5 Best Venture Capital For Tech Startups In SG For Success

August 4, 2021
Best Venture Capital For Tech Startups Singapore

Tech startups have one of the greatest potentials to change the globe. The rapid pace of digitalisation in the modern world has made almost all individuals and companies dependent on the internet. However, one major problem initial tech businesses face is financial capabilities and the right connections.

A venture capital firm for tech startups is an organisation engaged in aiding businesses through financial and sometimes operational means. The venture capital accomplishes this for tech startups by making a sizeable investment to help stimulate growth within the enterprise. Below is a list of our top picks for the 5 best venture capitals for tech startups in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Qualgro

Image Credit: Qualgro

Qualgro is a premier venture capital for tech startups. The organisation has focused within the local market of Singapore and along the region of South East Asia and Oceania. The venture capital for tech startups has been reputed to delve into innovative establishments dealing with the likes of artificial intelligence, software as a service, and several other game-changing technologies. Qualgro seeks to partner with one-of-a-kind individuals who are committed to making Singapore a better place through their products and services and can influence different parts of the world as well.

As a venture capital for tech startups, Qualgro has experienced several levels of success. The firm has been associated with the Exit of The Year award in addition to a resume that holds a financial assessment in the billions. The Singapore venture capital for tech startups has already partnered with more than 30 other companies and continuously strives to make society a better place.

Location: 160 Robinson Road, SBF Center, #18-06, Singapore 068914

2. Edbi

Image Credit: Edbi

With more than a quarter-century of experience in being a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore, Edbi seeks to be the foundation startups can depend on. Building long term relationships are one of the core goals the firm aims to build between its partners. One of the unique characteristics that the organisation encompasses is that it seeks to build on sustainable changes within the local community of Singapore.

Edbi’s knowledge within Singapore markets has given it the proper tools for venture capital to handle tech startups. These areas which the venture capital for tech startups are familiar with include but are not limited to management skills and operations. Edbi utilises the advantages of the island of Singapore when working together with tech startups. The venture capital firm understands the benefits of starting a business within the country and maximises it to optimise enterprise performance.

Contact: +65 6832 6832
Location: 250 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Tower, #28-00, Singapore 179101

3. Emerald

Image Credit: Emerald

Emerald is a venture capital for tech startups in Singapore and international locations such as Canada and Switzerland. The global team is comprised of experts of different backgrounds but are each experienced within their respective fields. Whether seeking to make a major influence in society or enhance profit margins, Emerald is able to assist organisations in accomplishing their goals. Able to grow establishments from their infant stages and into stability.

The Singapore venture capital for tech startups claims to have a portfolio with one of the highest success rates. Partnering with the venture capital for tech startups, Emerald, a business, is able to gain relevant insights regarding the industry. Not only limited as a venture capital for tech startups, establishments engaged in agriculture, energy, and water and other types of businesses are welcome to partner with the reputed Singapore firm.

Customer Reviews


The relationship to Emerald is a real partnership that provides a tremendous value to us – be it to find the most suitable startups, allowing for a yearly deal flow of over 1’000 cases, or gaining access to relevant market and technology insights through tailored workshops.


Emerald Technology Ventures is our valued innovation partner. The partnership enables us to bring high-quality industrial innovation to South East Asia.

Contact: +65 9749 6900
Location: 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, #11-06, Singapore 018961,

4. 500 Startups

Image Credit: 500 Startups

The organisation is reputed for having assisted a plethora of establishments across the globe. Besides being a venture capital for tech startups that aim to stimulate growth within designated enterprises, 500 Startups has helped create demand for a skilled workforce. As a venture capital for tech startups, the organisation has had the pleasure of working with some eye-catching establishments in Singapore and abroad. A few of these have even been assessed to be worth over billions of dollars. Some examples include Canva, Udemy, Grab, and several other high-value businesses.

From the portfolio of 500 startups, it may be argued that it is not only one of the best venture capital for tech startups in Singapore but perhaps internationally. One of the organisation’s competitive advantages as a venture capital for tech startups is its worldwide presence. With this, the venture capital for tech startups is not limited to the market perspective of Singapore but other demographics as well.

Location: 168 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068912

5. Health X Capital

Image Credit: Health X Capital

Able to tell from the name of the venture capital for tech startups, Health X Capital is an organisation in Singapore whose primary speciality involves medical-related technology. This is due to assessments within the current globe wherein the venture capital for tech startups has been able to identify several issues pertaining to sickness and health. In line with this assessment, Health X Capital aims to make Singapore and the world a better place. This is accomplished by being a venture capital for tech startups and sustaining enterprises during the early part of their business cycle.

As a Singapore venture capital for tech startups, Health X Capital has the vision to lessen the financial burden of medical transactions, allow several more people access to health-related solutions, and is commercial capable. The venture capital for tech startups is not solely concerned about the success of their Singapore partners but includes the life each person has.

Location: One George Street, #07-02, Singapore 049145


A venture capital for tech startups can be the game-changer between an establishment’s success or failure. The partnership between a venture capital and tech startups in Singapore allows the opportunity for growth and the right connections. The best Singapore venture capital for tech startups not only assists with financial aid through loans or investments but can steer establishments in the right direction through the use of their experience and connections.

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