5 Best Powerline Adapter In Singapore For Wider-Ranging Wifi

July 13, 2021
Best Powerline Adapter Singapore

If you want to extend your wifi connection to areas that are some distance from your router, the best solution available for you is to use a powerline adapter. A powerline adapter is basically a device that uses the electric wiring of your home to transmit communication signals. These adapters are plugged into wall sockets and use ethernet cables to connect to a router at one end and to devices, such as a game console, desktop, or TV, at the other.

There are plenty of benefits that come with using powerline adapters. For one, they are flexible and are a great way to extend the functionality of your wifi network. To learn more about these devices, this article lists down below some of the best powerline adapters in Singapore you can try for wider-ranging wifi connectivty.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Tenda


Image Credit: Tenda

Tenda is a global company that is known for supplying superior network devices and equipment. Founded in 1999, Tenda has been always committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable network solutions to its many clients. It provides innovative and cutting-edge products that are all aimed at making the lives of everyone easier and more intelligent. At the heart of the company is the desire to constantly foster innovation. In line with this, Tenda has 2 research and development centers that employ about 1,000 talents.

The products sourced by Tenda include home networking, business networking, switches, broadband CPEs, gateways, powerlines, mobile broadbands, IP cameras, and more. All of these products are guaranteed to be of excellent performance and come with a steady signal. For premium powerline adapters, Tenda is a great company of choice. It offers a wide range of powerline adapters that are all designed to meet all the networking needs of its clients. The PH6, for example, is a powerline adapter designed for 3D/HD video streaming and home entertainment sharing. It has the latest HomePlug AV2 technology.


2. Asus


Image Credit: Asus

Asus is a popular global brand of electronics and IT products. It has always been passionate about technology and is constantly driven by innovation. Founded in 2005, Asus has substantially grown to become one of the world’s leading vendors of consumer notebooks and other high-tech devices. Backed by industry leaders, designers, and entrepreneurs, the company strives to help bridge the digital divide in communities around the world through its sustainable technology efforts.

The products you can buy from Asus range from mobile phones and laptops to wifi routers and wired networking. If you are looking for a trusted powerline adapter that will give you a high-speed network connection, Asus has some of the options for you. The PL-N12 Kit, particularly, is an easy-to-setup powerline adapter kit that has flexible connectivity. It can connect multiple devices via a powerline, two Ethernet LAN ports, or Wi-Fi.

+65 6283 8768
Location: Da Jin Factory, No. 362 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #02-01, Singapore 534963
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. HP


Image Credit: HP

HP is another global leader when it comes to electronic devices and networking solutions. It is widely popular for delivering some of the best and most affordable printers, laptops, and desktops in the world. Established in 1939 as a multinational IT company, HP has already established an unquestionable reputation in providing electronics and IT solutions that drive innovation and make life easier through breakthrough technologies.

Being one of the largest electronics and IT vendors in the world, HP offers a wide array of products, such as laptops, PCs, tablets, monitors, printers, inks and toners, workstations, accessories, and more. For a networking solution that will give you uninterrupted access to the internet, HP has powerline adapters and wifi adapters that are suitable for your connectivity needs. These products are all guaranteed to deliver high-speed internet connection at affordable prices to allow its customers to experience seamless net surfing without having to hurt their pockets.

+65 67 407 838
Location: 1 Depot Close, Singapore 109841

4. Netgear


Image Credit: Netgear

Netgear is a multinational computer networking company that is known for producing state-of-the-art networking hardware for consumers, businesses, and service providers. Founded in 1996, the primary goal of the company has always been to turn great ideas into innovative networking products that allow people to connect with one another and empower businesses. If you are a homeowner, Netgear can help you have the smartest house in the neighborhood with the latest and fastest networking technology. On the other hand, if you are a business owner, Netgear will provide you with quality networking, storage, and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT.

Netgear offers a diverse selection of home and office solutions, ranging from mesh wifi to wifi routers. If you are looking for a highly functional powerline adapter, particularly, the company’s PLP2000 is a great option. With 2000Mbps speed, this Powerline 2000 adapter is perfect for connecting smart TVs, streaming players, and game consoles. You can use your existing electrical wiring to extend your Internet access to any room in your house by plugging this powerline adapter with an extra outlet into any electrical outlet then plug in your new network connection.

Location: Mountbatten Square, 229 Mountbatten Road, #03-38, Singapore 398007

5. D-Link


Image Credit: D-Link

D-Link is a reliable internet service provider whose core competency is in Ethernet connectivity. It was founded in 1986, and over the course of more than 35 years, the company has gradually managed to become a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice, and data communications solutions. Following its motto, “building networks for people,” D-Link has continuously met the global networking and connectivity needs of different types of clients, from home consumers to enterprise environments.

There are many types of networking and connectivity products you can find at D-Link, including wifi routers, wifi adapters, wifi extenders, powerlines, and more. When it comes to the powerline, particularly, D-Link’s Powerline AV2 Technology is a must-try! This product offers a high-speed Home network2 at speeds of up to 2000mbps. It includes two DHP-P700AV Powerline AV2 2000 Gigabit Adapters that allow you to connect several different devices, from routers, computers, access points, gaming consoles, to Smart TVs. Each adapter comes with the latest in AV2 MIMO technology and Gigabit connectivity to allow users to stream more HD media and transfer large files with ease.

+65 6501 4200
Location: The Strategy, Tower 2, 2 International Business Park, #05-27/28, Singapore 609930
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Powerline adapters are highly functional devices that let people connect to the internet whichever part of their houses they may be. Indeed, using a powerline adapter for your connectivity needs comes with several benefits. Aside from extending your wifi network, it can also free up your wifi by taking some load off your wireless network and providing more capacity for other devices.

Powerline adapters can be found in many networking and internet service-providing companies. But for trusted and premium quality ones that can surely meet all your connectivity requirements, the adapters sold by Tenda, Asus, HP, Netgear, and D-Link are the ones you should definitely try. They are the best powerline adapters in Singapore that can provide you with a great, wider-ranging wifi connectivity experience.