11 Academies With The Best Coding Courses In Singapore

October 3, 2019
Best Coding Courses Singapore

Coding and programming can be found all around us and in the near future, it will only become more omnipresent. For this specific reason, many of us argue that learning to code should become a prevalent component of a child’s education, or at least possibly have a fundamental knowledge of it. Everyone is constantly surrounded by modern electronic devices that run countless software numbers operating from a kind of code.

The modern world also depends strongly on the internet, with people in the workforce needed to be more and more computer literate every year. Therefore, learning to code is becoming as crucial as having a good hold on your grammar, numeracy and spelling. With that said, there are 11 academies where you and your child can take up Singapore Coding Courses.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Hackwagon Academy

Image Credit: Hackwagon Academy

Coding has become very essential especially in the field of data science. It has assisted in interpreting data and the data retrieved has converted business strategies across the years so that businesses understand how to better engage consumers, make advantageous recruiting choices, and expect process failure. The coding skill is very much looked upon from contemporary enterprises as that skill can help leverage their data’s power to drive innovation and make strong choices. Not only to make decisions but informed choices that are driven by data which will be derived from coding. From beginners to sophisticated coders, break into data science with the courses that they offer which cater to everyone at 3 different levels. The courses they offer are Data Science 101, Data Science 102 and Data Science 103.

Their course Data Science 101 was established to direct novices with zero coding understanding. Finishing this course should enable learners to qualify for the Data Science 102 course, where learners will study more sophisticated data analytics tools that require a higher knowledge in coding where you can start developing your own information project. Eventually, you will move on to Data Science 103 which is their master class in which learners discover how to construct a complete coded information chain that incorporates concepts of machine learning. Hackwagon is outstanding in introducing learners to experts from novices. Anticipate the capacity to conduct profound and knowledgeable coding to graduate.

Location: 991D Alexandra Road, #01-22, Singapore 119972
Operating Hours: Open 24 Hours

2. Early Coders Academy

Image Credit: Early Coders Academy

At Early Coders Academy, through their well-considered curriculum and their skilled teachers, they create world-class programmers in Singapore. We partake 8 to 18-year-old learners with their solid syllabus to discover appropriate abilities which would start preparing them for a globe where technological advances know-how is vital. In their adopted teaching methods provided by their skilled teachers, courses will assist the student to learn computational thinking.

They keep their materials continuously updated and expose their learners to fresh and more meaningful lessons. In addition to the codelabs they have created to be their own in-house code editor for software development training, they are unveiling their fresh internet portal that is only accessible to their learners. They strive to provide the highest quality teaching experience by using technology and maximizing its potential. The Early Coders team has years of professional experience in coding, combined with expertise in programming lessons therefore, they are well equipped to take the students ‘ programming level to the next stage.

Contact Number: +65 8333 5742
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 6AM-10PM | Sat-Sun 8AM-10PM

3. Inspizone

Image Credit: Inspizone

Python Program Course is a very ancient computer language and becomes the world’s number one programming language. It is widely used by most banks, the data science company, for data analytics, robotics, and machine learning. They will show how to use Python and learn the codings in this course to produce well-designed scripts and retain current projects. We will educate you fundamentals of syntax and use of language, along with the advanced features such as objects, generators and exceptions.

This course is intended for beginners to intermediate learners that want to use Python programming in becoming a software developer, which is a commonly used general to a high-level programming language. In order to begin programming with Python, the course is structured as a classroom-based course that includes step by step subjects. There is no need for previous understanding of Python programming but, you should only have a fundamental understanding of computing.

Contact Number: +65 9740 4207
Location: Hong Lim Complex, 531 Upper Cross Street, #03-40, Singapore 050531
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Closed from Sat-Sun

4. Learn 2 Code

Image Credit: Learn 2 Code

Mastering how to code is a high-demand skill now. Their goal is to provide individuals of all ages with an uplifting and immersive environment to teach the basics of computer science. The teaching experience is designed to encourage learners to discover fresh ideas, cooperate with colleagues, and create trust with hands-on learning and understanding of different examples of the actual globe. Students start to recognize the strength of coding by the end of the lessons and are prompted to push the limits and produce amazing things.

