5 Best Firms That Offer Messaging Portal in Singapore

December 23, 2022
Best Messaging Portal Singapore

Nowadays, email and video are usually the go-to channels for marketing and sales. But the importance of business texting really can’t be emphasized, especially for small or startup businesses. Think about it. Nowadays, people are glued to their smartphones, and buyers are increasingly comfortable making mobile purchases.  Over the years, we have seen a boom in mobile communication for companies of all shapes and sizes, which is why you need a reliable messaging service for your business.

To help narrow your list, we have compiled a list of firms with messaging portal services to communicate with your customers smoothly and improve your company. Check them out below:

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. SendQuick

Image Credit: SendQuick

SendQuick was established in 2001 and is still developing innovative enterprise mobile messaging solutions. Since it was founded, the company has helped customers worldwide to innovate and unlock business value for growth. Their business mobile messaging solutions prioritize the security and confidentiality of company information and lessen disruption during unplanned system downtime due to cyberattacks; some of their services include IT Alerts & notifications, secure remote access via 2-factor authentication, enterprise messaging broadcast, and business process automation.

Trusted by local and overseas customers for the last 20 years, SendQuick aims to be your number-one innovative partner for future-proof enterprise mobility solutions. Over 1,500 corporations with over 2,000 installations, including many Fortune Global 500 companies, in over 40 countries across the banking, finance, insurance, retail, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and education sectors, have engaged in SendQuick services.

Contact: +65 6280 2881
Location: 76 Playfair Road, #08-01, LHK 2 Building, Singapore 367996
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

2. Moobicast

Image Credit: Moobicast

Established in 2006, Moobicast has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes achieve their online communication needs through SMS messaging. From startups and leading brands to government bodies and charities, this marketing service provider is committed to delivering satisfaction through its reliable and robust marketing service. Their software allows you to broadcast texts, notifications, and campaigns in Singapore around the world, send a text message to a unique mobile number and provide one-time passwords via SMS to your customers with ease.

Moobicast monitors your progress by logging in to the Moobicast app or web portal, where you can control every aspect of your SMS broadcast without any worries. With their software, you can perform online mass marketing and sales promotions, send reminders, notifications, or birthday greetings, spread awareness about your products and services and deliver SMS OTP for two-factor authentication without any hassle.

Contact: +65 6259 0170
Location: 998 Toa Payoh North, #02-01, Singapore 318993
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

3. Commzgate

Image Credit: Commzgate

If you’re looking for a firm that provides the most comprehensive features and tools to help you leverage SMS, Push Messaging, and WhatsApp for your business, website, and applications, Commzgate is here to solve your problems. Some of their services include a full-featured mobile engagement portal, simple, secure cloud API, direct-to-Telco Tier-1 Zero-Hop Network, official WhatsApp business messaging, integrated push messaging, professional support direct from our developers, Intelligent SMS OTP: AI-driven, innovative engagement with click-tracking, transparent pricing, and more advanced features.

Established in 2001, Commzgate is a pioneer company in providing high-performance SMS messaging services over the Internet and has deployed very large-scale systems at some of the largest mobile operators in the region. Over the years, the company has included features for messaging over custom Push Notification channels, voice channels, Emergency Communications systems, and AI-enabled messaging.

Contact: +65 6432 8416
Location: 138 Robinson Road, #26-01, Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sat&Sun

4. One WaySMS

Image Credit: One Way SMS

As a mobile communication provider in Singapore, One Way SMS provides efficient mobile communication solutions to their SME and corporate clients in Singapore. With establishments in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia, this firm has assisted many businesses and organizations in various industries help with their mobile communication needs. To achieve their vision to be a highly reputable leader and preferred partner in fulfilling customers’ mobile communication needs, their highly motivated team strives to provide the best service in the communication industry and understand their client’s operation when it comes to mobile communication.

Guided by their three principles — simplicity, affordability, and practicality, the practical and valuable solutions of One Way SMS are designed to address each customer’s demands across different sectors ranging from small business start-ups to public list corporate companies. Feel free to contact them anytime!

Contact: +65 6653 1235
Location: 18 Howard Road, #08-07 Novelty Bizcentre, Singapore 369585

5. SMS Dome

Image Credit: SMS Dome

Do you need help finding new customers, or are you looking for ways to connect better with your existing clients? Whatever your needs, SMS Dome is here to help! This firm always chooses the right action over the wrong one, communicates well to deliver quality work, and profoundly recognizes and appreciates its people.  This firm values integrity, competence, and trustworthiness — the foundation that continues to shape SMS Dome into an innovative and trusted leader in Singapore’s marketing and SMS advertising field.

Some of their services include Database Marketing, Out-of-Home, Location-based ads, contest systems, SMS gateway, Sample Distribution, API Services, SingPost Flyer Distribution, and Contact List & Data cleaning.

Contact: +65 8511 1140
Location: 47 Jalan Pemimpin, Halcyon 2, #03-01, Singapore 577200
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat&Sun


The majority of your company communication probably happens through phone or email. But calls go unanswered, and emails get stuck in the spam folder or lost between messages. Adding text messaging to your communication is a must-do for companies. The list above is just five of Singapore’s best firms with top-notch messaging portal services. Be sure to contact them today!

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