5 Best Wifi Extender In Singapore To Explore New Limits

May 31, 2021
Best Wifi Extender Singapore

A traditional home in Singapore usually incorporates a wifi system that consists of a single centralised point such as the router which receives the internet and distributes it over a single wireless signal. Devices are then able to connect to this particular wifi signal thus granting them internet access but what happens when the wifi is unable to cover the entire area?

With a wifi extender on hand, this grants the ability to spread the range over a much wider zone. In its name, a wifi extender works by receiving internet connection via wireless signal and extending it through a different channel. However unlike a mesh set-up, a wifi extender is not self healing and is very dependent on its source.  A wifi extender is easy to find and can be bought in tech stores all over Singapore. Most models for a wifi extender are typically affordable and easy to set-up too. Here our are picks for the 5 best companies you can purchase a wifi extender from.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nokia

Image Credit: Nokia

Nokia has been in business for more than a century and a half, making it one of the oldest tech companies to exist. It is currently engaged in the communications, public, consumer, and licensing sectors. The organisation has reported an estimated 22 billion euros in sales during the year 2020 and operates in approximately 130 countries. It is one of the few organisations to be able to have won a Nobel prize and yet the company has continued to been handed this prestigious award more than one occasion at a grand total of 9 times and counting.

The wifi extender provided by Nokia is meant for home use and is simple to set-up. It is also claimed to be stabler compared to other brands when it comes online gaming performance.

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2. Asus

Image Credit: Asus

Asus is a brand most closely linked to its advancements in the gaming industry with motherboard, laptop, and gaming products constantly featured at the top of the charts. The company was founded on 1989 and headquartered in Taiwan however it was able to establish its popularity in other continents such as North America by being able to provide quality products which had received numerous positive reviews from its consumers.

The wifi extender built by Asus is easy to use with a configuration requiring only the press of a button which removes the hassle of set-ups through external sources such as  a CD or USB. Its simplicity does not refer to weak performance as the extender was designed to eliminate dead spots even in hard to access points of the house.

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3. Netgear

Image Credit: Netgear

The following organisation is based in California, USA and produces lines involved with smart devices inclusive of but not limited to smart cameras, network storage, home automation, and Internet protocol products and services designed for a total of three sectors: home, commercial, and service providers. The retail aspect of Netgear focuses on wifi solutions such as routers and wifi extenders. The commercial sector targeted towards small and medium enterprises which typically emphasises on protected connection, data storage, and business networking. Lastly the service provider segment involves tailor-fit complete network and wifi services.

Netgear’s wifi extenders are unique in a sense that they have a variety of extenders which may be plugged directly onto any regular wall outlet found in a typical home in Singapore. Once inserted, the device is able to receive the wifi and extend the range to a broader zone.

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4. Linksys

Image Credit: Linksys

Linksys is another tech manufacturer headquartered in California, USA. This organisation had been acquired by CISCO during the year 2003 and then sold to Belkin approximately a decade later after its acquisition. The brand concentrates on the fabrication of security cameras, routers, switches, and other network devices. Linksys may be considered to have been overshadowed by its competitors over the recent years however the brand is still recognised as a strong company when it comes to wifi products.

As of current, Linksys encompasses a wide array of wifi extenders to choose from and can range from cheaper, more affordable models to higher value ones. The wifi extenders are modern in design and offered in plain black or white colours which enable the device to easily blend in with most home designs.

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5. Xiaomi

Image Credit: Xiaomi

One of the few notables of the company is that it is publicly listed and traded in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is stated by the organisation itself that Xiaomi’s “MI” company logo stands for multiple different meanings, the first one of course being an acronym for mobile internet as Xiaomi had an initial focus of delving into the mobile industry wherein they produced quality smartphones at competitive price points. The second one can be translated to mission impossible as the organisation has been shrouded with a great number obstacles which Xiaomi eventually overcame especially during the founding of the company more than a decade ago.

Not restricted to the mobile sector, Xiaomi branched out to other segments including the production of a wifi extender. Their wifi extender is affordable and easy to use showcasing their company which emphasises on positive user experience.

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It is not an uncommon thing for a businessman or homeowner in Singapore to experience a limited range in their wifi set-up. After all, a basic router is only able to spread over so little of an area and can be met with physical obstructions in architecture. Should individuals based in Singapore be faced with the same challenges and are interested in seeking an affordable solution, the use of a wifi extender is a viable option and easy to procure from stores nationwide.

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