types are available for all uses in Singapore, including industrial, depending on the model. Both rechargeable battery types can perform function at a high level while being safe to use for Singapore businesses.

Contact: +65 6872 0526
Location: 194 Pandan Loop, Singapore 128383


While initially a steeper cost compared to a set of traditional batteries, a rechargeable battery pays off in the long run. It is handy for Singapore establishments that require constant use. Not only does it benefit from savings from a financial standpoint, but a rechargeable battery is also much more efficient to a standard set of batteries. The use of a rechargeable battery can significantly impact the environment of Singapore for the better.

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