4 Companies With Best POS Terminal In SG For Retailers

December 19, 2019
Best POS Terminal Singapore

Purchasing a point-of-sale (POS) device might seem like a pain and an additional expense, but you will find clear benefits if you take a closer look. A point-of-sale system might seem like any other cash register but, because it is installed on a PC, it opens up a whole new data environment about your business. A point-of-sale terminal (POS) can be connected to other devices and to a database in the backroom or elsewhere. It can also be extended by wirelessly connecting portable devices to the main system. You can use this to monitor and configure a number of operations as your needs evolve over time. For businesses seeking to exploit the benefits a POS can give them, here are 4 companies that offer quality POS terminal in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Autocount

Image Credit: Autocount

AutoCount’s POS is uniquely designed to assist businesses in keeping track of consumers, stocks and sales. It’s an associate degree of Offline POS with period knowledge Synchronization Capability. Every terminal will remain untouched by the server in its database. It is secure because Microsoft SQL Server supports both its back-end and front-end server. APOS is completely integrated with efficient AutoCount Accounting, an integrated business system that involves accounting, inventory and invoicing.

You can synchronize information over the network between the terminal and the database server. For instance, you can sync up key documents from the headquarter’s Main Database Server to every outlet’s POS Terminal. You can also connect to the headquarter’s Main Database Server from POS Terminal to check your channel, other outlets and headquarters’ on-screen inventory volume. In APOS, they immediately sync POS purchases made in each POS terminal back to the HQ Main Database Server. Therefore, for further corresponding behaviour, HQ must obtain real-time inventory level information.

Contact Number: +65 9144 1373
Location: LTC Building B, 12 Arumugam Road, #05-10A, Singapore 409958

2. iMetrics

Image Credit: iMetrics

iMetrics could be a robust believer in delivering wonderful service to all or any its purchasers. As such, their workers are committed to responding to enquiries and supplying solutions within the shortest time. iMetrics place a good deal of stress on guaranteeing highly reliable and quick transmission of live transactions that meet the advanced business necessities of modern times. Their workers are from wide-ranging background however, they share a single goal – they aim to create iMetrics a well-known brand within the POS business.

iMetrics Point Of Sales System (iPOS) is intended to be easy and simple to use, it’s a good resolution to maximise your business potency and delivers visible advantages. It provides you with the power to quickly train a brand new cashier or manager. iMetrics workplace System permits you to urge period information from all the skilled reports. iMetrics Back Office System enables quick and easy menu and price changes to be made and stock levels to be controlled. With iMetrics POS System, the employees ‘ attendance and time can be tracked diligently.

Contact Number: +65 6339 4781
Location: 75 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229833

3. AZ Digital

Image Credit: AZ Digital

Depending on your business’ requirements, with AZ Digital’s POS system, you’ll be able to leverage the advantages of POSWORKS POS system in your business setting. With POSWORKS’s POS native / Remote network system put in, you’ll be able to use the Multi-user version by connecting your workplace laptop with AZ Digital’s back-end package to the front cashier counter. This enables you to feature new stock on the workplace system while your staffs work on the front cashier counter.

You can additionally monitor your sales, at the same time, issue purchase orders for the specified stock and even conduct your email effort. Webpos Il offers a one-stop resolution for retail operations with scanning solution and barcode system. Whether you’re in retail, F&B or alternative operations, wherever stock inventory is crucial in evaluating the business profitableness, AZ Digital is a one-stop resolution to suit all your business needs.

Contact Number: +65 6745 1147
Location: Blk 3015A, Ubi Road 1, #05-04, Singapore 408705

4. Bindo

Image Credit: Bindo

Bindo is the all-in-one retail solution for many local retailers as their iPad and iPhone POS system ensures that merchants are able to easily manage their inventory in the cloud, with higher efficiency and overall speed. In addition, Bindo also turns your store into online connectivity, where local buyers can connect with you to ensure same-day delivery purchases through the Bindo iPhone app.

With in-store and e-commerce transactions synchronized in real-time, Bindo’s POS keeps your online inventory updated daily so that you never lose track of what you have. Bindo also offers improved analytics and report for your business, a simple online store set-up for your POS, an online dashboard for all of your stores, multi-store management and much, much more. Integrated with iPhone and iPad features such as Apple Pay support, Bindo POS has over 300 features added monthly to ensure greater success when it comes to managing your business transactions.

Contact Number: +65 3163 0010
Location: Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Lane, #06-76, Singapore 573969