5 Best Venture Capital Firm In SG To Turn Dreams To Reality

July 2, 2021
Best Venture Capital Firm Singapore

Great ideas don’t have to remain on the shelves. While finances are a common factor from preventing the deployment of a product, services, or merely stimulating growth within an organisation, this does not necessarily mean the company is doomed to fail.

Venture capital for tech startups provide establishments in Singapore with increased capital and depending on some the organisation, professional guidance. A cooperation is formed between the venture capital firm and the Singapore based establishment to meet both of their company goals. Below is the top 5 best venture capital firms in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Qualgro

Image Credit: Qualgro

Qualgro is reputed for being one of the most active venture capital firms with a colourful portfolio filled with establishments engaged in several different sectors. The organisation claims to have a combined valuation which is approximated to be in the billions. The Singapore venture capital for tech startups seeks positive working relationships with rapid paced organisations whose sphere of work are able to influence the international or regional market. Delving deep into the undiscovered and ability to adopt to change are also a few values the venture capital firm seeks from Singapore establishments.

As a venture capital firm, Qualgro has been credited with being recognised as the exit of the year for the period of 2019. The recognition was given by a prestigious awarding body on the island of Singapore. Qualgro is passionate in helping businessmen in Singapore create organisations which are relevant to the world and rise to the top of each of their respective industries.

Location: 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #18-06, Singapore 068914

2. Quest Ventures

Image Credit: Quest Ventures

For approximately a decade, Quest Ventures, a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore has sought to assist establishments during the initial stages of operation and carry it through the long and treacherous road associated with operating a business. A few companies who’ve had the pleasure of working with this organisation include Carousel, Oddle, and Shopback. The venture capital for tech startups in Singapore claims to have tens of millions of dollars in assets as well as almost a hundred of establishments under its umbrella.

As a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore, Quest Ventures embraces opportunities with  organisations when many other venture capital firms in Singapore aren’t. Their funds are categorised in 4 different categories. Each category composed of a different set of investors as well as different capabilities to tailor fit the needs of each organisation under the venture capital for tech startups in Singapore’s umbrella.

Customer Reviews


James has been very genuine to help in any way possible and is quick to do so. Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board for fund raising and other operational matters. Humble and approachable too despite the immense success he’s had with 55tuan.


The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves, and James is one of the best in that category – he is authentic, supportive and knowledgeable. He is both a great coach for founders, as well as a master tactician in execution, a combination that is rare and incredibly valuable to find in an investor.

Contact: +65 6100 6401
Location: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-14, Singapore 139951
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. Vertex Ventures

Image Credit: Vertex Ventures

Vertex Ventures is a venture capital for tech startups who holds strategic locations in Asia such as the cities of Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangalore. The organisation claims to be at the forefront when it comes to being a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia. Not contented with helping establishments being successful solely within the local market, Vertex Ventures helps firms set their sights internationally. This is accomplished through the years of experience under the venture capital firm’s belt in addition to being to sizeably increase the funds of tech startups in Singapore and other countries.

The venture capital for tech startups in Singapore and other countries specialises in assisting organisations who intend to impact society in a worldwide perspective. Vertex Ventures aims to create long term relationships founded on the ideals of positive output and trustworthiness with these businesses.

Contact: +65 6828 8088
Location:  The Providore Raffles City, 250 North Bridge Rd, #11-01, Singapore 179101

4. Golden Equator Ventures

Image Credit: Golden Equator Ventures

Innovation is the emphasis of Golden Equator Ventures. Based in Singapore, the venture capital firm intends to assist game changing companies with regional influences in order to transform the future into a more positive one. Golden Equator Ventures’ team is composed of talented individuals who are not only limited to extending capital, but are also entrepreneurs themselves. This can assist startups through guidance from previous encounters in real life business situations.

The venture capital firm in Singapore aims to create an environment which promotes quick yet sustainable growth. Golden Equator ventures is not limited to being a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore but also businesses engaged in varying industries such as in education, food, entertainment, and finance. Businesses who flock under the care of this Singapore venture capital firm will benefit from the organisations wide range of network.

Contact: +65 6887 8124
Location: 3 Fraser St, #05-28 DUO Tower, Singapore 189352
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. Allen & Gledhill

Image Credit: Allen & Gledhill

Allen & Gledhill has been operating for more than a century. The organisation is reputed for its services as a law firm. With recognitions by both clients and peers alike for the excellent service the company conducts on a daily basis. However, this does not discount the fact that the establishment is also a quality venture capital firm in Singapore as well. Allen & Gledhill was able to maintain its status as one of the market leaders within its industry by developing fruitful relationships with other corporations and the completion of various successful transactions.

As a venture capital firm, businesses in Singapore are able to benefit from the backing of Allen & Gledhill through their strong background of law practices. The establishment aims to guide those under their wing by not only growing their financial capabilities but keeping startups aligned with legal obligations which have hindered other enterprises from prospering.

Customer Reviews



Contact: +65 6890 7188
Location: 1 Marina Blvd, #28-00, Singapore 018989
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


Being selected to partner up with a venture capital firm in Singapore can be considered a dream for many tech startups. Depending on the prestige and nature of the venture capital firm, an organisation can benefit from association through the introduction of a network of partners and suppliers, legal guidance, operational guidance, management experience, and a variety of other things. What once seemed impossible can now become a reality with Singapore venture capital firms.

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