5 Best TV Repair Services In SG To Restore Its Performance

April 13, 2021
Best TV Repair Singapore

Televisions are one of the main sources of entertainment at home. After a long day at work, many people love turning on their televisions and watching their favorite shows. Indeed, watching television is a good way to eliminate boredom and to relax. Apart from easing boredom, there are several other benefits that come with watching television. For one, television is a great education platform. There are plenty of TV shows that can educate you on various topics and issues. News shows, for example, help you stay updated with what is happening in the world now. In short, watching television keeps you informed.

When you watch too much television, however, there is a tendency for your appliance to malfunction eventually. Broken TVs are not uncommon. They happen all the time, especially overused or used without care. Luckily, repairing a broken television is relatively easy with the help of professionals. If you’re currently dying from boredom because your television won’t turn on, then this article is for you. Here’s a list of the best TV repair services in Singapore you must try when you’re experiencing issues with your television.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Singapore TV Repair Pros

Singapore TV Repair Pros

Image Credit: Singapore TV Repair Pros

Singapore TV Repair Pros is one of the best television service providers in Singapore. It is trusted by many Singaporeans for its professional quality services and efficiency. The company can solve whatever television issues you are facing. Whether it’s a no signal error, cracked screen, or replacement of parts, Singapore TV Repair Pros can fix your television for you. Its team of specialist technicians will surely bring your TV back to good use.

The television repair service offered by Singapore TV Repair Pros is completely efficient and affordable. The technicians working here are all trained and experienced in many types of TV models from different manufacturers, such as Samsung, Philips, and LG. These technicians will be at your home within 45 minutes after you contact the company for help. They will assess your television on-site and tell you what kinds of repairs are needed. Overall, the company will deliver convenient repair services to you and your television.

Contact: +65 81219685
Opening Hours: Daily 8AM-8PM

2. Electrician Singapore

Electrician Singapore

Image Credit: Electrician Singapore

Electrician Singapore is another reliable provider of television services in Singapore. Generally, the company provides a variety of electrical services and handles residential, construction, commercial, and industrial electrical work to its many clients. Some of the electrical services offered by the company are pool or landscape lighting, light repair and LED light installation, meter upgrades, house grounding, solar system installation, water heater installation, electrical system upgrade, and more. Whatever electrical needs you have, the company will help you solve them.

Although Electrician Singapore focuses on providing electrical solutions, it nonetheless also offers a great TV repair service. Whether it’s LED, LCD, or plasma television, Electrician Singapore can work them out for you. The company offers its TV repair service at a relatively cheap price, yet you can be sure that its workmanship is efficient and professional. For a normal TV repair, you may only have to pay between S$100 to S$300 when you come to Electrician Singapore.

Contact: +65 6631 8553

3. Song Kwang

Song Kwang

Image Credit: Song Kwang

Song Kwang is an established electric service provider in Singapore that has been in the industry since 1979. It repairs a wide range of electrical appliances for both homes and commercial businesses. Washers, dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, televisions, and other appliances, they can all be fixed at Song Kwang. With more than 40 years of experience in the appliance repair industry, the company has already created a large database of customers who are satisfied with its cost-effective and reliable services.

TV repair is one of the services provided by Song Kwang. When you bring your broken television here, you can be assured that only professional technicians with years of industry experiencing will be handling your appliance. These technicians will personally visit your place to do a full diagnosis of your television. If you choose to have your TV repaired, the technicians will repair it right away on the same day as the diagnosis. Repairs by the company usually take about 30-120 minutes only.

Customer Reviews

Ray Ravi

Good service and reasonable charges for repair of home appliances.

Katarzyna Krasnov

Thanks for a great service. It was challenging to find a good contractor during Covid. I was amazed with Song Kwang. Prompt response, fast appointment, next day repair (had all the parts with them on the first visit), competitive pricing!!! I called lots of companies in Singapore. Song Kwang really stand out. Very grateful for your service.

Contact: +65 6383 9761
Location: 42 Lorong Low Koon, Singapore 536452
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sun

4. Top Hong Traders

Top Hong Traders

Image Credit: Top Hong Traders

Top Hong Traders is also a trusted service-providing company in Singapore. It was established in 1993, and over the years, the company has grown into a full-scale business that consistently delivers the highest level of customer service possible to both its valued customers and business partners. The main objective of the company is to always ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, from the technical aspects to the soft skill resolutions.

Top Hong Traders provide repair services to different appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions. When it comes to TV repair, particularly, the company is known for repairing and servicing major brands of television in Singapore. Its team of experienced experts can fix any television issue right away. Whether it’s an old TV set, a plasma TV, an LCD TV, or the latest LED TV, the technicians at Top Hong Traders surely know how to repair it.

Customer Reviews

Cheng Guan Property SG

Ivan is very responsive and offers great service.

Dhimant Shah

Had called top Hong traders on phone regarding a WiFi problem with our smart TV. They advised us correctly on phone itself (instead of charging with a home visit), which saved us time and money. Would highly recommend them for their service-oriented attitude.

Contact: +65 8228 8282
Location: Ind Park 2, 5066 Ang Mo Kio, #01-1413, Singapore 569569
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-8PM | Closed on Sun

5. TV Tech Services

TV Tech Services

Image Credit: TV Tech Services

TV Tech Services is a service provider that specializes in repairing and servicing televisions. It is considered one of the best TV repair services in Singapore. It has been providing professional quality TV repair services to many Singaporeans since 2000. It fixes all types of televisions, whether plasma, LCD, or LED. In delivering its services, the company ensures that it uses only the right, high-quality TV parts to really meet the service needs of its customers.

Whatever issues your television may be having, TV Tech Services can diagnose and fix them for you. TV problems such as no video, no power, no audio, auto on and off issues, a bar on the screen, and patches on the screen HDMI can all be repaired by the expert servicemen of TV Tech Services. These services will be provided to you at very affordable prices, and in addition, you also get to have a 30-day warranty after your repair is done.

Contact: +65 8820 6118


Having a malfunctioning television is such a hassle. Every day, you probably just want to sit on your couch and watch your favorite television show after a tiring day at work. Televisions are indeed saviors from boredom. Not only does watching television help you pass the time, but it can also educate you and help you stay informed about the things that are happening in the world.

If you’re experiencing a malfunction television, get it fixed by a professional as soon as now. Repairing broken televisions is relatively easy with the help of skilled technicians. The companies mentioned in this article provide some of the best TV repair services in Singapore. They are the ones you should give a call to if you want your television to get fixed in no time.

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