Learn 2 Code specialises in coaching Python coding and they only proved three typed of course options which are Weekend Python, Bootcamp Python and Individual Lessons. For their weekend-only classes, you will get to learn at your own pace, code with real-life examples and exercises given and grasp the fundamentals of Python. For their Bootcamp, you will get the chance to attend online group classroom courses or in-class group courses depending on which one is more convenient for you!

Contact Number: +65 9000 0000
Location: Richmond Park, 3 Bideford Road, #05-04, Singapore 229920

5. Trent Global College

Image Credit: Trent Global College

Code Institute was established in 2015 to tackle the ever-increasing divide in abilities in technology. They teach individuals with little to no technical background on how to code in as little as a year or less through their lessons, school boot camps and internet mentoring. The course is intended with assistance from the Industry Advisory Council so that learners depart with a qualified portfolio and professional-ready abilities as the maximization of graduate employment prospects undermine their objective.

Code Institute maintains the record of being the world’s first credit-rated bootcamp accomplished by an Edinburgh Napier University credit score. With Trent Global College, you can obtain a Software Development Diploma in just 4 months following your participation in their ‘FullStack Coding Bootcamp Program’. For this course, there is no need for previous or basic coding understanding, novices are welcome to partake in it. With their industry-related and relevant curriculum, you can expect a high chance of employability after graduating.

Contact Number: +65 6372 1464
Location: 1@kentridge (NUH Medical Centre), 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #02-02, Singapore 119082
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9.30AM-7PM | Sat 12PM-4PM | Closed on Sun

6. UpCode Academy

Image Credit: UpCode Academy

The course provided by UpCode Academy, Data Science Introduction acts as a starting point for learners who are looking to learn about Python coding and gives particular attention to specialised Python databases for methods for data recovery and visualisation. This unique edition of the course will bring not only data science but also programming/coding to learners and intensify their knowledge of Python through Singapore’s real-life databases and issues.

Students can also look forward to getting materials from the course that will serve as a helpful guide for coding revision and exercise after the course. You will get the opportunity to discover how and when to conduct the different components of coding and programming, organizing the useful HTML and CSS Validation, choosing the suitable coding tools that are available, drawing conclusions, and much more. Key coding conquest or toolkits such as Text Editors, GitHub, Heroku, will be trained as part of the program. These toolkits will result in Python once you have mastered the programming language. With this, you can potentially move into the data science sector.

Contact Number: +65 9113 6485
Location: 1 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-60, Singapore 139967

7. Intellisoft Systems

Image Credit: Intellisoft Systems

The course they offer is intended primarily for C programming language novices. In this C programming basic course, Intellisoft Systems essentially includes all the basic ideas of getting off the ground with C programming which will be taught in-depth and in detail. After the course, the novices will get a solid basis for C programming. After this training, you can attend the’ Advanced Training C’ programming course.

The goal of the basic training in C programming would be to get you underway with C programming language. We contain the coding basics, how and when to compile, how to choose from the distinct algorithms, how to debug the code, how to script programs correctly, and prevalent language pitfalls. Joining the instruction in C programming will assist you to take up the language, start writing tiny programs to discover the syntax, and then keep applying it to job projects. When you have never performed any coding in any other language, this program becomes crucial for you.

Contact Number: +65 6296 2995
Location: Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road, #06-05, Singapore 199588

8. LCCL Coding Academy

Image Credit: LCCL Coding Academy

From novice to a sophisticated coder, thinker, and developer, learn and establish your skills holistically. Cultivate both in-depth and breadth. Gain a winning attitude and value systems. All that and more when you learn from both technical and quality pedagogy offered by the academy’s skilled teachers. They offer programmes for the different age groups starting from as you as 5 years old to 18-year-olds.

