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Customer service has become a focal point of many organisations. It is not useful on solely attracting customers but in building client retention as well. Several companies nowadays are able to provide  quality product or service making it all the more difficult to set themselves apart from each other. While pricing is a considerable option for customers when choosing a designated product or service from competitors, one of the key factors which they may consider or even pay an additional premium for is the type of customer service they will be receiving.

Help Desk Software acts as an all in one tool in responding to various types of questions, incidents, or general inquiries. The best help desk software being able to being able to encompass several actionable items into one platform while remaining easy to use for the employees or those who will be utilising the help desk software. Here are our top 6 picks for the best help desk software in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Kapture

Image Credit: kapture

The help desk software of Kapture is Enterprise grade and was built around the core value of assisting companies place customers at the focal point of their services and has been in operating for approximately 10 years since the company was initially started during the year of 2011. The help desk software works on a cloud platform, allowing for a quick set-up without sacrificing efficiency.

Kapture’s help desk software is complete with several tools and requires little to no changes regardless of what type of industry the client is engaged in. Some of the available features included in the help desk software are ticketing services,  chatbots, and client information management. A tagging system is also incorporated to Kapture’s help desk software to display which queries would need immediate responses. This feature can be applied both manually and automatically.

Customer Reviews


Managing tickets was a headache for us and what helped us in managing the smooth flow is Kapture CRM. with their self-service portal and omnichannel presence it’s really easy for us to manage and organize the ticket flow today. Thanks to them we have zero ticket backlogs and higher customer satisfaction.


It gives us one place to manage all of client, vendors and all activity in one platform with various features that work for our need. Very friendly and easy to use interface. And best part is we customise it in many ways.

Adjetter Media Network Pvt. Ltd., 68 Circular Road, #02-01, Singapore 049422

2. Kayako

Image Credit: kayako

Kayako rose a year after the turn of the millennium to address the lack of quality help desk customer service software during this time. The organisation can be classified as one of the pioneers of help desk software and has set its sights on providing establishing a name for itself by being the best when it comes to business to customer relationships. Kayako intends to apply the value of help desk software into existing organisations so that these establishments can use customer service as an advantage over other competitors.

The help desk software provided by Kayako is designed to create interpersonal relationships with an establishment’s customers. The help desk software utilises an interface which is easy on the eyes to simplify the process when communicating allowing users to view any unseen chats, dissatisfied teams, or deal with angry customers all on one platform.

Customer Reviews


Kayako Has Amazing Capbilities: It is Easy to Implement


I would definately recommend it ,cause you can learn and use the system easily and fast.



3. Moobidesk

Image Credit: Moobidesk

The establishment Maven Labs is credited with being the developer of Moobidesk, a help desk software which started operations in the middle of the 2000s. The organisation has an office in Singapore and is fixated on providing customer service solutions to reputable organisations as well as those engaged in the BPO and government sector as well. Moobidesk is available on various different types of cloud platforms such as a traditional cloud or a hybrid cloud.

Some of the main features of Moobiedesk which sets itself apart from competitors as one of the best help desk softwares include a unity of voice and text messaging channels, automatic response recommendations, chatbot services, proof of responsibility for a completed response, live data analytics, and customisable aspects. A testimony to Moobiedesk as one of the best help desk software can be seen in its claim to have a 10 percent increase in revenue as well as an 89 percent rating when it comes to client retention.

+65 6259 0170
Toa Payoh N, block 1004, #02-15, Singapore 318995
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Win-Pro Consultancy

Image Credit: Win-Pro Consultancy

Win-Pro Consultancy has been performing solutions for the information technology sector for more than a quarter of a century with offices based in other cities aside from Singapore with two in Malaysia. The organisation has been providing services ranging from the best help desk software solutions, hosting and integration services, and hosting. Win-Pro consultancy is not limited to services only but is also a seller of IT hardware and software to better cater to the needs of their customers.

Win-Pro Consultancy can be considered one of the best help desk solution providers with clients testifying the quality of work the organisation encompasses. The ideals of what customer service should be is also apparent within the establishment, truly showcasing that the brand is not just a help desk software solution provider with empty ideals, but is a doer as well.

Customer Reviews


We were facing some issues with our Microsoft 365 and we called them up for advise. The help was immediate and the problem was solved instantly. Our reliable IT service provider!


A splendid company with excellent IT service support. They give advise to work towards your company budget and workaround plan which are feasible, able to execute and simplified. Others would be assigning the key person to take care of your company IT support. Continue for the good work!

+65 6717 8729
Inno Centre, 1003 Bukit Merah Central, #05-17,  Singapore 159836
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-8PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

5. A2000

Image Credit: A2000

A2000 believes in the core points of quality of work at competitive prices, applicable technology, sustainability, value, and appealing costs. However the primary value that A2000 sets its focus on is a customer focused one which is to satisfy the needs of their customer as best they can. Through these values the organisation has been able to operate to a period lasting over 25 years which is considered a substantial amount inside an industry which is continuously changing at a rapid pace.

The help desk software offered by A2000 is an all in one platform inclusive of a ticketing system which allows users to answer different types of queries using the same software. A set of guidelines may be input into the help desk software to act as a reference for employees on how to best respond to certain types of complaints or inquiries.

+65 6720 2000
Industrial Park 2A, 5 Ang Mo Kio , Singapore 567760
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

6. Ivanti

Image Credit: Ivanti

This organisation has its primary office in the United States of America but holds offices at notable cities within different parts of the world as well. Ivanti is spread across more than 20 countries, with more than 3000 employees, approximately half of which are based outside the US. The establishment has served more than 45,000 customers and is considered by many as the best help desk software provider on the market today.

Ivanti’s help desk software is employee focused to reduce stress for both the client and the staff. This is accomplished by providing a help desk software which collates the necessary data into one platform and manages it to optimise response time. Not only is the help desk software limited to customer service functions but also acts as a managerial tool for executives enabling decision making with the addition of the software being able to formulate reports.

Customer Reviews


With Ivanti, I could see straight away that we were purchasing a very powerful and configurable tool, and the ‘out of the box’ processes mapped well with our implementation designs.


Customized, Automated and Well Supported


Traditionally, the larger a company is the more susceptible it will be in receiving inquiries, complaints, or other general matters which may warrant for an immediate response. As a company scales upwards, the responsibilities increase too. Confusion on the who will take care of the issue, when it is to be resolved, or how it is processed may pile up. The best help desk software answer these questions by introducing a platform which lessens this burden and spreads the responsibility into easier and actionable pieces.

+65 6911 3888
The Concourse, 300 Beach Road, #29-03A, Singapore 199555

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