5 Best Product Management Courses In SG To Help You Excel

February 18, 2021
Best Product Management Course Singapore

Did you know that the career of a product manager is one of the fastest-growing in the world? For instance, in Singapore, many industries have seen an increase in the hires of product and project management roles. In the United States alone, product managers saw over 29% of year-on-year growth, making it a lucrative and promising career choice for those looking to dive into product management.

To ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge to pursue a career of being a product manager, you should look to enrol in a product management course in Singapore. Not only do they offer you the tools and expertise required to succeed in enterprises and startups, but they can help you to instil confidence in your ability to do your role well.

If you are looking to dive into the world of product management, then here are 5 best product management courses in Singapore to get you up to speed right now!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Image Credit: Nanyang Technological University

At Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Centre for Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE), they offer an SGUnited Skills Programme in product management and user experience (UX) design for students looking to gain essential knowledge, skills and experience in product management. Throughout this course, students can be able to take on hands-on practical projects, gain real-world experience, and understand the key frameworks and tools required for the role of a product manager.

This 6-months programme will see trainees put their newly found knowledge and skills to the test in digital marketing. Throughout the course, product management will help students understand its importance in digital projects and startups, and obtain essential processes and skills that are applicable in all companies that are working with digital projects. PaCE @ NTU offers active learning, skilled trainers with over 25 years of digital marketing experience, and prepare students with soft and technical skills for the real world working environment.

Contact: +65 67911744
Location: 60 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637551

2. Agilitics

Image Credit: Agilitics

Agilitics provides a Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) training 3-day course in which it teaches individuals the ability, experience and knowledge needed to maximise a product value. Through the PSPO course, individuals that are looking to become product managers or product owners will be able to find critical tips and real-world expertise on how to be responsible to the success of a product on the market.

The PSPO course provided by Agilitics will also help to solidify the knowledge of students in becoming a product owner through team-based exercises and instructions. The course offers training that are focused on the basics, which are geared towards helping students understand the role of becoming a product manager. The course also provides training on the Scrum framework, agile product management, product backlog management, setting strategic product goals and achieving them, and many others. With an exam, Agilitics ensures that you will get the best out of your product management course.

Contact: +65 8138 3664
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #11-10, Singapore 079903
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-2PM | Closed on Sun

3. Smartacademy

Image Credit: Smartacademy

With many industries looking to hire product managers and project managers, Smartacademy’s product management course can help you understand everything you need to know through expansive learning! The course will be split into 7 lessons, each being 3 hours long, and will take place over several days. For newcomers, no prior technical background will be required for the course.

Throughout the course, you will be able to pick up all of the ins and outs that are essential for product management in Singapore. You will also be able to learn with industry experts that offer the best practices that product managers are currently using in the industry. Smartacademy understands that the demands for product managers are currently growing, and they can provide you with all the skills, tools and knowledge you need to continue to grow in the role. If you are ready, you can sign up with Smartacademy’s product management course and learn from the best!

Contact: +65 8891 4988
Location: 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065
Opening Hours: According to the class schedule

4. Wellderly

Image Credit: Wellderly

Through introductory courses and training that are required for digital businesses, Wellderly is able to provide you with a proven framework that can aid you in learning all of the latest trends in product marketing, product management, as well as digital marketing.

For individuals that are looking to dive into new career opportunities in the areas of product marketing management, digital marketing and product management, Wellderly’s Digital Business Essentials can provide insight, knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your learning. The course is also beneficial for anyone looking to join different industries or new graduates that are seeking to improve on their skills and advance their career. The course can help you better understand the different emerging business models, craft an ideal product strategy, as well as understand the best techniques to grow and engage an audience. Apply now and gain the skills you need to improve yourself and become a product manager.

Location: Duo Tower, 3 Fraser Street, #08-21, Singapore 189352
Opening Hours: According to the class schedule

5. The Knowledge Academy

Image Credit: The Knowledge Academy

Kickstart your new career journey with a product management course by The Knowledge Academy, who offer the best training courses to get you started to becoming a product manager. With their Certified SAFe Product Manager and Product Owner training, you will be able to receive a full 2-day course that focuses on the responsibilities needed to succeed in the roles.

Throughout the 2-day course, you will be able to pick on many different topics, from understanding how to become an effective SAFe product manager and owner, how to engage and communicate well with stakeholders, as well as how you can continue to improve as a product manager. The Knowledge Academy has highly experienced trainers that are qualified with over 10 years of experience, and are ready to aid students with comfortable and distraction-free learning venues. If you are aspiring to become a product manager, then this course can take you one step closer to achieving your goals!

Contact: +65 800 1206314
Location: 77 Robinson Road, 34th Floor, Singapore 068896
Opening Hours: According to class schedule


The journey to improving yourself in a fast-paced world can be difficult, but with the list of courses above, they can help you understand more about the roles and responsibilities of becoming a product manager. While it might seem difficult at first, as you learn and pick up essential tools, skills and knowledge, they can help you to succeed in your new role and guide you towards making a career switch!

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