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The use of a wifi mesh setup has become an increasingly popular trend in Singapore. A traditional Singaporean home usually incorporates a wifi system that consists of a single centralised point such as the router which receives the internet and distributes it over a single wireless signal. Devices are then able to connect to this particular wifi signal thus granting them internet access.

However, by utilising a wifi mesh set-up, multiple wifi points are generated and distributed over the set area. The main difference between the traditional router set-up and one which incorporates the use of a wifi mesh is the number of internet access points, with the wifi mesh providing a dedicated internet connection via multiple decentralised wifi signals. These signals work together to provide an expanded area of connectivity and are seamlessly routed to link your device to connect to the strongest available wifi. The listed companies below are our picks on the 5 best organisations who provide wifi mesh products in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Asus

Image Credit: Asus

Asus is a brand most closely linked to its advancements in the gaming industry with motherboard, laptop, and gaming products constantly featured at the top of the charts. The company was founded on 1989 and headquartered in Taiwan however it was able to establish its popularity in other continents such as North America by being able to provide quality products which had received numerous positive reviews from its consumers.

While Asus is more renowned for its other products, the organisation is still a tech company which seeks to makes advancements in other areas, the wifi mesh line as well. Asus currently has two types of wifi mesh available which is suitable for home use or for heavier advanced network purposes. Both were designed to eliminate dead spots that are common in a traditional wifi set up.

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Top Quality!


2. D – Link

Image Credit: D-Link

D- Link is a Chinese tech corporation based in Taiwan focused on network and connectivity products such as routers and wifi mesh. The company has won multiple awards and has over thousands of employees under its banner spread over multiple countries worldwide. D-Link aims to make the world a more convenient place through advances in technology. The organisation is taking steps to turning this into a reality by creating network solutions which are efficient in energy consumption, adaptable and easy to implement within existing businesses, and secure from malware.

Unlike most of its competitors which specialises on other product lines, D-Link is a company focused  in the manufacture and development of network and connectivity solutions granting it a strong competitive edge not only in terms of experience but in also having a larger selection of different types of wifi mesh readily available.

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3. eero

Image Credit: eero

This wifi tech company was recently acquired by Amazon on 2019 . The company started off as a small venture which specialised in selling wifi mesh products and was sold via a number of channels such as the e-commerce platform Amazon and at big name retail shops. During this time, competition for wifi mesh products were still considered pretty weak meaning eero is not just considered as one of the best in the market but as a pioneer of the industry as well.

Eero provides products which are targeted for personal at home use and flexible enough for houses of varying sizes such as small, medium, and large areas. Their products also come with security features which update regularly, removing the need to purchase additional software which may come up as an added cost.

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Simple to set up and it works great!!!!


New inovative Home Network System


4. Linksys

Image Credit: Linksys

Linksys is another tech manufacturer headquartered in California, USA. This organisation had been acquired by CISCO during the year 2003 and then sold to Belkin approximately a decade later after its acquisition. The brand concentrates on the fabrication of security cameras, routers, switches, and other network devices. Linksys may be considered to have been overshadowed by its competitors over the recent years however the brand is still recognised as a strong company when it comes to wifi products.

The settings of their wifi mesh are accessible via mobile app, allowing admin users to assign controls to different enrolled devices such as limits on data usage or restricting entry to certain websites. Other features include setting up a separate wifi for guest entry and the ability to designate faster speeds to priority users.

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5. Samsung

Image Credit: Samsung

The Korean giant is one of the most well known brands in the tech world. The company started from humble beginnings where the first electronic item it produced was a television but over time Samsung has invested heavily in its research and development department. This has yielded positive results wherein the company has come to manufacture a wide array of items inclusive of but not limited to electronic gadgets, home appliances, and memory chips. One of Samsung’s most notable product line would be smartphones which are constantly featured as one of the top phones on an annual basis.

Unsurprisingly, the tech giant has also delved into IT products such as the wifi mesh which doesn’t only feature expanded wifi options but smart home features as well, allowing users to control other home devices from the comfort of their assigned devices.

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Most homeowners in Singapore can agree that the current traditional set-up of wifi internet connection at home may not be operating at efficient capacity. Technology is rapidly changing with companies continuing to create innovative products. Advancement in technology brings about positive changes however it also renders other products obsolete. The modern world also has become much more reliant on tasks associated with the use of wifi, therefore it would make sense for tech companies to make developments in the line of internet distribution, specifically with the introduction of the wifi mesh which does not only promise expanded connectivity but features a self healing system which repairs itself.

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