For their young adults’ course which is for the 16 to 18-year-olds, the programme includes the fundamentals of coding, problem-solving algorithms with Python which will branch out to data analytics and artificial intelligence to interpret data, interactive web with coding tools and much more. You can expect you or your child to leave the program with a strong foundation in coding. At the academy, you can expect to be taught by a team of highly experienced and distinguished computer scientists so you can be prepared to pick up exceptional coding tips and tricks.

Contact Number: +65 6817 2957
Location: Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, #05-49/50, Singapore 247909
Operating Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 1PM-7PM | Closed On Thurs & Sun

9. Roboto Coding Academy

Image Credit: Roboto Coding Academy

 The curriculum of Roboto Coding Academy has been evaluated and reviewed by MOE-registered professionals in over 100 schools, while our student-centred teaching method has been shown to create creative, motivated and self-directed students. They offer personalised, customised and student-centric courses for students ageing from 6 to 16-year-olds. Hoping for a long-term STEM program designed to offer a jump start for your little one? Their ‘Genius Coder Program’ is a weekly session of coding which is the first phase of your child towards an interactive and integrative path of technological education.

Their courses are intended to give their students the concepts and abilities of Code Literacy and Computational Thinking. Your kid will be introduced to an interesting range of topics according to their designed program based on the ICT framework and our excellently-honed teaching method. Coding opens up the door to the creativity and development of children as they enjoy experimenting, use brain-wide thinking, and it helps to build their confidence in being innovative. With the increase of artificial intelligence and automation, the need for computational thinking and code literacy will grow to become a needed core competency of the 21st century beyond technological sectors.

Contact Number: +65 9193 8589
Location: Goldhill Centre, 201B Thomson Road, Singapore 307638
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-12PM, 1PM-5.30PM

10. The Good Designers Pte Ltd

Image Credit: The Good Designers Pte Ltd

They offer a course on the basics to HTML and CSS to assist you in coding your own one-page website. The objectives of the workshop are to share HTML resources with individuals, participants will grasp the basics of HTML coding to swap pictures and edit HTML as needed and alter current HTML framework with the following data, function banner, services, team and the appropriate contact details. They highly recommend that business owners, sales and marketing professionals attend the course that they provide.

By the end of the workshop, participants are able to update, modify  and adjust existing HTML Codes of a working website that uses HTML format, create your own designs for your web banner with free to use software for the website, understand  FTP and cPanel, upload files to a demo server or your personal hosting server, customize and code a one-page HTML informational website, attain the relevant skills for your business or your company.

Contact Number: +65 9296 3877
Location: 6 Raffles Quay, Level 15, Singapore 048580
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat-Sun

11. TMC Academy

Image Credit: TMC Academy

The application programming course with Java seeks to expose learners to the supporting company, finance, banking, IT environment, products, procedures and techniques. It includes the various elements of working with technology and activities where the focus is on end-to-end procedures and solutions. Once this course is successfully completed, students will receive a TMC Academy Attendance Certificate. This course will provide students with significant abilities to use Java Technology to develop software applications.

These abilities include methodology knowledge, designing IT apps, modelling methods, attributes and courses, object-oriented development, inheritance, multi-threading, JavaFX scripting and managing IO & exception. This course offers practical knowledge to students about how databases are being analyzed and designed. It will allow students to analyze system issues and use suitable instruments and methods to suggest alternatives. This course provides students with integrative technology skills understanding. It will also be very useful for IT experts and prospective people thinking of joining the workforce. Application programming relates to anyone, and it’s more than just fundamental coding and widens the scope to conduct, handle operations throughout most of the life cycle of software development using a defined strategy to producing business-specific IT apps.

Contact Number: +65 6690 9599
Location: 250 Middle Road, Singapore 188983
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-10PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun 1PM-5PM