5 Best HDMI Cable Singapore Has For Your Connectivity Needs

July 12, 2021
Best HDMI Cable Singapore

If you are in the IT or audio and video industry, you have probably already heard or come across an HDMI. But what exactly is the use of an HDMI? An HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a type of digital connector that is capable of transmitting high-definition videos and high-resolution audio over a single cable. An HDMI cable can generally connect an HDTV to a number of devices, including a Blu-ray disc player, a PlayStation, an Xbox, a cable box, and more.

HDMI cables are the common connectivity tool used in offices, schools, public areas, and even home theaters. If you want to watch a movie or a presentation with a high-definition video and high-resolution audio without having to use multiple cables, an HDMI cable is the only thing you need! Here’s a list of the best HDMI cable in Singapore that you can use to meet your connectivity needs.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. ATZ


Image Credit: ATZ

ATZ is one of the most trusted providers of connectivity solutions both inside and outside Singapore. It offers industry-standard products that complement the evolutionary emerging technologies of the Information Technology and Audio-Video industries. At the heart of the company is the desire to constantly provide satisfaction to its customers by meeting all of their hardware requirements and needs. In achieving this, the company continuously adopts the best manufacturing practices and ensures that its production facilities are licensed and compliant with safety standards.

ATZ is a company that has almost everything you need when it comes to connectivity. The products that the company offers include USB products, monitors, KVMs, cables, adapters, HDMIs, SDIs, POEs, networking products, and many more. When it comes to HDMI, particularly, ATZ has a great collector of tools and accessories, such as converters, cables, extenders, and splitters. ATZ’s HDMI Active Hybrid Cable is one of the most competitive HMDI cables you can find in the market. This cable supports an HDMI maximum data rate of 12gbps  with a lightweight, flexible, and ultra-small long-term bending radius of 45mm. Priced at $248 to $476, ATZ’s HDMI cable is a quality product that delivers crystal clear digital images instantly.

+65 6659 8980
Location: 55 Serangoon  North  Ave 4 S9, #01-­18, Singapore 555859

2. Daiyo


Image Credit: Daiyo

Daiyo is a well-known electronics company in Singapore. It is a prominent technology leader when it comes to connectivity solutions particularly for the Audio and Video aspects. Since its inception in 1986, the company has continuously delivered top-notch connectivity products to many Singaporean consumers and businesses. Although it initially concentrated on selling electronic components, the company has managed to expand its product line to include consumer electronics products. Today, Daiyo has already established its name as one of the leading electronics companies that provide high-performing audio and video components for houses, offices, and others.

Daiyo has a diverse range of audio and video products you choose from. This range includes earphones, HDTV antenna cables, microphones, digital indoor antennas, audio cables, HQP audio and video adaptors, OFC audio and video cables, and HDMI cables. In terms of HDMI cables, the SC 6331 4K Premium HDMI Cable is one of the most popular units sold by Daiyo. This cable delivers 4K video at 50/60 fps, and it has an increased bandwidth of 18 Gbps. Priced at $37.66, this HDMI cable sold at Daiyo supports next-generation displays that will rival the digital cinema system used in many commercial movie theatres.

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Location: Mactech Industrial Building, 2 Kallang Pudding Road, #07-09/10/11, Singapore 349307
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3. Abtus


Image Credit: Abtus

Abtus is another electronics company that is popular in Singapore and other countries. It is considered one of the leading OEM or ODM global manufacturers that specializes in integrated and customized AV solutions. These solutions are availed of by different sectors and industries, including education, retail, corporate and conference room, hospitality, government, and even places of worship. When it comes to quality and reliability, the Abtus brand is a household name in the AV industry. It offers various innovative AV solutions that deliver high performance and reliability at competitive prices.

Considered a one-stop solutions provider, Abtus offers many products to its large base of customers, ranging from touch screen control systems and distribution amplifiers and switchers to audio systems and cables. Under cables and accessories, particularly, Abtus has a great collection of connectivity products that can be used for different applications. This collection includes the VGA cable D-Sub 15pin to 2.54mm connector, the Stereo audio cable 2RCA to 2.54mm connector, and the HDMI cable male to male (S100*CHD-AG28-1.4MM/M-10M).

Customer Reviews

Florian Einsle

Top products at a good price, always with pleasure. And very nice staff, always quick help.

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Location: Bukit Batok Industrial Park A, Block 2023, Street 23, #02-102, Singapore 659528
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5.30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Challenger


Image Credit: Challenger

Challenger is a homegrown consumer electronics chain based in Singapore. It has been in the business for over 37 years and has already established a good reputation when it comes to delivering state-of-the-art electronics products. With its many years of industry experience, Challenger has already managed to build a large base of satisfied and loyal customers. In fact, the company serves more than 500,000 ValueClub members across 40 stores nationwide.

If you are looking for the latest and most reliable IT gadgets and lifestyle products and services in Singapore, Challenger is the store you should be visiting. Its online marketplace, particularly, has more than 50,000 products that cover various applications and purposes. For your connectivity needs, the Flujo X-24 HDMI Cable sold at Challenger is a great option for a solution. Priced at just S$29.90, this HDMI cable is compatible with most devices with standard HDMI ports. It comes with a unique and cool appearance and promises a constant stable signal that transmits better image and sound quality.

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Location: Amk Hub, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #02-10, Singapore 569933
Opening Hours: Daily 11AM-9.30PM

5. Alltronic


Image Credit: Alltronic

Alltronic is a one-stop shop for electronics products based in Singapore. It is widely popular across the country for providing a complete range of electronics solutions that meet the varying needs of both individual consumers and businesses. Taking pride in itself as a reliable provider of electronics products, Alltronic only works with some of the most reputable brands in the industry, such as Jabra, Lindy, Logitech, Wacom, XP Pen, Unitek, Dlink, and Western Digital. All of its products boast quality and affordability to cater to the needs of its expanding clientele.

Being a one-stop shop for all electronics needs, Alltronic has a wide array of products that can satisfy each and every electronics requirement of its customers. Whether you need some office electronics such as barcode scanners and security locks or some home electronics like AC voltage transformers or media players, you can be sure to find anything you want and need at Alltronic. If you are in need of an HDMI cable, particularly, the company has a wide array of units you can choose from. The Unitek YC137M HDMI cable is only one of the many HDMI cables you can find at Alltronic. This cable supports 4K resolution and 3D display, and it is applicable for all HDMI-supported devices for only S$6.

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Location: Sim Lim Square,1 Rochor Canal Road, #04-02A, Singapore 188504
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-6.30PM | Sat 12PM-6PM | Closed on Sun


Video and audio quality largely determines how good your experience of watching a movie or viewing a presentation would be. Indeed, no one likes watching blurry videos with poor audio resolutions. For this reason, many people use HDMI cables. An HDMI cable is a very useful device that allows people to watch high-definition videos with high-resolution audio without the need for multiple cables anymore.

Whether you are planning to have a movie night with your loved ones at home or you are about to have an important presentation in front of your colleagues, using an HDMI cable for your connectivity needs is a must! There are many brands and units of HDMI cables. If you want a cable that combines functionality and affordability, the HDMI cables at ATZ, Daiyo, Abtus, Challenger, and Alltronic are the ones you should buy. They are some of the best HDMI cables in Singapore that can surely meet all your connectivity requirements.