5 Best Social Media Monitoring Singapore Brands Must Try

July 8, 2021
Best Social Media Monitoring Singapore

Marketing is an essential aspect of running a business or a brand. Traditionally, marketing is done through print ads, broadcast, direct mail, and phone. These days, however, brand marketing has become more and more digitalised, especially since the coming of social media. Indeed, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are effective platforms for building brand reputation. Marketing your brand online entails the need for tracking. To maintain your brand reputation and expand your online audience, you need constant social media monitoring.

Social media monitoring is the process of tracking conversations around your business and identifying what is being said about your brand through different online social channels. Social media monitoring is a service offered by many marketing agencies around the world. If you are a business or brand owner looking for ways to improve your social posture online, this article is especially for you! Here is a list of the best social media monitoring tools every Singapore brand like yours must try.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Cision


Image Credit: Cision

If you need help targeting your audience or engaging the existing ones, Cision is the one you need! Cision is a public relations and earned media software company that delivers advanced software and excellent services designed to address various communication needs. As a media intelligence company, Cision specialises in public relations, social software, and analytics. It provides a wide range of public relations services, particularly to businesses of different sizes and types using a cloud-based or software as a service (SaaS) model.

In terms of analytics, Cision guarantees to deliver fast and flexible output beyond counting clips to ensure that clients know the real business value of their earned media results. Among the best services offered by the company are social media monitoring and engagement and media publicity services. Using Cision’s social media monitoring, you can get ahead of the curve with global social listening. The company’s social solution can provide you with the most comprehensive analysis of your social profile performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites.

Customer Reviews


We have been able to get our content in front of the exact people who need it. It has helped increased our role in the media and has given us significant press attention where we otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed if we were using another system.


We are tapping into media relations strategically. The service has helped us deliver better results to our clients. We are able to provide analytics, coverage and additional outreach tools. We finally can measure the success of our PR and media efforts.

Opening Hours: Daily 9PM-6AM

2. Kantar


Image Credit: Kantar

For top-tier data, insights, and consultancy, Kantar is the go-to company for many individuals and businesses. It has a complete and well-rounded understanding of people in general, including how they think, feel, and act. Kantar is considered one of the leading data, insights, and consulting agencies globally that helps explicitly clients understand their audience and facilitate growth. With its data and evidence-based approach to services, Kantar provides quality insights and actionable recommendations to numerous clients worldwide. It, in turn, allows the company to assist its clients not just in understanding what is happening with their business but also in how they can shape the future.

The expertise provided by Kantar covers a wide range of domains, including advertising, media, PR, analytics, brand growth, consulting, customer experience management, research, sustainability, and many others. Under advertising, media, and PR, Kantar delivers an extensive Social Media Intelligence service. This service can help you understand social media consumers and your brand’s social reputation and increase the performance of your online activities. By availing of this service, you can get vital real-time insights on how your brand, media content, and advertising strategy resonate on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Contact: +65 6597 7300
50 Scotts Street, #02-01, Singapore
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. BrandMentions


Image Credit: BrandMentions

Comprehensive research and brand monitoring tool are somewhat challenging to find. Luckily, you do not need to search all over the internet anymore. BrandMentions is precisely the tool you are looking for! BrandMentions is considered the most effective method of monitoring your brand online. It is a powerful tool that searches all the corners of the digital world to gather mentions of your brand or relevant keywords for your business.

With more than 35,000,000 mentions tracked daily, BrandMentions certainly has one of the largest mention databases in the world that can provide you with historical mention data for all social networks, blogs, and news. BrandMentions helps you see what is being said about your brand on various social networking platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as a social media monitoring tool. More so, it allows you to engage with your followers and subscribers better and even spy on the competition.

Customer Reviews

Cathy Reyes

A must in every digital marketers’ toolbox. There are so many use cases for BrandMentions – from research, competitor analysis, content marketing, to reputation management.

Ksenia Newton

BrandMentions helps us keep up with the industry news and specific topics, monitor our competition and their digital activity and most importantly, monitor our brand’s social media mentions on various digital channels.


4. Socialbakers



Socialbakers is an AI-powered social media marketing company that offers clients worldwide a marketing software as a service (SaaS) platform called the Socialbreakers Suite. Founded in 2008, Socialbakers has more than 2,500 clients across 100 countries and monitors over 8 million business profiles on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The company’s heart is the constant desire to help brands grow and engage their customer base through effective content personalisation based on actionable AI-powered audience insights.

If you are looking for a reliable social media marketing partner, Socialbakers is a great option! Trusted by thousands of enterprise brands and SMBs, Socialbakers truly knows how to help you work smart on social media. Its unified social media marketing platform lets you achieve several things: understanding your audience, creating content that they love, analysing engagement, and improving your cross-channel care. It is a comprehensive marketing solution that allows you to easily manage all your social media activities and uncover critical social trends, among others.

Customer Reviews

Ghislain Labay

Socialbakers is the only solution that I’ve been using and loyal to for almost five years. It allows us to find the right balance between paid media strategy and organic content. For me, it’s the best platform ever for social analytics.

Lindsey Weaver

Socialbakers is the best in class at social data availability, product evolution, and customer service. They pull in every publicly-available social data point as well as our own private/authenticated data; their product team is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve with a flexible roadmap that allows for customer input; and their customer service team is top-notch, quick to respond, and resolves many questions same-day. Socialbakers sees the value and long-term potential of having happy clients, and it shows in everything they do.

72b Tras St, #03-01, Singapore 079011

5. CrowdTangle


Image Credit: CrowdTangle

CrowdTangle is a significant content discovery and social monitoring platform for publishers and brands across the globe. Starting in 2011, CrowdTangle has been a reputable public insights tool from Facebook that makes it easy for a brand to follow, analyse, and report on what is happening with its available content on social media. A few years after its inception, CrowdTangle has developed to become one of the leading tools that help publishers take advantage of social media to publicise their content and tell their stories.

CrowdTangle mainly focuses on Facebook, as the company believes that it is the single most powerful social media platform globally to connect people. Nonetheless, organisations can also use this handy tool to stay on top of the stories that matter on other social networking sites, such as Instagram and Reddit. By using CrowdTangle, you can easily follow public content across different social media channels, compare the performance of public accounts over time, track referrals, and find more significant trends to comprehend how public content spreads online fully.

Customer Reviews

Sebastian K

Creating lists of account to monitor on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit is the most powerful and insightful feature of the tool. Also – the intelligence feature gives you strategic insight on your account’s performance and of your competitors.

Sarah L

A great tool to easily keep track of your competitor set. It allows you to see their social metrics as well as their content so you can see what types of content is being shared all in one place.



The increasing prominence of social media as an effective marketing platform is unquestionable. Indeed, it is no longer enough for businesses to grow their brands and expand their audiences to rely on print ads and other traditional advertising tools. These businesses need to go online where the consumers are at. If you want to enhance your brand in various aspects, from sales to reputation, you must do social media marketing and monitoring.

Social media monitoring is especially a must if you want to establish a good brand reputation that lasts. There are several social media monitoring tools and services available. But for a comprehensive and reliable tracking system, Cision, Kantar, BrandMentions, Socialbakers, and CrowdTangle are the ones you should work with. They deliver the best social media monitoring every Singapore brand or business must try to boost its online presence.

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