5 Best AI VC In Singapore Towards A Flourishing Business

August 5, 2021
Best Ai Vc Singapore

The modern world has seen several changes develop in reference to the information technology sector. With the growth of population and demand of output always on the rise, several companies have developed varying solutions in order to address these real world issues. One of these being the utilisation of artificial intelligence also known as AI.

A Singapore AI VC is a type of firm which specialises in providing financial aid to establishments engaged in this technology. Prior to rapid changes in digitalisation, AI has often seen as a futuristic tool apparent only in Hollywood. However, the modern application of AI has already been applied within varying industries. Here is a list of the top 5 AI VC in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Qualgro

Image Credit: Qualgro

The awarded AI VC Qualgro has established itself as one of the leading firms in Singapore. Other regions are also included in the sights of the AI VC who seeks to search and unlock the full potential of enterprises through financial grants in addition to building a blueprint of success. Qualgro is actively searching for businesses who embody revolutionising technology such as AI, Saas, and a number of other complex technologies. Establishments who wish to impress the AI VC must be able to have applications which are not limited to the nation of Singapore but within neighbouring countries or locations within other parts of the globe.

Qualgro is a VC firm which has a track record in exceeding expectations. Two of their partnered establishments have grown to become unicorns and almost half of their portfolio have been able to hold influence in a wider scope than that of the local market.

Location: 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #18-06, Singapore 068914

2. 500 Startups

Image Credit: 500 Startups

500 Startups has built its credibility by not only assisting various establishments within Singapore but across different countries across the world as well. The VC primarily caters to organisations who are involved within AI and other innovative technology.

The sole focus of 500 startups as an AI VC in Singapore is not limited to the sole welfare of the startups the organisation is working with but the ability of these establishments to building a more sustainable future. Furthermore, the AI VC is also interested on how their partnered enterprises are able to provide jobs within Singapore and internationally.  The portfolio of 500 Startups consist of several successful businesses and unicorns. Unicorns being businesses which have exceeded a valuation of more than a billion dollars. A few worth noting include GitLab, CreditKarma, and Talkdesk.

Location: 168 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068912

3. Decacorn

Image Credit: Decacorn Capital

Decacorn Capital is a venture capital firm which seeks to partner up with unique startups with transformative technology in order to change the society of Singapore and the rest of the world for the better. The name of the firm derives from a term for companies in which their valuation is measured to be at over 10 billion US dollars. This is in line with the Decacorn Capital’s mission which is to search and grow the next big company which is as influential as the likes of SpaceX, Apple, and several other one-of-a-kind brands.

The VC is interested in tech startups in Singapore engaged in AI, Cryptocurrency, energy, and several other technologies with the potential to influence various businesses at a regional or global scale. The AI VC is able to help these enterprises by enabling the startups under Decacorn Capital’s banner the opportunity to access sophisticated technology originating from USA and the continent of Europe.

Location: 138 Robinson Road, Lobby 2, #15-03, Singapore 068906


Image Credit:

Sophisticated technology, intelligent transportation, medical technology, and complex computing are the core values searches for in Singapore as an AI VC. Moreover, the organisation is drawn to the likes of fascinating establishments which have the potential to change society through the utilisation and development of innovative technology. The AI VC understands the current constraints of the modern world and seeks to enhance this by addressing several global related issues through breakthroughs in tech which aim to optimise performance.

The AI VC is a firm believer that technology is the biggest factor when it comes to shaping the world. serves as the major guide equipped with the proper tools wherein the dreams of the founders under the umbrella of the Singapore AI VC are able to transform their goals into a reality.

Customer Reviews


The Elev8 team clearly understands the challenges that early stage startup founders face with company building and achieving product-market traction. The advice and insights from Aditya and Remi have been immensely valuable.


Elev8 has been with us from ground zero and aided us across various categories whenever we needed assistance. Simply put, Aditya has always been around – whether for strategy brainstorming or for connecting us with partners, customers, and investors.

Location: 6 Shenton Way, Singapore 068809

5. Vertex Holdings

Image Credit: Vertex Holdings

Vertex Holdings is headquartered in Singapore but holds strategic locations within notable cities across different regions. While under the same banner, each location is able to act autonomously with optimal efficiency when working together with their startups. The Singapore AI VC has been reputed to take the opportunity to invest in businesses engaged in innovative technology while still at their infant stages. Vertex Holdings aims to create long term relationships with their partnered businesses in order to achieve the best results for both organisations.

As an AI VC in Singapore, Vertex Holdings understands the importance of funding for startups. However, the AI VC is not contented with merely being a financial provider and takes it a step further by stimulating the growth of their Singapore partners by developing an environment filled with opportunities. Both in a business and management perspective.

Location: 250 North Bridge Road, #11-01, Singapore 179101


The assistance from a VC for an AI technology centred Singapore business can be considered as an incredible benefit. Organisations who utilise artificial intelligence are more than often constrained by the pressures of time and is most often associated in being more feasible during the long run. It is not uncommon for an AI tech company then to be strained when it comes to finances. However with the help of a VC, an AI company is not only able to survive but has the opportunity to flourish.