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CRISC certification also known as Certified in risk and information systems control is a certificate coveted by many information technology professionals typically within the middle stages of their career. Due to the number of global accreditations in line with CRISC certification, it creates career opportunities for those who are certified. CRISC certification is being claimed as top 4 on the list when it comes to a boost in salary and is also considered by many companies as a valuable factor during the employment process.

The goal of CRISC certification is to set a golden standard of proficiency and knowledge when it comes to data privacy. It aims to teach individuals how to properly identify, assess, handle, and respond to different types of threats which are plausible to appear in the real world. Below are our 5 best picks for providers who offer CRISC certification and training in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. ALC Training

Image Credit: ALC

ALC Training is a market leading corporate training provider based in Singapore offering courses and training within the information technology sector. The ALC Group has been operating for more then two decades with several other locations established in other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. The organisation is complete with a staff of talented individuals who have conducted training to thousands of attendees within these respective countries.

The CRISC certification course provided by ALC Training is targeted to professionals who wish to engage in the IT industry. A few of the objectives of the CRISC certification training is to orient the importance of risk assessment and how it is able to affect an organisation, different ways to mitigate risk, and the proper responses. Interested parties may assume that due to the international branding and premiere services ALC offers that the CRISC certification may be priced quite high but in reality the training provider provides competitive rates to ensure value.

Customer Reviews


excellent, very customer focused and willing to render assistance at every communicated interaction. Very happy to have their team managing ALC


Laurence Archer is awesome! The way how he taught us is exceptional! Jackie Fairfull also ensured everything is in place from logistic perspectie and she always welcome us every single day! I would recommend to my friends to the course I took and also will attend another courses in future with ALC! Keep up the good work!

Contact: +65 6227 2883
Location: Suntec Tower Three, 8 Temasek Boulevard, #42-01, Singapore 038988

2. bsi

Image Credit: bsi

BSI may be an organisation many people are already familiar with. After all, the company has received accreditations by different establishments across the globe as well as being a recipient of the Intranet Innovation Award, Superbrand recognition, and the Cathay Pacific Business Award. The organisation has gone to help several types of businesses of all sizes and locations. The goal of BSI is to share essential knowledge with other organisations in order to create a world which improves on a daily basis. The company believes in continuous innovation and tackling the thoughts of complacency head on.

The CRISC certification course offered by BSI lasts for a total of 4 days. The CRISC certification program is in cooperation with ISACA in order to ensure quality education to properly assess the different threats and tools associated with risk. The CRISC certification course is to be conducted via classroom or live online lecture.

Customer Reviews


I cannot praise the tutor highly enough. Pacing, delivery, passion for the subject and level of knowledge were/are excellent. He had extensive knowledge on possible techniques that could be applied and encouraged application to our existing environments.



Contact: +65 6270 0777
Location: 77 Robinson Road, #28-03, Singapore 068896
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Cybiant

Image Credit: Cybiant

The organisation emphasises on using cutting edge technology as well as setting a bar for high standards in order to differentiate itself from competitors. Information is an important tool for Cybiant who rigorously uses data as an organisational asset. While the organisation is well versed in educational services including CRISC certification programs, Cybiant delves into other areas too such as  technology solutions and consultancy services.

Cybiant’s CRISC certification program is a self paced module taken up online. An individual may also opt for an online session with a professional instructor to learn more about details pertaining to topics which may be tested on for CRISC certification. The CRISC certification program is designed to open up career opportunities for individuals while also improving society through education. There are different categories of risk however as the world draws closer towards digitisation, a CRISC certification can prove more than substantial in a technology bounded world.

Customer Reviews


The knowledge of the Cybiant consultants is above expectation. We had a great couple of days in training, and the instructor greatly helped me to learn the vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time. I also passed my examination with a very high score, so I would definitely recommend Cybiant to anyone who is looking for Big Data training and certification.


Our organization conducted a Big Data Maturity Assessment at the beginning of the year. Cybiant’s approach is straightforward and easy to understand. They provided us with a valuable report on the status of our Big Data Architecture, Data Managements systems and internal skills and capabilities. This really opened the eyes in our organization.

Contact: +65 313 88 924
Location: Level 04-05 ,The Signature, 51 Changi Business Park Central 2, 6 Singapore 486066,  

4. Koenig

Image Credit: Koenig

The Indian based establishment was founded in the early 90s and has grown to become a figurehead when it comes to training programs related to information technology. Koenig already has more than half a million certified students and has been able to achieve this jaw dropping amount by providing individual classes on flexible dates as well as value for money education services. Not only does Koenig offer CRISC certification courses but more than thousands of other programs as well taught by experienced professionals. The organisation has even partnered with the likes of CISCO, Microsoft, and AWS to expand its educational horizons.

Students who are interested in enrolling the CRISC certification program of Koenig must have at least 3 years of related experience. CRISC certification is handed only once the CRISC examination has been completed. The organisation offers two types of learning methodologies for students interested in acquiring CRISC certification. These types being a classroom lecture with other students or by individual training which is priced higher than the prior option.

Customer Reviews


It was great experience to learn from instructor Kuldeep Mishra. He has vast knowledge and broad experience on IRM related areas providing a wholistic view during a discussion. Discussions were both knowledge enhancing and exam focused. He is very energetic, enthusiastic and helpful. Looking forward for future trainings with Kuldeep.


The trainer is very good and supportive; I ejoyed my training here at Koenig

5. UMS

Image Credit: UMS

UMS, also known as Upgrade My Skill is a training and certification provider. Several of the top companies in the world including Fortune 500 companies have availed the service of this organisation. Students of a variety of levels ranging from beginners to experienced professionals alike are drawn into the training provided with over 50 courses to choose from and boasting a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

The CRISC certification training is held in Singapore. It is targeted for advanced users wherein the CRISC certification can be applied to the financial sector as well. CRISC certification training by UMS  will go on for a period of 5 days and can be learned in 3 different channels such as via classroom, online, or corporate group learning which can be taken up any day of the week. The learning module will discuss an introduction to CRISC, common risks, how to deal and respond to risk, and the implementation of design and maintenance information systems.


Statistics don’t lie. CRISC certification has been proven to be beneficial not just from an educational standpoint but on a career point of view as well. Not just through words but from information collated from various respectable companies showcases professionals with a CRISC certification receiving an increase in pay .The data gathered by ISACA claims that more than 90 percent of employers believe the value of individuals with CRISC certification outweigh the costs. Additional statistics include claims from approximately half of employers say that CRISC certification not only boosts productivity of employees but closes the skill gap amongst other IT professionals as well.

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