5 Best Saas Venture Capital In Singapore To Greener Pastures

August 4, 2021
Best Sass Venture Capital Singapore

Saas, also known as software as a service, utilises cloud-based software in order to deliver applications to other individuals through the use of online channels such as the internet and towards a particular device. The model has become a standard transaction conducted in the modern world and is highly likely to remain relevant in the several years to come.

A saas venture capital is a type of firm which seeks to assist these types of organisations. The potential for growth within this sector can be considered immense. Below is a list of our top picks for the 5 best saas venture capital in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Qualgro

Image Credit: Qualgro

Qualgro has been reputed as one of the most successful saas venture capital in Singapore. Even having been awarded by an accredited body in the nation for Exit of The Year. As a venture capital firm, the establishment seeks to assist various enterprises within Singapore as well as neighbouring countries. Qualgro is primarily keen on tech startups engaged in saas and other businesses. Building relationships with unique individuals and helping them grow as an enterprise through financial, network, and personal development are just a few advantages when working with this Singapore saas venture capital.

The Singapore saas venture capital has been able to nurture businesses towards sustainability and triumph. In fact, more than half the portfolio of the saas venture capital has influenced not limited within the local market. This is made more significant considering that Qualgro has made investments in 30 different establishments.

Location: 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #18-06, Singapore 068914

2. Cocoon Capital

Image Credit: Cocoon Capital

Cocoon Capital is a venture capital firm in Singapore that has experience investing in organisations engaged in saas. The organisation enables early-stage startups the opportunity to grow by developing strong business relationships and enabling enterprises with the right tools to succeed. Furthermore, Cocoon Capital spends time and resources developing the skills of the originators of the establishment.

The Singapore saas venture capital is actively seeking new enterprises to partner with. Closing a deal with the saas venture capital firm can generally lead to financial aid ranging from half a million to a million Singapore dollars. Cocoon Capital seeks to partner with innovative establishments led by founders who are not afraid to keep on pushing forward despite many setbacks. It is one of the few saas venture capital firms in Singapore that is more focused on the end goal rather than the mess of the initial stages.

Customer Reviews


Since Michael and Will led our first round of funding, they have been tremendously generous with their support and tangible advice. Every interaction with them has been useful in making us better founders.


It has been a pleasure working with Will and Michael. They have been working hands-on with the company and been very helpful with customer introductions, brainstorming and have even accompanied us to some of our customer meetings! 

Contact: +65 9800 2780
Location: 1 North Bridge Rd, High Street Centre, #08-08, Singapore 179094

3. Enspire

Image Credit: Enspire

Enspire has a global presence as a saas venture capital. While the establishment is headquartered in Singapore, the organisation has invested in businesses across the globe. Some of these are within the reputed Silicon Valley and other technology hubs within Asia. The saas venture capital Enspire is able to assist other businesses by utilising their extensive experience within the information technology and business sector. Enspire seeks to impart the habits of success onto both individuals and establishments under the banner of the saas venture capital in order to create a new generation of figureheads.

The saas venture capital splits their assistance into two different categories. The saas venture capital actively invests within both the local and international scene. These are through direct investment or fund investment. The saas venture capital is also able to accommodate both the initial and expansion stages of fund investment.

Contact: +65 3151 5138
Location: 6 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec Tower 5, 5#10, Singapore 038985

4. East Ventures

Image Credit: East Ventures

East Ventures originated in Indonesia and has grown to hold office in strategic locations, including Singapore and Japan. The establishment has seen the rapid growth of digitalisation and the hand it has played in a nation’s economy. East Ventures has recently cooperated with another organisation to help pinpoint critical areas within their locality. In doing so, the organisation has been able to gain insight into the current situation and possible opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

The saas venture capital has helped Singapore enterprises develop in the early periods of their business stage. Not limited to the local market of Singapore, the saas venture capital has helped build up enterprises in other countries. East Ventures boasts a diverse portfolio, teeming with companies within a wide range of industries. Some of which have reached higher levels of influence and expanded their operations in the region.

Location: 12 Marina boulevard, MBFC Tower 3 , #31-01A, Singapore 018982

5. Protege Ventures

Image Credit: Protege Ventures

Protege Ventures is unique in the sense wherein it is a saas venture capital in Singapore that primarily targets students engaged in business. These students are primarily at the collegiate level. The saas venture capital has been operating since 2017 and continues to be passionate about helping students and student entrepreneurs.

Designated individuals who are selected to work with the saas venture capital will benefit from meeting a number of investors in addition to a business loan of 25,000 to 50,000 Singapore dollars. Even students who are not engaged in businesses nor has been selected by the saas venture capital are still welcome to attend their educational program. This program by Protege Ventures lasts for up to a year and gives an overview of how the scope of venture capitalism in Singapore and the requirements needed to become one.



The potential of startups engaged in saas within the modern world may have great opportunities which lie ahead of them. However, building a business is not necessarily an easy feat to achieve. Much more complicated when it comes to the rapidly changing environment associated with the digital world. But with the vast experience of saas venture capitals in Singapore, an establishment can overcome obstacles faster and easier.

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