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The iPhone has been and still is considered as one of the top phones everywhere in the world including Singapore. Not only because of its branding but for the innovations, performance, and quality Apple has been able to establish on its iPhones year after year. Unfortunately, due to the nature and popularity of the product, it comes along with an expensive price tag. There is however, another option Singaporean buyers may utilise to avail the device at a cheaper price. This option being the purchase of a refurbished iPhone.

What is a refurbished iPhone you may ask? A refurbished iPhone typically refers to a device which has been pre-owned but returned usually due to defects which is then repaired and put back up for sale. However not all vendors for refurbished iPhones in Singapore classify their items as once having been defective. There are some vendors who categorise returned items due to change in preference as refurbished.

There are a few drawbacks when purchasing a refurbished iPhone in Singapore. Since the item was pre-owned and repaired, there may be a few scratches on the unit. Moreover, the latest models would not be available for sale as a refurbished item as it takes a long time to identify defective units with the addition of having it repaired. Warranties are commonly non-existent or limited to a short period of time only. But for those who are able to wait and accept a few minor physical issues to avail of a much cheaper rate then perhaps a refurbished iPhone may be for you. There are many vendors for refurbished iPhones in Singapore so we’ve created a list of who we think are the top 5 vendors to help you narrow down your search.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Mister Mobile

Image Credit: Mister Mobile

With a wide array of branches throughout the country Mister Mobile is not only a trusted seller of refurbished iPhones in Singapore with a total of a total of more than 1500 positive reviews for their service but is also known for their mobile repair services with many positive online reviews. Their distinct yellow can be found in areas such as Geylang, Hougang, Woodlands, and in Jurong. Available seven days a week staying open even on certain holidays.

Customers of Mister Mobile will be pleased to know that walk-ins and waiting in line are unnecessary for their branches. Prior contact via email or text can be done to book an appointment. The company regularly updates their website to showcase their several available listings of both used and brand new phones eliminating having to approach the actual store to check inventory.

Customer Reviews


Very professional, and helpful team. They will give you the best advice even if it means you pay less or nothing at all, highly recommended!


Contacted their hotline ahead of time to reserve my preferred device. Device was ready when I arrived and Jun ensured that the transaction was smooth and prompt. Kudos to the team at Mister Mobile!

Contact: +65 9223 0410
Location: Geylang Branch: City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, #01-67A, Singapore 409286; Hougang Branch: Hougang Green Shopping Mall, 21 Hougang Street 51,  #01-27 Singapore 538719; Woodlands Branch: 305 Woodlands Street 31, #01-71A Singapore 730305; Jurong Branch: 132 Jurong Gateway Road, #01-275 S600132
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-9PM

2. Gadgets Galaxy

Image Credit: Gadgets Galaxy

The Singaporean enterprise is known for their IT disposal services, which promises to take care of the ending life span of an organisation’s electronic assets, a surprisingly common issue several companies in Singapore face in the modern era. Gadget Galaxy emphasises on accomplishing safe and environmentally friendly disposal made through the set standards of their company, regardless of the high number of asset disposals they process every year.

Gadget Galaxy is not only limited to the removal of IT assets but also known for selling other in demand items such as pre-owned Laptops, electronic gadgets, and the ever so popular refurbished iPhones. Furthermore, customers can opt to trade in or sell their old electronic devices or gadgets to avail for an even bigger discount when seeking to purchase a refurbished iPhone.

Customer Reviews


Highly recommend this shop for its service and very detailed in providing information.


Friendly people, fantastic prices if you camp long enough

Contact: +65 9770 9178
Location: Oxley Bizhub 2, 62 Ubi Road 1,  #01-10 S408734
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM

3. Red White Mobile

Image Credit: Red White Mobile

Competitive prices and boasts as being one of the cheapest vendors for IT gadgets in Singapore. Unique in the fact wherein customers are able to acquire a mobile phone without having to tie in with tedious and long term contracts due to their business model which utilises purchasing devices in bulk orders. The purchase in bulk provides the company the ability to offer clients with an extremely low rate compared to its competitors and an installment package which can range from half a year to three years depending on the model of the phone. Most of their refurbished iPhones are even given a 2 week warranty.

In addition to these services, Red White Mobile allow customers to sell their phones online with estimations already posted on their website. Should a model of a phone not be listed, interested parties who wish to avail of the service can messaged the website directly.

Customer Reviews


Great and cheaper than average handphone shop. Very good service.


Such a good service center and shop

Contact: +6735 4811
Location: North Bridge Centre, 420 North Bridge Road, #01-20 (S)188727
Opening Hours: 11AM-9.30PM

4. Reebelo

Image Credit: Reedbelo

Reebelo offers a variety of refurbished iPhones which range from older models such as the iPhone 7 to the iPhone XS and the 2020 iPhone SE. Their website is neatly organised and sorted properly into different categories. Most often their items posted online are on sale with discounts which can reach almost as high as seventy percent compared to the running retail price of a brand new phone from the store.

The website also offers a description of the quality and condition of the device, letting customers know what to expect when deciding to click in for a purchase. Unlike several other vendors of refurbished iPhones in Singapore, they offer a large selection of iPhone models assuring availability of the listed product which are also readily on hand in a variety of colour ways.

Customer Reviews


Collection and payment was fast and convenient.


I bought a phone in ‘excellent’ condition and the cosmetic condition of the phone that arrived was absolutely flawless. It was packaged well and I couldn’t find a single mark on it. The battery health was about 83-85% so was at an acceptable level for a refurb. Definitely will be buying from here next time.

Contact: +65 3129 2433
Location: 128 Prinsep Street, #01-01Singapore 188655

5. Why Mobile

Image Credit: WhyMobile

A reputable retailer in Singapore with a long experience in the market of refurbished iPhones and has been in the industry for more than ten years. The establishment started as a group of friends who had experienced being scammed and vowed to pursue a business together to help prevent future customers such as themselves from enduring the same challenges they had faced when making a purchase.

The organisation centres itself by granting customers peace of mind through conducting trustworthy transactions for both brand new and often deemed riskier refurbished mobile phones. While perhaps even priced at a reasonable level, it is sometimes a misconception for cheaper prices to mean a reduction in quality, yet this is untrue in the case of Why Mobile who provides quality for both refurbished iPhones and brand new iPhones .

Customer Reviews


Great quality of mobile phones, you can get brand new and used phones. Service is great too! Try it here.


My order came really fast. As good as buying a brand new iphone except at a much affordable price.

Contact: +65 6733 6881
Location: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #03-126
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 1PM-9PM


Item availabilities for vendors of refurbished iPhones in Singapore vary due to the number of returns and repairable items the enterprise is able to process.  Additionally, a few refurbished iPhones may be cheaper in one area versus another but supplement the difference in price with a better trust rating. The purchase of a refurbished iPhones may not be the preference of every Singaporean, but it is still a great alternative should a customer be seeking to purchase a quality iPhone at a discounted price. For many, the appeal of a much lower price tag can far outweigh the appeal compared to a brand new one.

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