Prevent Cyber Attacks: 6 Best Cyber Security Software in SG

April 14, 2020
best Cyber Security Software

With the rise of Internet usage amongst us, it has been quick to become an integral part of our daily lives. Due to convenience and ease, most of us turn to the Internet to advertise and sell products in various forms, communicate with customers and retailers, and perform financial transactions. Internet and technology come hand in hand and as technology is ever-changing, it requires constant updating. Unfortunately, the constant changes made allow hackers and cybercriminals to find a loophole which helps them use the Internet as a tool to spread malware and carry out cyber attacks.

These hackers and cybercriminals are swift with their work so don’t be a victim to them and get the best cybersecurity software from these 6 companies in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. IT Solution

Image Credit: IT Solution

Offering Cyber Risk Management Services for many years, IT Solution’s service has been well-loved by clients in Singapore and from abroad. They understand that data security is an integral component of a company’s existence and it is only natural to prevent risks of having these valuable assets stolen by other individuals. Due to the formulated winning strategies by their IT specialists, IT Solution is able to apply countermeasures that cripple intrusive advances before it even takes place.

Valuing customer satisfaction over profitability, they strive to establish long-term relationships with you. With packages that are flexible, reliable, and all-inclusive, they deliver precise, transparent, timely, and pertinent results and reports. Knowing that there are industry standards that every IT service provider must comply, their constant adherence to these practices is yet another reason to trust them.

Contact: +65 6690 3275
Location: 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-07, Singapore 308900
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm | Closed on Friday & Weekends

2. Apixel

Image Credit: Apixel

Founded in 2004, Apixel strives to deliver the highest quality IT support services to businesses in Singapore. As this model of IT outsourcing is widely understood and accepted, break-fix support packages have continuously been offered. However, it was not meeting their aim for their company, as their clients would like to prevent downtime and not react to breakdowns only after it occurs. With this understanding, they recognised the need to become the IT partner that customers can depend on to align technology with their business goals.

This optimism and understanding of their clients allowed Apixel to grow and start offering managed IT support packages. Through that, they were able to become one of the pioneering IT companies to offer managed IT services in Singapore. In return, they received proactive support and were able to rightfully transfer the IT responsibility and accountability back to their clients.

Contact: +65 6639 1839
Location: 10 Marina Boulevard, MBFC Tower Two, #39-01, Singapore 018983
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm | Sat 8.30am-12.30pm | Closed on Sunday

3. InsiderSecurity

Image Credit: InsiderSecurity

Founded by a team of Singaporeans who used to perform highly technical cybersecurity work for the government, InsiderSecurity is a team of cybersecurity experts with more than 20 years of combined expertise. This Singaporean cybersecurity deep tech company have also been included in the ASEAN 40 under 40 List, for our innovative cybersecurity work.

Having a company that is built on a foundation of trusted people, their quality of work is up to standard and satisfactory. Since 2015, InsiderSecurity has been building cutting-edge cybersecurity to support its customers’ businesses whilst winning awards along the way. They are regularly featured in the news and became the first to be accredited by IMDA for cybersecurity behaviour analytics.

Contact: +65 6270 4029
Location: 81 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-48, Singapore 139967
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Closed on Weekends

4. Pragma

Image Credit: Pragma

Formed by Manish Chawda and Geoff Leeming, they then decided that the level of quality, experience and pragmatic advice that was given to clients by professional service companies were not commensurate to the fees charged. Seeking to create a bespoke personal service, it adds real value to clients while ensuring the highest level of technical and business experience to achieve clients’ goals. A leading cybersecurity consultancy focused on helping organisations secure themselves from digital risks and drive change by developing pragmatic, agile and personalised security capability.

Being in cybersecurity before it became a major concern today and having witnessed the onset of the 4th industrial revolution, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and large scale cyber-attacks, Pragma brings their expertise to you. With world-class capabilities in cybersecurity consulting, experience in technology regulations, large scale implementation, managed security services, and incident management it enables transformational work that helps you stay secure and sustain a competitive advantage.

Contact: +65 9180 1882
Location: 35A Keong Saik Road, Chinatown Complex, #03-00, Singapore 089142
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Closed on Weekends

5. Wizlynx

Image Credit: wizlynx group

Not only are they built on a solid foundation of information security, quality and project management know-how, but Wizlynx’s associates are also known for their ability to apply the right soft skills at the right time to best serve their customers. Their cybersecurity services rely on highly skilled security professionals & penetration testers with long-lasting experience in both defence and offence and holding the most recognised certifications in the industry.

Making it a point to understand the infrastructure, needs and challenges of their customers, they place importance in delivering fast, effective and high-quality results. Wizlynx believes that this level of understanding can only be obtained with the most capable and experienced resources and with this, you will be able to see the effectual results.

Contact: +65 3157 6067
Location: 100 Cecil Street, The Globe, #05-01, Singapore 069532
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm | Closed on Weekends

6. V-Key

Image Credit: V-Key

In view of current security measures comprising a mixture of hardware and SMS-based authentication presenting significant challenges, the growing need for higher standards of mobile security for all mobile devices ubiquitously has been highlighted. With the pioneering products and services that were created to meet these emerging challenges, V-Key aims to make possible a secure digital world where the mobile application is often the primary channel for mobile authentication, interaction and transactions.

Striving to provide complete mobile application security for any mobile application on any smartphone without additional hardware, V-Key wants to be the highest grade of security for your businesses. With their aid, you can roll out cloud-based payments and any other form of secured mobile applications without the need for any form of hardware secure element.

Contact: +65 6850 5155
Location: 15A Changi Business Park Central 1, Eightrium, #03-03, Singapore 486035
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm | Closed on Weekends

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