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Best Router Singapore

As the world continues to enter into the digital age, the internet has likewise become increasingly essential, universal, and powerful. Nowadays, almost all people from around the world are already connected to the internet. Indeed, being connected to the internet brings a lot of benefits in terms of communication, information sharing, researching, and more. These days, some people cannot almost live without the internet.

Because of the convenience and ease that the internet provides, having an unstable internet connection is probably one of the worst things to happen nowadays. Interrupted connections are a common occurrence, and there can be several reasons behind this. For one, having a terrible router can greatly affect the quality of your connection. A router is basically the network device that sends information from the internet to your personal devices like computers, laptops, or mobile phones. It’s the one providing the WIFI to your devices. If you’re looking for a good router that will solve your internet connection issues, then this article is for you! Here’s a list of the best router in Singapore you can use for a better internet experience.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Netgear

Image Credit: Netgear

Netgear is one of the leading vendors of internet products in Singapore. It provides the most modern and updated products for both home and business network connections. For home connection, the company has advanced yet easy-to-use products that will help your family get that regular movie night you want to have without buffering. For business connection, on the other hand, Netgear offers networking, storage, and security solutions without much IT cost and complexity.

When it comes to internet products, Netgear sells affordable yet reliable routers that can provide fast and top-rated WIFI connection. Some of the best routers sold by the company are the AC1750 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WIFI Router, the AC1750 Smart WIFI Router, the AC3200 Tri-Band WIFI Router, and more. Netgear promises to offer only the fastest wireless routers in the world. It provides you with a wide range of options that meet each of your home networking needs.

Customer Reviews

Kenneth Chua

The netgear Orbi is great, no more dead zone. The guys in the support team are really good and knows their stuff, able to do video calls regarding setups and answer all my queries. Solid work.

Zong Yan Estaloco

Good customer service! Easy setup too.

Website: https://www.netgear.com.sg
Contact: +65 6856 0788
Location: 178 Paya Lebar Road Singapore, Singapore 409030
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Avanca Technologies

Avanca Technologies
Image Credit: Avanca Technologies

Avanca Technologies is one of the leading solution providers in Singapore that offers innovative and firm networking products and solutions in areas such as Device Networking, IT Management, Audio over IP, Automation, Industrial Ethernet Switches and Media Converters, and Industrial Wireless M2M. The company is composed of highly qualified technical experts, so you can be sure about the quality of the products and services that it delivers.

In terms of internet products, Avanca Technologies also has a large selection of technologies you can choose from. The company works closely with the world’s leading manufacturers in order to provide a wide variety of Industrial 4G Modems and Industrial 4G Routers to its customers. These modems and routers are all industrial-grade, reliable, and easy-to-use for everyone. Some of the best modems and routers you can find at Avanca Technologies are the Robustel R2000 Industrial Dual SIM Cellular VPN Router and the Robustel M1200 Smart Industrial IoT Gateway.

Website: https://avanca.com.sg
Contact: +65 6242 5108
Location: Solstice Business Center, 23 New Industrial Road, #07-06/07, Singapore 536209

3. D-Link

Image Credit: D-Link

D-Link is a world leader when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice, and data communications solutions. Established in 1986, D-Link currently has more than 90 global offices providing quality communications solutions to people in North America, Asia, and Europe. The main competence of the company is in Ethernet connectivity. As a matter of fact, the company is considered a global leader in providing network connectivity solutions to numerous businesses, whether big or small.

As a leader in network connectivity, D-Link ensures that it provides its customers with only the most reliable and price-worthy products as well as services. When it comes to routers, the quality of the company’s offers is truly top-notch with impressively fast WIFI speed. If you’re buying from the company, some of the best products you should consider are AC1200 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router, the AC750 Dual-Band WI-FI Router, and the N300 WI-FI Router.

Customer Reviews

Anuj AG

Great brand and stable network products.

Vim Vim

My mobile router got problem, the service center replaced one for me although it is not from the new box, as long as it is functioning, I will be happy enough, by the way, the staff is very polite and courteous.

Website: https://www.dlink.com.sg
Contact: +65 6774 6233
Location: Tower 2, The Strategy, 2 International Business Park Road, #05-27/28, Singapore 609930
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Win-Pro

Image Credit: Win-Pro

Win-Pro is an IT service provider in Singapore that offers guidance in computer systems. It is a consultancy firm that helps businesses translate their strategies into viable technological solutions. With over 26 years of experience in the industry, Win-Pro is sure to deliver the highest standards of IT services to its large clientele. Among these services are the IT Support Helpdesk Services, Cloud Server Hosting and DNS, Enterprise System Integration (SI) Solution, and FTP Hosting Services.

When it comes to internet products, Win-Pro chooses to partner with the Ubiquiti Wireless Network in providing seamless WIFI solutions to its clients. This network solution boasts a number of great features for its products, including modern design, enterprise-grade, scalability, easy management, and affordability. Among the latest roster of products offered by the network is the UniFi AC Pro AP, which is perfect for the deployment of maximum-performance wireless networks.

Customer Reviews

Boon Hooi

Got some computer IT stuff from Win-Pro. Got my orders right and delivered to me. Still using them to date. Keep it up, guys.

Jack Qi

You will never go wrong with Win-Pro! Premium quality, competitive price and professional services. 100% recommend!

Website: https://www.winpro.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6717 8729
Location: Inno Centre, Blk 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #05-17, Singapore 159836
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. EnGenius

Image Credit: EnGenius

EnGenius is a pioneer when it comes to long-range, high-powered wireless communications and radio frequency solutions. It started in the industry as early as the 1990s, and today, the legacy of the company as a reliable networking and telephony solutions provider continues. In terms of networking, the company boasts an impressive portfolio of networking solutions that include an extensive line of managed and unmanaged wireless solutions, gigabit switches, and IP-based surveillance systems.

To be consistent with its reputation as a trusted networking solutions provider, EnGenius provides its customers with a carefully chosen roster of networking products that fit their every need. EnGenius’ EnMesh Whole-Home Wi-Fi System is a superior quality product that can cover your entire home or office in high-speed and reliable wall-to-wall mesh wireless connection. This product is perfect for everyone who’s always on the internet, as its high-performance connectivity does away with dead spots and buffer lag.

Website: https://www.engeniustech.com/
Contact: +65 6227 1088
Location: 215 Henderson Rd, Singapore 159554
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Having a bad internet connection is indeed one of the most annoying and frustrating things that can happen nowadays. As the world increasingly becomes digital, people would want to be connected to the internet all the time. These days, being online means being up to date. For this reason, it is important that you use a good router if you wish to improve your online experience.

There are plenty of routers available to be brought out there, and there are also many companies that are willing to supply you with one. But if you really want to have a stable internet experience, you need to pick your router carefully. Buy a router that is cost-effective and that comes from trusted and reliable sellers. The companies mentioned in this article offer some of the best routers Singapore has for all online users. They are the ones you should check out if you no longer want to experience the frustrations of having an unstable internet connection.

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