5 Best Custom Software Development In SG For Bespoke Service

June 1, 2021
Best Custom Software Development Singapore

Every business or organisation in Singapore is unique when it comes to their processes and how they handle certain situations. Even if there are a few companies which are similar, none of them can be stated to be exactly the same. General off the shelf software is able to encompass a wide range of services however, there are some cases where it just isn’t enough for certain establishments.

An enterprise based in Singapore may choose to hire a third party custom software development company to create bespoke solutions fit for the organisation. A few main reasons why a company may opt for this choice is to increase efficiency and profitability. These may be the result of reduced cost of integration with other applications or could be drawn from smoother generated output. Here are our 5 best picks for custom software development services provider in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Syngrid Technologies

Syngrid Technologies was formed due to the growing requirements of the market with their existing client database requesting for additional assistance versus their initial services which was purely  consultancy based. The Singapore based custom software development company is able to achieve these additional services through incorporation of the latest technology and by creating a team of experienced individuals. The company believes in providing transparent operations toward its clients in order to build long term relationships.

The objective of Syngrid Technologies is to act as a one stop shop for medium and large sized organisations in terms of custom software development and solutions. Customers who are discontented with their current software being utilised will be glad to know that the custom software development company is able to create tailor fit software aligned with client objectives and business processes.

Contact: +65 6659 3971
Location:  Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Close, #02-18 , Singapore 737854

2. App Z Gate

The customer oriented organisation views itself as an IT consultancy firm with a passion for helping clients better understand their current IT issues. App z gate identifies customer needs through proper communication and analysis of data. The organisation prides itself for completing all their output in-house with none of the work being outsourced to third parties across the globe. One of the emphasis the company feels strongly about is proper strategising in order to meet client timelines.

App Z Gate may specialise in IT consultancy services however this does not mean that the organisation isn’t engaged in other fields such as custom software development. As a firm based in Singapore who provides custom software development, services are stringently planned to avoid any unnecessary costs without making sacrifices in quality.

Contact: +65 6393 2234
Location: Cemtex Industrial Building, 5 Little Road, #05-01, Singapore S536983

3. Red Sky Digital Ventures Limited

Founded in the early 2010s, Red Sky Digital was first operated in Hong Kong under a different company name known as Ascentec Technologies. The primary nature of work was focused solely on software targeted towards enterprises however a couple years later the organisation rebranded itself to Red Sky Digital once it included IT consultancy services. Over time the company has integrated additional features such as utilisation of a CRM, integration to the cloud services provider AWS by Amazon, and the more recent venture into cybersecurity.

The custom software development services offered by Red Sky Digital are enterprise grade and focused on providing security from cyberattacks. Previous projects with businesses within the finance industry specifically in the banking sector are a testament to these cybersecurity services which come as an added bonus to Red Sky Digital as a custom software development company. The organisation believes high standards in security are in everyone’s best interest and is a vital factor in building trustworthy relationships.

Customer Reviews


Good service


Nick and the team at Red Sky Digital are our go to for cloud consulting services – extremely professional and knowledgeable on all things software development and cloud.

Contact: +65 3159 1838
Location: Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Rd, #20-04, Singapore 068912

4. Blue Bell People

Blue Bell is a Singapore based company which started a couple years after the year 2000. The organisation was created to assist companies who are having trouble with the IT aspects of their business. Asides from valuing time management with expected breakdown of costs including a projection on how long a service will take to complete as well as quality maintenance, Blue Bell adds a touch of their own piece of creativity with each project they make.

Custom software development services offered by the Singapore company can be inclusive of a range of systems such as a CRM, product inventory, billing, and other bespoke features which may be suitable to meet customer objectives. It is also in the best interest of Blue Bell as a custom software development company to be cost efficient and able to work within specified budgets.

Customer Reviews


Finally have my client site ranked on Google and thank for BlueBell SEO services


Lucky to have my website hosted and seo by BlueBell

Contact:+65 6225 8839
Location: Maxwell House, 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Singapore 069113

5. Axistasoft

Axistasoft is a custom software development company based in the island of Singapore. Their core beliefs include harmonious cooperation between a client and the service provider to achieve optimal results. Axistasoft welcomes open channels of feedback from customers and even encourages clients to feel free on being hands-on during the strategising of the software development process.

Different organisations all claim to have assembled a team who is professional and experienced in their respective fields. While Axistasoft does encompass the following talent within their roster, they believe actions speak louder than words. As a company primarily engaged in custom software development, Axistasoft has experienced working projects of varying differences including customer relationship management solutions, wedding events, food events, legal solutions, education, and healthcare. Regardless of the industry, the organisation was able to achieve positive results which were able to meet and surpass client expectations.



The thought of availing the services of a custom software development company may seem like a daunting process. Investing in custom software is not a cheap expense and can be riddled with issues. However, in the proper hands, custom software development is able to encompass a large array of production time and can be deemed more than beneficial towards a company. Communicating organisational objectives and requirements needed with the right custom software development company is the basis for creating a strong blue print in building quality custom software.

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